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Monday, January 15, 2007

Go Nick!

Did you catch this? My sneaky, sexy, surprising, formerly vanilla, honey – my own Nick wrote a hot spanko/sex story! Not only that he went behind my back and sent it to Tiggr on his own! I think my guy is showing great potential!

When I read Tiggr’s Fantasy Friday I always read the authors first. When I saw that Nick and Adam were listed I was pretty sure I could eliminate them right off the bat. I felt sure I could pick between Dante and Todd. Then I read the story. Hmmmmm… it didn’t really sound like either of them. Really it didn’t, so I read it again. It almost sounded like Nick, but Nick doesn’t do a lot of typing and I didn’t really think he would just send it off to Tiggr on his own, so maybe Todd? But I asked him first thing Friday morning.

Me: Did you write the Fantasy Friday story today?

Nick: Did I what?

Me: Admit it, it was you! Tell me, you really wrote it didn’t you?

Nick: Well I have to read this one it must be pretty good.

After he read it he said “So I wrote this huh?” And he walked off laughing.

I really was sure, but was I? I thought it seemed like his writing but I thought he would admit it if it was and I really didn’t see him typing it all out and sending it in on his own. So I couldn’t wait to check it out this morning and there it was and there he was! It was him, I was right!!

Heaven help me Tiggr has his email address!

I am thrilled that Nick is writing! I’m impressed and I’m proud. Here is his story!

Seeking Forgiveness


One brief moment of carelessness. Now the antique Oriental vase that had graced the mantel for all of her married life lay shattered at Rachel’s feet. The vase given to Kevin and Rachel as a wedding present from Kevin’s grandmother. The vase brought back from his grandmother’s service in an embassy post. The irreplaceable vase!

Rachel stared at the pieces with mouth agape and mind reeling. How was she to tell Kevin? How would he react, what would he say?

When Kevin arrived from work, Rachel met him at the door with eyes downcast. “Darling, I have something terrible to tell you, I broke your grandmother’s vase. I was rearranging some photographs and I guess I was careless. I’m terribly sorry and wish I could fix things but I know it can’t be replaced. Please tell me what I can do to gain your forgiveness.”

“Rachel, I don’t know what to say. You’re right, we can’t turn back time. The vase is history.

I don’t want you to be upset with me, what can I do to make you forgive and forget?”

Kevin stared at Rachel before finally speaking “I can see that you want and need to put this behind us. Go upstairs and wait for me in the bedroom.”

Rachel nodded and silently headed for the bedroom, unsure what Kevin had in mind. She sat on the foot of the bed, head down, near tears, with a knot in the pit of her stomach. After several minutes Kevin entered the room and sat beside her. Rachel spoke in a whisper “I know how much you loved your grandmother, and I really hate that I broke the vase. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

Kevin took a deep breath and exhaled. “Turn and bend over the bed.” Rachel did as directed. Kevin stood and obtained the hairbrush from the dresser. Turning back to Rachel he placed one hand on the small of her back and began to paddle her with the hairbrush, slowly but firmly. Kevin spoke quietly, reminding Rachel of the importance of being careful, particularly with irreplaceable items.

After about twenty good swats Kevin had Rachel remove her clothing and directed her to position herself on hands and knees on the bed. He resumed his administrations with the hairbrush until Rachel was biting her lip and wincing with the fire building in her ass. Kevin paused, gently rubbing Rachel’s reddened butt. Sliding his hand between her thighs, his fingers found moist evidence of her growing passion.

Kevin removed his clothes and positioned himself behind Rachel. Kevin, now well aroused, slipped easily into Rachel and began thrusting. Reaching around he began rubbing her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Rachel’s breath quickened with her mounting excitement. Kevin took his hands and spread her cheeks slightly, giving him a better view of her little pink rosebud, which he began caressing with one thumb. A light moan escaped from Rachel’s mouth.

Several wonderful minutes later Kevin withdrew from Rachel’s pussy and began teasing her ass with his erection. Although they had enjoyed anal play in various degrees, Rachel had never been receptive to anal sex. As Rachel arched her back and raised her butt, Kevin sensed a change in attitude.

He placed the head of his cock against her opening and Rachel pressed back against him. Kevin pressed forward and felt himself slip past the tightness of her sphincter. Rachel let out a gasp and Kevin paused, allowing Rachel to get past the discomfort and to adjust to the unfamiliar fullness.

Rachel started rocking back against him signaling a readiness for more. Kevin resumed thrusting, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the tempo as his excitement soared. After Kevin’s climax they both collapsed onto the bed, Kevin holding her tightly and kissing the back of her neck.

Rachel lay motionless, except for her heavy breathing, a slight smile on her face. She was feeling forgiven and very much loved.

Kevin was sated and spent, amazed by the episode that they had just shared. He believed that Rachel was relieved to be able to put the broken vase behind them. He thought to himself I don’t think I will ever need to tell Rachel how much I disliked that vase.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Go Nick!! Awesome story, you little sneak!!

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Great story Nick. It was one of the first time I voted and got it right!! :)

  3. Ah, today is SUCH a good day... not only did I get to post a delightfully provocative story, and catch a glimpse into how Nick's mind works when it comes to punishment, but I do indeed finally have his email address! Of course, I mean it when I say that I won't abuse the privilege... unless, of course, PK decides to get too pissy. *bounes off laughing heartily*

    Love you, PK! I'd say that when and/or if you ever do decide to give discipline a try, you might be in for more than you've bragained for...


  4. Excellent story Nick. PK beware, you never know.
    Warm hugs,

  5. Wow, for someone who 'doesn't do a lot of typing,' Nick really outdid himself. Great story!

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  6. Nick,
    What a wonderful story! The fact that you do not do a lot of writing must make it that much more special for PK. By both reading her blog and an through emails it is easy to see how very much she love you!


  7. I can just picture the two of you. You both wake up really early in the morning, hoping to beat the other one to the computer. One to read and post, the other to write his FF story! What a sight and what an ordeal that must have been. Hah!

    Nick, Fantastic job on the story. I think that's just what PK's been after ;)

    Elis, His email addy is out ... worry, worry, worry! lol

    ~Hugs & congrats!

  8. I can just picture the two of you. You both wake up really early in the morning, hoping to beat the other one to the computer. One to read and post, the other to write his FF story! What a sight and what an ordeal that must have been. Hah!

    Nick, Fantastic job on the story. I think that's just what PK's been after ;)

    Elis, His email addy is out ... worry, worry, worry! lol

    ~Hugs & congrats!

  9. Anonymous5:58 PM

    We really enjoyed the story. Great job! And, a neat surprise too.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  10. Eva,
    I do love that he keeps me guessing!

    Glad you liked it!

    Go ahead Tig, give me one more thing to worry about! No kidding though - thanks for everything!

    The man is thinking and writing Tiggr - no good can come from this!

    I hope he does a lot more! Practice makes perfect!

    You got all that right!

    Just to keep things fair could you sent me MrC address. I promise, I promise I can explain things to him well. Remember, Nick was vanilla! Didn't I do well explaining to him??

    Todd and Suzy,
    Thanks guys!!


  11. That story was GREAT, and how nice of him to be so sneaky!

    Had you second guessing, didn't he? Good job Nick!!!


  12. I thought I posted to this, and I think I emailed you. I think your so called vanilla husband might have a trick or two up his sleeve!


  13. Just huge hugs for both of you! Way to go, Nick!

    Bask in it, pull deep inside what you're both discovering together.


  14. Great Story Nick! SO cool you surprised her!!
    Elis I think you're going to have to stop calling him a vanilla! I think deep down he has been a surpressed spanko!