I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Nick and I have an extremely laid back relationship. I don’t know if issues of trust or jealously have ever come up. We married a little late and I think we both knew what we were looking for and we knew we had found it. I know we are together because we want to be. I suppose if one of us had wanted something else we wouldn’t still be here together.

An incident that happened several years ago shows our trust. I came home from work one day; Nick was already here stretched out on the couch. I settled down to read the news paper when Nick said casually “Do you have anything you want to tell me?” I looked over at him because it seemed like a strange question. He just looked back and waited. I couldn’t think of a thing I needed to tell him so I said “Nope, nothing new.” So he asked again “You sure you haven’t got anything important to tell me?”

Now when it comes to Nick and my marriage my conscience is a pure as the driven snow. So I asked “What in the world are you talking about?” Nick laughed and said “I got a call earlier from a representative of the Jerry Springer show. He told me that my wife had something important to tell me but that she wanted to do it on the show. The man said that the show would fly us all expense paid so that you can tell me whatever it is.”

I was totally dumbfounded! “So what did you tell him?”

“I told him I wasn’t interested in being on the show, which seemed to confuse the guy. He said, but sir you don’t understand we will fly you both here free.” Nick told him again no thanks. We really weren’t interested. The guy tried one more time. “Sir this means a lot to your wife, she wants to tell you something very important!” Nick’s response was “Well then I’m sure she will tell me. Thanks for calling by.”

I sat there amazed at this story. I asked “Did you get his number?? We have to call him back!”


“How else are we going to find out what I want to tell you?!”

We had a good laugh over the call. We never did find out if it was for real, if someone got the wrong number or if it was one of Nick’s friends, some of whom were, and are, capable of a good practical joke!

But I have thought a lot about that call over the years. I know some husbands would not have been as calm as Nick, as quick to brush it off. It could have caused some real problems in some marriages. I love what it says about our relationship, the fact that he utterly dismissed the possibility that I had anything negative or important that I was keeping from him.

Okay, I was keeping from him my desire to be spanked but that was something I kept hidden from everyone in the world and at that time I planned on taking that information to the grave with me so that doesn’t count!

I have a good guy folks – I hope everyone gets this lucky!


  1. You DO indeed have not only a great guy but an incredible relationship... whoda thunk it, PK? Don't let him get away, not ever!!!


  2. Glad you have a good guy PK. I also am just as lucky. Now I just have to figure out how to actually be with him! You know the same town! Maybe the same house!


  3. PK, another good reason to purr.
    Great Nick, great post.
    Us spanko's we trust each other. LOL
    Warm hugs,

  4. Elis,
    Your Nick is indeed trusting. I am not sure what Tom's first reaction would have been. He would have believed me but I think I have given Tom more reason to think I am a bit nuts that your have given Nick.


  5. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Twin~ you do have an amazing relationship! I don't know what Adam would have done. It's a long long story but Adam has major problems with trust. I don't think he would have dropped it so quickly. I envy you!!

  6. Wouldn't it have been a hoot if you HAD gone on Jerry Springer and told all about your spanking desires? I definately would have tuned in to watch that one!

    Well, you are a very lucky girl. I believe my Bossman would have reacted the same way. It's nice to have that kind of trust!


  7. PK ... great post ... trust is everything. Keep hold of that man!

  8. I love that type of relationship. I am lucky enough to have that with Papa Shrek too. What a hoot! I love that you have that fantastic trust!


  9. Tiggr,
    I am hanging on for dear life!

    Yes being the same town and the same house in definitely a plus!!

    You are right! I don't think trust is an issue for spankos.

    Tom trust you he just knows you have fantastic plans sometimes!

    I'll bet the spanking has improved that problem.

    At the time it was so suppressed it never occurred to me. But I agree it would make one hell of a show! Maybe we can put them in touch with Maggie!

    I seems like those of us out here have found some pretty fantastic men!

  10. Carye,
    It can make you warm all over.

  11. Oh no you dont!!! lol
    My first thoughts were along the lines of what Grace said. But they didn't involve me on that show! Thank goodness for unlisted numbers, huh? Hah!

    ~Hugs :)