I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Eva!!

It’s my twin’s Birthday! What in the world do you get for the best friend you have? I couldn’t come up with just one thing so I decided to give her a year. These gifts go with the obvious truth that we both have a minimum of one week’s paid vacation each month of the school year and of course money is no object!

July 2007

The rest of this month is for relaxing and getting ready for surgery. For this month my wish for Eva is that regardless of the stress (or maybe because of it) I wish for her a wonderful birthday spanking with a combination of her new brush and backscratcher! I have certainly thoughts of Eva and Adam each time Nick has used their gift of the backscratcher. What have I thought? Why, bless their hearts, of course!

August 2007

Okay the big thing this month is the surgery, well not really, the really big thing is that the guest room will be finished and I am the guest!!! My greatest birthday give for this month is a flawless, painless, successful surgery! A gentle and quite recovery and tons and tons of emails!

September 2007

My birthday wish for September is that by the middle to end of the month Eva is feeling great and ready to go back to school! What kind of gift is this?? Sending her back to work? Don’t worry it’s a teacher thing, she’ll get it! It is also high time for Adam to begin introducing a few stinging swats to get her bottom toughened up for what is to come.

October 2007

Now it’s time for a good birthday wish. It’s October! Time to come back to the beautiful southern mountains. By now Eva and Adam need time alone so we need a nice mountain cabin surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage. A soft feather topped mattress in a rustic bedroom, fire place, hot tub, discreetly catered meals, and the chest. The chest? Go on open it guys – have you ever seen so many different spanking toys in your life?? Use anything you like, it’s all yours! Alright I will give you 4 or 5 days alone like this but then I am knocking on the door of your hideaway to let you know we have been in the next cabin over, just out of ear shot. Then we can spend the next few day visiting!

November 2007

I want Eva to get a little normal time this month. Good classes, kids are learning, not too cold yet. By Thanksgiving she will be so excited to have no back pain that she feels like making some of the family favorites. School will decide to close the whole week of Thanksgiving so she will have plenty of time.

December 2007

Now I know it’s starting to get really cold in Yankee land! Let’s head to Florida! I know Tig and Dante would give us a warm welcome! And would you believe that the first week in December is official spanko week at Disney?? All the southeast spankos are coming! Cassie and Tom, Theresa and Will (don’t worry you will be back for Christmas with Michael and as a bonus they gave him all of January off too) Reesa and D are coming and all the other spankos that love Disney!!

And Eva, Disney says it’s up to you – they will fly you guy and all your girls to Yankee land or you can stay in Florida and the girls will be flown to you! After all it’s YOUR birthday!

January 2008

And a New Year and we need a place for them to go. Now Eva can teach some but I think they need a week in Acapulco. There are some wonderful places to stay there. One nice place I researched had a private pool with each bungalow and every day fresh flowers are placed in the pool. And if you get the deluxe package, which of course they deserve, a new spanking implement will be beside the pool each day also.

February 2008

Alright here we are dead of winter and in case you might have missed that one post last year I will tell you Eva’s secret. She hates winter!! So let’s head to Las Vegas! That’s everyone!! Big spanking party folks! Now we are closer to CeeCi and Grace than we have been. We plan on seeing everyone from Texas and all points west of the Mississippi, east of there too we all need to be at the Vegas Spanking party!!!

March 2008

Alright Eva I know, I know you need time alone by now. Every blogger we know (including Carye and Debbie) were in Las Vegas. You two need time to unwind, be alone and try out all the toys Adam bought last month! I think for your treat this month I will send you back to Savannah and then to Charleston. You guys will love it!!

April 2008

Now this month I want to take you to one of my favorite places! Let’s all go to Williamsburg Va.!! Now Cassie and Tom love this place too so maybe we can talk them into joining us. The restored city is just like it was in the 1700’s, no traffic allowed, just people and horses. People dressed in period costumes, seeing how things were done back then! It is so much fun! And the Old Colonial Inn has nice four poster beds. Hehehehehehe!

May 2008

Now you go on and finish the school year and get another one behind you. Get ready for a wonderful summer! This would be another good time to come to NC and we will go to the Biltmore House. Not only is the house fantastic but May is the month the tulips bloom in there beautiful gardens. With Eva back feeling perfect we will walk all over that estate!!

June 2008

Summer again!!! Not just any summer it’s the summer when Eva and I are healthy and have achieved the weight we are going for. In other words folk we are now a couple of babes!! So this month Eva and I and the guys should head to the Mall of America because we need really need a whole new wardrobe!! Okay it is a girly girl thing to do but we will really need new clothes for the next month…

July 2008

It’s been a whole new year and a whole new Eva! Just as funny, just as loveable, just as annoying with the stupid sudoku puzzles. She and Adam are just as hot for each other and the only change is that he has to run a little faster when he chases her with the crop! Let’s finish out the month with another spanko cruise like we did for CeeCi’s birthday. And I promise Twin the boat will be steady as a rock and you will love it.

Eva I love you!!

Happy Birthday sister!!


  1. PK, that is fantastic, what a wonderful present, lot of travelling but worth it.
    Wish I could be with you.
    Once again, have have a marvellous time dear Eva.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Whew. I'm tired from all that traveling. Thanks twin!! That was absolutely beautiful. I love you with all my heart. Thanks for making my birthday extra special. And don't even try to deny that you put Ceeci up to rearranging my furniture! She really made it fun, huh? I like the idea of a new toy by the pool every morning. How cool would that be to have a spanking toy fairy that dropped something off every day? Hehehe


  3. OH, wow, PK... this is purrfect... and touching and would 've made me cry but for all the funny parts... and having my eyes blown out at Eva's place first made it easier to lighten things up.

    But truly, the love you two have for each other... and your friendship... you touch my soul. Make me ever so much grateful for not just you two but all my friends out here and my own long-lost sis, Mthc!

    Can't wait to see you all in December!
    Love and huge hugs,

  4. What a wonderful thoughtful gift from a wonderful thoughtful friend.

    Ugh, all that mushy stuff makes me sick!

    The real question is...WHY aren't I going to Disney??? I WANT to go! I can go to Vegas anytime..I WANT Disney!

    Ok, I feel better now!


  5. Happy Birthday Eva!!! You'll have a wonderful year!!! May all the wishes PK has for you come true!!!!


  6. What a wonderful job you did! Can you give me a year next year? I mean as in giving me a year back!

    I think she has had a wonderful day from the looks of blogland!


  7. Pk, A wonderful gift you have given your twin. Eva I hope eveything she has written comes true for you.

    *hugs and grins

  8. What an awesome post.You two are great! BTW, thanks for your comment Tiggs..(SIS)

  9. PK,
    I love this!! I love traveling! If I could talk Tom into it I would meet you girls at every stop. This is a wonderful birthday wish you have given your sister!


  10. Paul,
    Since this is a fantasy birthday wish believe me you are right here with us!!

    And you don't think I was able to make all those changes?? If everyone one of these don't come true we should at least work on some of them!!

    I love all you folks out here! Blogger has given me so much.

    Just like Paul you are invited to each and every gathering. Have you talked to Bossman about moving to the south?? Did you know that if you move here your kid become perfect?? If you don't believe me just ask LJ he'll tell you!

    We are going to work on making some of these true!!

    I will work on giving you your year back!

    She is worth every wish here!

    We found a lot when we found each other.

    You start working on Tom! You can talk him into anything.