I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Things to come

Mollie just got back from having her hair lighten. It looks beautiful. She is drop dead gorgeous so of course I hate it! Mollie isn’t leaving home like Michael is. I don’t mean to compare this to what Theresa is dealing with but it’s hard on a mom when her baby girl is doing everything she can to attract the opposite sex: hair, make-up, clothing, the whole package. It seems like such a short time ago that I was fussing every morning just to get her to comb her hair before she went to school. Now she must straighten, cut, curl or somehow “fix” it before we leave. She needs make-up before walking to the mail box. Her clothes have to be just so and most look more low cut when she wears them out than they looked when I bought them.

She is only 14 but will be starting drivers training at the end of this month. Of course this is another big thrill for me. Whoopee. She will be starting high school at the end of next month. I have had her at my school for the past three years and now when she is getting so very beautiful she is going off around guys 14 – 19 years old. I am not happy about that either.

One good thing for the moment, she is not boy crazy. Some of her friends have ‘dated’ 10 or 12 boys by now. They talk for hours on the phone and spend hours at our local teen arcade/snack bar/bowling ally ogling each other. She shows no interest in these activities yet. She will point out a ‘hot’ guy when she sees one but she is still a little shy and I am encouraging that as long as I can!

Not much I can do about all this. I do know what’s coming. I just wanted you guys to know it want I was going to be dealing with when I start complaining about Mollie.


  1. You have no idea what your in for. MthcDemon is 15 just got the manual to get his driving permit. He has a list of requirements his girlfriend must meet.

    Before the fireworks he had two girls keep walking by looking at him at least a dozen times till two showed up he knew and away he went.

    They grow up to fast.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. Indeed they do grow up too fast... just enjoy every minute with her... as I know you already do. There will be rocky waters ahead but you and Nick have a solid base for her... and just look how awesome LJ turned out!!!! And then think of how proud you're gonna be when she's walking down the aisle and Nick's giving her away in a few years... but before all that, you have lots and lots of fun times left...

    Complain all you like... she's gonna do great... and so are you...

    Love ya!

  3. PK, you have been, are and will be a good mom, always, as is Nick a good Dad.
    It could be a while away, but don't forget the saying, you are not losing a daughter, but gaining a son. Just look how proud you are going to be of her, and she of you.
    Sure she is going to have your heart in your mouth, more than once, that's teenage girls. Knowing you two, she's going to be worth ever minute.
    So dear girl, complain away, we understand. *G*
    Warm hugs,

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    It's so nice to be on the outside looking in!!! You'll survive these years and so will she... maybe!!!

    Big hugs~
    your twin

  5. I think my girls are all weird. They all met someone around the age of 15-16 and stuck with that one guy for years! They're all still with the same guy but none of them have married yet! LOL

    I didn't have the drivers' license anxiety because we didn't let them get a learner's permit until they were almost 18 years old. They never even complained.


  6. I think this is great. She is just becoming ultra feminine! I'd love to talk to her about pink nail polish! None of the kids in Michael's school went boy or girl crazy! They were raised to be grounded, as I am certain Mollie has been!

    Have you shown her the pic of Michael, and told her about the arranged marriage!


  7. I"m closing my ears and eyes! I don't want to know!!!! Mine is only 8... I don't need to hear this!!!


  8. David,
    I had lots of sense when I was dating why am I so worried that she won't?

    I hope you are right but it is soooo scary!

    I know Mollie has her faults but those outside of our family never seem to notice so maybe we have done something right.

    Provided she can live with you part of the time she might survive!

    Sound like thing worked out pretty well!

    Pink nail polish!! No not that!

    She has seen Michael's picture and she was impressed. I am all for arranged marriages. He will have time to finish college and be in the service and then she wants to live here. Will that be close enough??

  9. Carye,
    Sorry friend, I will try to put a warning on post like this in the future!