I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kidney stone update.

I have been poke, prodded, catheterized, x-rayed and CAT scanned only to have the doctor tell me he couldn’t find it on the x-ray today. It is about 4mm; this doctor says I have a one in three chance of passing it. And he said that there are only two real reasons to go looking for it. One, the pain is constant and prolonged or two, I begin running a fever of over 101. I suggested another reason was a trip, one month away, where I am taking 200 twelve year olds to Florida. Although he agreed that that would not be a good time for an attack he said going in blind and poking around and blasting at a stone he can’t see would be just as bad. I am not even sure of that. But no, no one seems to think it has passed. They have seen it on x-rays and the CAT scan but it moves. I guess it just floats around in there until it gets in the top of the tube and then it must move again. So 3 hours at the doctor to fine out no more than I knew when I went in. Very frustrating and worrisome!

Of courses there were interesting moments during the visit. The x-ray the technician told me I could leave on my shirt on but to take down my pants and panties to my knees and lie on the table. Oh come on, don’t say that to a spanko! I was about to ask if I should lie on my stomach! But I just got on the table and tried to look serious about the whole matter (when I wasn't quietly giggling).

Then the doctor decided to check some urine directly from the bladder and I couldn’t help but remember that I was freshly shaved and could possible have a stripe or two from my wonderful reward. Theresa has said that doctors see everything and nothing shocks them but I was actually most surprised that I just didn’t care! That is my favorite thing about being in my 50’s. I truly care less and less what anyone thinks. I mean I was freshly shaved my the hand of my loving husband and if I had marks they were from the same source and I for one am proud of both of those things.


  1. 200 twelve year olds! Nope couldn't do it. You are one brave woman.

    Nothing else to say except your one brave woman.

    *hugs and grina*

  2. PK, 200 12 year olds, not on your own, I hope.
    I do hope that they can sort out the stone out for you, you don't want that.
    I stopped worrying about what people think a long time ago. :)
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous7:58 AM

    PK, I am so glad you are feeling better!

    "That is my favorite thing about being in my 50’s. I truly care less and less what anyone thinks."

    Me too, and isn't it wonderful!!!

    Take care~Sara

  4. Ya know, as far as I'm concerned they can take those catheters and stick where the sun don't .... oh never mind, they do! Hate, hate, hate those things! *shiver*

    I do hope you get rid of that thing before you go traipsing off with 200(??!)kids!

    I really think Nick needs to take better care of you! You're sounding a wee bit neglected there! *g*


  5. David, I think that there is another word that describes me more accurately!

    Other adults are going but I am one of 5 in charge.

    It is a great joy not to worry what other thing isn't it Sara!!!

    I hate those thing too! Sooooo much and I get to do it again in 2 weeks! Oh joy!

    You are right that Nick needs to take better care of me all he does now is the cooking, the laundry, taking Mollie to school, he gives me wonderful spankings and super loving, but I am glad that you realized that I am a little neglected. Maybe he will do better, LOL!