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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Potter weekend

My Harry Potter weekend was wonderful. I could not have asked for anything more. As you can see from the picture above I knew I had gone to the right place when I passed what appeared to be Dumbledore and an owl just a few doors from where I was staying. I am adding some of the pictures that I took because the look of the place added to the magic.

When I arrived just after lunch time Sunday I checked in and spoke with the owner and found out that she and her mother were the gardeners. I was telling her why I was there and she said my room would be ready soon and I was welcomed to settle in the garden to read. The garden was not too large but just look at how pretty everything was. Comfortable chairs were scattered about and I soon settled down to some serious reading.

A hundred pages later I decided to check out my room. Remember I wasn’t going for a speed record I really wanted to make the book last as long as possible. So I took frequent breaks to walk to the little town or just nap. But I really liked my room! Remember I was in the mountains the temperature was wonderful. Low 70’s with a slight breeze. One thing I loved about this little motel was that each room had a screen door that let in this wonderful breeze. Each room also had a ceiling fan so that I only turned on the A/C once. As you can see in the picture I had a nice rocking chair with an ottoman and a perfect reading light too. The second picture here is the flower box at my window.

I read late into the night Sunday. For me, an old TV fanatic I only turned it on once. That was to watch Big Brother – sorry I am hooked (Grace understands). The next morning I woke up at my own pace and walked to a dinner for a reading breakfast. Then back to the garden for a few more hours. I got to the point where I was dying to finish – about 4 chapters to go and I made myself stop again so I could finish during the evening. I laid down for a nap and left the door opened. I watched as a quick storm passed through and I loved listening to the thunder rumble through the mountains.

As a wife and mother of two teenagers and a teacher solitude is something hard to come by. The being alone with my book and my thoughts was wonderful. I really like spending some time alone. Only one thing could have made it better. I had a date. Nick drove up to take me to supper! He liked my little hide away and after a quick paddling for running out on my family we created enough heat to finally need the A/C!

After our afternoon delight we headed out to supper and a good by kiss and he was gone and I settled down to finish my book. The book was intense, detailed and in the end satisfying. I felt it was a fitting ending to the little story I had gotten in paperback and become so involved in over 9 years ago.

The weekend was prefect. The weather was fantastic, the setting gorgeous, the solitude delicious, the date loving, and the book superb. The sign beside where I stayed also caught my interest as I was leaving so here is one last picture.


  1. I just realized something about you!

    You are a spoiled brat!

    That sounds like the perfect weekend! How lucky are you that you got to have a weekend reading?

    I'll say it again, you are a spoiled brat!



  2. It sounds like you were in a little bit of heaven. That Nick is something else.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Lovely, Twin. Very lovely.


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  5. PK, that sounds like a positively terrific weekend. How great of Nick to date you and give you a good girl.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much, not being an HP fan doesn't stop me enjoying the fact that so many had got so much from that book.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    What a perfect few days! Sure beats my ten minutes on wikipedia getting the synopsis (I know you remain appalled by that!). Sweet summer memory.

  7. Way to go, Nick, and indeed, a piece of heaven to be sure... hardly the weekend I have planned, but the exhilaration will be the same. One of these days maybe the d'Amore family will have the opportunity to head to the mountains again... you've made me miss them more than usual.

    Love you lots,

  8. What a great way to spend a weekend! That place looks really nice and relaxing.

    And Nick .. whatta guy! You're one lucky lady!


  9. Grace,
    When I read this comment to Nick his response was "She just now realized? I thought Grace was quicker than that!"

    It was wonderful and Nick is great!!


    It was a great weekend and Nick made it extra special. I have enjoyed the whole story and having it wrapped up was very satisfying.

    Yes I am appalled still! LOL! But not every one has the chance to take the weekend. But I did love it!

    The mountains are very peaceful for me. I think you would love to come back!

    I wish everyone could have a weekend like this at least once a year!

  10. What a lovely spot! It would have been wasted on me, as a place for reading the book. I have a very hard time putting a really good book down, and I sure could not have done as you did! Lovely that you could though, and a lovely place for some time away.

  11. What perfect weekemd!


  12. Wow PK! WHat a fantastic weekend!!!!