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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Still feeling yucky

I hate colds. I’m not doing so well. The cold itself isn’t so horrible. I mean it’s just an ordinary cold. But I am feeling way ‘off’. For one thing I’m hungry. I haven’t really felt hungry since I began Weight Watchers. I felt in control of my eating. I thought being sick made you lose your appetite, but not for me. Now I’m hungry, and I feel pitiful because I’m sick, so I want to eat good stuff like cake and chips and cookies. I hadn’t been cheating. Well not much, but I gained 1.6 pounds. I explained to Nick that my head weighed an extra 10 pounds so in reality I must have really lost. I don’t think he’s buying it but he knows I’m feeling bad so he hasn’t had much to say about it. I know it’s stupid but it silly little setbacks like this that seem to give me a reason to just give up on the weight loss idea. I’m tired, I don’t feel like exercising. I’m hungry and I want to eat junk. This is a terrible combination.

The news isn’t all bad. We haven’t seen Mollie in a few weeks and I get to see her today. I got to see my sister yesterday and she helped me work on a favorite project of mine. I know a cold can’t last forever and this one will have to let up eventually. And hopefully I have a husband who is not willing to let me give up on the weight loss just yet.

One other thing, Sunnygirl said she was hoping to put up a story on her site today. She has shared several stories with us for Fantasy Friday so I’m headed over there for another good read. There is also a new post over at Cassie’s today so if you’re looking for something to read here’s a couple of places you might want to try.


  1. Cassie, I hope that you feel much better soon.
    It's not surprising that you want to eat, we have a saying this side of the pond. 'feed a cold, starve a fever.'
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Thanks for the shout out. You are too kind.
    Sorry the cold isn't better. Yesterday I switched to Claritin and seemed to be less stuffy so it is probably cold and allergies.Lots of yellow pine dust in the air.
    I've been eating lots of clementines to fill up the hole.

  3. So sorry to hear you aren't better. Just give yourself a little break, eat what you want and when you are all better start again.

  4. Paul,
    I've felt a little better today. Eaten too much, but that's usual for Sundays.

    I hope your feeling better too. I'm afraid Clementines are way too healthy for me to eat.

    I think I'm turning the corner. Maybe I can bet back on track next week.

  5. I hope you are feeling much better soon :-) I have not been reading lately so I have much to catch up on but have been thinking of you even if I haven't stopped by here in a while. :-) Take care, Terps