I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I’ve been lucky. I have never been troubled by PMS. No problems with OCD. No one in my family is ADHD. I am very grateful to have avoided these. But I haven’t avoided everything. I have PSS and I have it bad -- Pre-Spanking Syndrome! I didn’t coin this term, it was Cindy from His to Spank, His to Love. But as soon as she mentioned it I knew I had it! And I know I have suffered with it most of my life.

The thing is I shouldn’t have it! I know why Cindy must suffer with it, I understand that Theresa is going to have to deal with it a while longer too. But I live with the cure and I still have it. I feel guilty when I think of how some of my friends long to be with their spankers and I sit here alone with Nick while Mollie is babysitting and … nothing! Yes I am being greedy, and needy and unfair. Last Wednesday was wonderful, I wrote about it and truly it couldn’t have been any better. But I asked him for the date. And like Eva said once – sometimes it just doesn’t count unless it’s his idea.

And if there is anyone out there who doesn’t think I DESERVE a spanking let me just add, while I was sitting here writing a slightly complaining post about him, while I sat snug in my recliner, under my warm blanket, cat by my side – Nick cooked supper, brought it to me, got me a drink and carried my plate back to the kitchen and reached down for my computer to put it back on my lap. While I sit here and complain!

I could almost guarantee that what ails me could be cured in a 10 minutes session every few days with the wooden spoon, the leather paddle or his belt. If we could sneak this in when Mollie is asleep or gone and even if we need to put off the loving for another time, I can promise him it would be like money in the bank!

Well you guys tell me (and Nick) what you think, should my whiney butt be ignored or spanked??


  1. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Sheesh... is there any question about it? I mean really... NO ONE ever brings me my supper!! Nick? Come on man... I'd spank her daily for a couple weeks and see what happens then.


  2. You should be spanked. I hope you are soon. I'll just sit here all alone and suffer.

    Also sounds like Nick likes taking care of you. Will's the same way. He would even be the one to put the blanket over me! They're such good guys!


  3. Hah! Now if THIS isn't the most brazen challenge I've ever heard you throw out to Nick! You do know how to put the pressure on, don't you, woman? Sure, of course you deserve a spanking... and admittedly if I were Nick, I'd give you something you didn't want just for good measure, even if at the end of a nice, typical spanking. I'd find SOME way to throw you off your high horse and fast.

    But I'm not him, none of us are... and he will deal with this in his own way and his own time. Who knows? Maybe he already is... but just think about one thing for me, please, PK?

    Maybe HE doesn't see anything wrong with your whining or complaining. Maybe he likes it or maybe he just disregards it. It's his choice to do. You know he loves you and he knows what you WANT from him. But he's going to give you what he wants to give you, when he wants to give it, and how he wants yto give it in his own way and his own time... which, truth be told, is EXACTLY what you keep saying you want from him (but already have).

    But I must agree with the others, for your sake, I do hope you get your butt blistered but good and soon!

    And I do love you, always!

  4. Did you ever stop and consider, maybe the punishment is to NOT spank you?

    Maybe you should start catering to his every need and he would be more willing to cater to yours.

    Just a thought!


  5. PK, what can I add to what your other friends have said.
    Nick will spank you when he's good and ready too and not before, beware it may not be what you think you require.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Our vote doesn't count... only Nick's does... butt, based on our extensive research... we most certainly believe you need a spanking!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  7. Spanked! Period. When Nick says. I'd like to say it should be anytime you want, but I don't think that's what you want either..?

    ~Hugs and patience :)

  8. Definitely Spanked! :-) I think you definitely need the cure. I need it too but my cure is gone at least for another couple of days!


  9. Eva and Theresa,
    That's what I was looking for a nice simple yes!

    Grace and Tiggr,
    Now understand girls, I teach school, I check my blog after I get home, teachers are not supposed to have to think after 3:00. Stop trying to make me think!!

    Paul, Todd and Suzy,
    I know, I know!

    Maggie, Carye,
    And again I like that nice simple yes!!

  10. Well, I certainly vote that you need spanked good and hard! Loved your post and I hope your bottom gets what it needs real soon!I tried to comment a few other times, but it's really hit and miss these days as to whether I can or not!

  11. Sheesh PK! You've been found guilty of W.W.B.W.O. Whining While Being Waited On.

    A most serious and highly punishable offense. Whining during neglect is one thing, but during loving pampering???

    Whoa! I wouldn't want to be in your panties when Nick realizes how unappreciated his efforts to coddle you were at the time.

    Hugs .... (AFTER you've been spanked!)

  12. Cindy,
    I thank you for your vote. I am glad you can finally comment!

    I don't know what comes over me. I have NO reason to complain at all about Nick. Yet I find myself doing it sometimes!