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Sunday, December 23, 2007

FF Reveal

I loved the poem I got to post this week for Fantasy Friday! It was original for FF and I felt very honored that a dear friend sent it to me! The votes for three possible authors were close. Bonnie did get the most votes with 39%, next was C.C. with 30%, Purple Angel got 22 % of the votes and last came Grace with 9%.

As has been the case lately most of you were fooled. The fantastic author of “Twas the Night Before Christmas – or was it?” was none other than Grace!! Now for the biggest question – were we able to fool Eva? I don’t know. When I first ask her she was deciding between Bonnie and C.C. but went I asked for her final vote last night she said Grace. Now Twin are you really as smart as I have always said you were or have you been talking to Grace behind my back? And if you were the second vote for Grace who else got it right? Let’s hear it folks who gets bragging rights this week?

Grace the poem is excellent and I thank you so very much for contributing!

As it stands at the moment folks the FF cupboard is bare. Next week is a holiday week and many of us will be out and about but with luck more stories will come in soon. (Yes I am talking to YOU!) If you find any time to write I will be happy to hear from you!! Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

And a very Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Merry Christmas PK to you and your family. Take care and be safe.


  2. A Merry Christmas Pk from our house to yours and Grace to yours as well a wonderful poem.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Ummmm... twin... Honest. No talking to Grace. It honestly hit me when you asked last night and I read it through nice and slow. And truthfully I thought I was wrong but then again, that gut feeling.... you know?

    Great job, Grace!!!

  4. PK, have a wonderful time, thanks for posting the lovely poem.
    Grace I didn't guess you, but a great poem, thank you, have a wonderful time also.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    PK, I voted for Grace as well. Something about the poem just struck me as Grace!

    Have a merry Christmas.

    Debbie :)

  6. This was a very fun poem to write.

    Merry Christmas everyone!


  7. What a go Grace! You fooled me.Merry Christmas to everyone!

  8. After reading through Eva's answer....

    SURE! You were just giving me the sympathy vote!

    You were fooled, admit it!


  9. Oh man that Grace never ceases to amaze me! Eva is also the crafty one isn't she!

    Merry Christmas!