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Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho

It's back to work I go! I have no idea if this is a sad post or a happy one. Christmas vacation is over. No more afternoon naps, no more watching daytime drivel on TV, no more mindless grazing on Christmas treats, no more extra hours to cruise the blogs and catch up on my reading. And worst of all no more waking up slowly and making love before the rest of the house wakes. I really am going to miss all these things. I don’t expect a great deal of sympathy, at least not from anyone except other teacher. Certainly not from Nick since he gets very little time off. But Eva and Snow know what I’m talking about.

But on the other hand, I probably function better when there is a bit of structure in my life. Hidden deep within me, this year very deep, is the love of teaching. Going back means the rush and stress of Christmas is behind me. Going back means that summer vacation is creeping closer. Going back means that I will keep a much better track of what I am eating. And strangely enough it means that I will make it to the gym more often. Daily routines do help.

I had a wonderful New Years day! After my rocky end of the year I emailed Nick – you folks do keep telling me to communicate! He is such a good guy. With Mollie at the house he decided we needed to check things out at my parent’s old house – the empty one. We checked things out but then I got what I really needed. With no toys around the belt worked just fine! At least I will be going back to school with a smile on my face. That’s always fun and it really bugs the other teacher! But I really am going to miss the naps!


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I relate more than I car to admit! Talk to you at work, twin.


  2. Elis,
    I'm feeling it too! Fortunately, I have one more day. The teachers were supposed to go back tomorrow for a work day (and truth be known, I could probably use it!) but then changed the plan. We now go back on Wednesday with the kids. I'll miss staying up late, and then sleeping late. The way our break was chopped up, we only had two weekends off, rather than the usual 2 weeks and 3 weekends. But you're right, I probably get more accomplished when I'm on a schedule of some sort. Goodness knows I haven't done much of anything since we've been out... but I sure have enjoyed it! Of course you mentioned the best thing... summer vacation is that very small, pinpoint of light we see at the end of the spring tunnel!

  3. I wanna be a teacher :(. PK I knew that house would come in handy. Yeah Nick!


  4. oh yeah are you pinging??

  5. Elis I love this post, I'm glad that you are being positive about work.
    Maybe you can persuade Nick to spank before going to work, so that you will be sore but smiling.
    Stay well PK.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Yippeee for the empty house and the smiles to take back to school!

    As much as we all like our slacker time, I do think that being on a regular schedule helps tremendously in the sanity department! lol


  7. Good work sis, we made it through one more day!

    Snow, my mind is definitely on that little pinpoint of light!

    Theresa, I would love it if you were a teacher! We would all get together this summer. We are getting the house ready to sell, but sometimes I wonder!

    Paul, if I could get Nick to do that every morning I would be one happy woman!! Maybe someday!

    That house is going to hold special memories of all types!

  8. I just love that you bug other teachers! It just cracks me up!!!!