I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


I have done pretty well on my weight loss this year. I have lost about half of what I would like to. One more year might just do it. I have done it the way that I wanted to do it. I wanted to lose weight slow and steady, the way it went on. I hope that way I have a better chance of keeping it off. I am not great at eating right. I like meat and starches and sweets. Not the best diet for losing. I have changed my eating habits some. I watch my portion size a lot more than I used to. I don’t snack as much and I try to get more fiber.

Nick has been the constant through all this. Wanting to lose weight was the way I approached him on spanking in the first place. I knew how much he wanted me to be healthy (not skinny) and his agreeing to help in this way and then, wow, sticking to it! That is what has truly kept this going for over a year. Never have I stayed on a weight loss program this long. Of course I wanted to lose for many long term reasons. Avoiding health problems, increasing mobility, looking better but none of these things is as strong an immediate motivator as knowing when you step off the scales to an annoyed, disappointed husband with a hairbrush is waiting for you!

But like I said I have been doing really well and I think I have only been spanked for gaining 4 or 5 times during the year. I’ve been sweating it many more times and yes, knowing a serious spanking could be in my future does make a difference when I am standing in front of the candy machine!

The diet group that Todd and Suzy began is also a big help. I like knowing others have the same struggles – and the same penalties to deal with.I like having place where I can report my progress or problems each week.
It’s not like you can go to work and say “If I eat that Nick will blister my butt!” But it is nice to able to share with others that understand.

And lastly in this challenge is my friend the gym! I like going to the gym. I don’t love it – but I like it okay. The exercise I get there of course is great and is really helping the weight loss but there is something about the people there that really helps. One side of the gym is the rehabilitation center. I watch some of the folks there. I am sure some have been in accidents; some have had strokes or are recovering from broken hips.
I am fully aware that losing weight and exercising won’t prevent these problems but as I look at many of them and I can’t help but think how much easier their recovery would be if they were in the best shape they could have been before there were problems. I just want to go into the rest of my life at a reasonable weigh and with stronger muscles and bones. I will never be thin again; I think bikinis are a thing of the past. I don’t want to be a fashion model. But I am very happy with my life now. The children are growing up and healthy and Nick and I have the rest of our lives together. I want to make the most of it!


  1. PK, good for you girl, a very sensible attitude.
    I don't know what things are coming to what with Grace calling me a detail Pimp and you signing my name on a comment at Reesa's place. You're only doing it because my arm's not long enough.
    Carry on with the good work, you could end up the only model walking the catwalk with a very red butt.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Congratulations, PK! You're doing this the right way! My sister once lost 50 pounds in 6 months, and her skin just hung all over her - it was awful! She gained it back and looks much better. Slow weight loss won't usually result in that problem, so keep up the great diet!


  3. Now Paul, I didn't really CALL you a Detail Pimp, I merely asked!

    I mean really, PK is the Detail Whore and it only stands to reason that if you want details like PK that you must be a Detail Pimp. I just wanted to know if that's how it worked!

    PK, good job with the diet! You've come a long way Baby!


  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Twin~ I am so proud of you!! Keep it up!! And when you get your weight to where you'd like it, we'll find other reasons for Nick to blister your butt. Hehehehehe

  5. AMEN to that!!! I love the diet blog too and your friendship is such a motivator! I also like going to the gym, but it isn't my favorite. I could probably eat cake and be just as happy or happier, but I am happy with the results. I can keep up with four crazy, running in all directions little people. It has a lot of benefits. You and the diet blog are constants for me. My mom also is a constant. she lost 93 pounds on WW over 3 years and has now kept it off for 5 years! Amazing! I see the difference it has had in her life as well. she deals daily with osteo and rumatoid arthritis. The affects of 3-5 extra pounds is actually visible with her in her struggles. I see her going to the gym and know that me going keeps her going and motivated too. I'm so very proud you're doing it the right way! I'm right there with you. slow and steady.


  6. Congrats all around, not just to you... and yes, you;ve done GREAT! But also to Nick... who'd have ever imagined he would SO come out of his shell and get fully into the "swing" of things...

    Huge hugs and love,

  7. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hi, PK!

    Thanks for your post and for being with me and the rest in the diet friends group. The support of others is truly motivating. It's also fun to know there's someone out there who understands what the "special support" delivered by one's committed husband means! Jim had very mixed feelings about the spanking diet and his role in it, but he's now quite positive about it. He refuses to call it a diet (it's a healthy lifestyle) and the spankings are for when I neglect to take care of myself, or when I fall into bad habits, not for not dieting, or for gaining weight (the scale is only used once a month (at least that's what he thinks)). Anyway, sorry for so long a comment - I love your site and appreciate your experiences. We have lots in common. Scout

    PS Thanks to Eva who confirmed Elis & PK are one and same and gave me background story!

  8. Anonymous5:04 PM

    You really have done awesome on your diet. Your dedication to your workouts has been inspiring. They allow you to succeed in weeks that your food choices perhaps weren't the very best. That you have been spanked just a few times during your diet shows you really have changed your lifestyle.

    Really have done a great job... and we're so happy for you!

    We know Nick has been a HUGE help to you... but how much specifically do you think the spanking element has helped? Does it actually impact food/gym decisions you make?

    Todd & Suzy

  9. Paul,
    As I told Ressa you can tell who is on my mind when I start commenting?? I guess my Freudian slip is showing!

    Sometimes it seem very slow but I honestly think it is going to last!

    You called Paul a detail pimp and he is going to spank your butt!!!! You can't get out of it here!

    Thanks about the diet I hope to keep it going for another year!

    I sure hope so!!

    I know we really help keep each other focused. And your Mom!! How wonderful! That is an inspiration!

    That is the truth. I would not be at this place without him! And I know that for sure!

    I am so glad you came by! I do think we have a lot in common. Nick too was very unsure of his roll in all this when we began but he has helped enormously!!! A healthier lifestyle is what I am after too although I really did/do need to lose the weight.

    Carye and I email frequently I wish you would email too. It's fun just to talk sometimes!

    Todd and Suzy,
    That is an excellent question and I think it might deserve its own post! Check back soon!

  10. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Good for you, PK! I've battled weight problems for years and I know what a struggle it is. To have made it half-way to your goal is wonderful. I envy you the motivation that Nick provides. It sure would make a difference when I'm contemplating eating something I shouldn't!

    Keep up the good work!

    Hugs - Suzy

  11. You're a good PK. They say you have to do something a few times over and over to make it a habit. I'd say you have made a lifestyle change, and that is the key! Hehehe!