I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wild and wonderful!

Wow!! I've had a busy two days. If this is a preview of the empty nest I think Nick and I need more vitamins. Mollie left yesterday morning for a trip to the beach with her friends. It’s the first time we’ve let her do something like this. I’m glad Mollie keep up so well by phone, she calls or text a couple of times a day so it keeps my worrying down. Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Nick was off work Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was a lazy day here at home. We swam a little, napped, watched TV – the usual stuff. Oh, one other thing. I wrote Nick a long email reminding him of exactly what I like sexually and asking him if there was anything new or different he wanted to try. I didn’t hit much on dd, time enough for that later. I think I peek his interest. That evening when it got dark Nick invited me back to the pool. We’re secluded enough to be able to skinny dip at night. So we had a little pool fun and came back in the house for some more fun.

Nick had me stand by the bed and put my hands on it - normally I lay on the bed so this was unusual. Nick had asked me to record what my weight was when we got back from the cruise. I weighed but didn’t record it. He reminded me but I still didn’t get it written down. He let me know he wasn’t happy about that. He was spanking hard, on top of that I had just gotten out of the pool and it was hurting!! Oh well, that’s life. He used our heavy leather ‘hand’ swatter and then, on top of that, his belt. Even Nick mentioned how red my butt was. I was hot in other ways too. Nick asked if I wanted to make love the olde way and I did. He gave me the HMW to play with and it was some evening!

Tuesday Nick played golf in the morning. When he came home we went back to the pool (suits this time). I came in for a shower and Nick joined me. After our shower we laid on the bed under the fan to dry off. Okay, we did more than lay there. We had fun, lots of fun! Soon we needed another shower. It had been a fun two days of spanking and loving – but it wasn’t over. We decided to go toy shopping.

You see we have lost one of my favorite toys. Call it a plug, a keister kork (KK) as Rogue calls it, whatever – it’s not in the box of toys. We’re good about getting our toys put away so we don’t know what’s happened. With our luck the new kitten will come batting in into the room while Nick’s family is here this weekend. Whatever has happened to it I wanted another. There are two adult toy shops about 30 miles away. One has just moved to a bigger store so we thought we’d go check it out. As we pulled in we saw that they were proudly advertising that they had a drive through.

A drive through – at an adult sex shop? Really. Really?

On well, we went in and enjoyed looking around. I was a little annoyed to see that the spanking implements were regulated to a small corner. It’s like we were being looked down as strange kink in a whole store of kink. Oh well. We found what we were looking for, but no energy to try our new toys out yet. I’m sure we’ll find more time to play before Mollie comes home. I think we’re making wonderful use of our preview of the empty nest. I think we’re going to like the real thing!


  1. PK, looks like life is looking up for both of you.
    Enjoy your empty nest time.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK: Well, you are getting the empty nest years off to a smacking good start. I hope you both keep it up (pun intended).


  3. start taking those vitamins now...sounds like you are both going to have lots of fun adventures together in your empty nest... :-)

  4. Oh I am so jealous...I know you understand when I say I am so ready for an empty nest. Fly baby birds fly. LOL I will miss them when they are gone but I know they will be well prepared to meet the world head on.

    Humm more vitamins huh maybe I should start stock them up now :)

  5. From a couple of empty nesters: Be sure to get those vitamins. It only gets better!

  6. ohhhh sounds like you had a great time PK - ive a long way to go to the emply nest stage (12 and 5 - and trying for another LOL) so i have to get used to the fact that spanking isnt going to happen to me all that often. Though we do get a weekend to ourselves every second week.

    But way to go you two :) xx

  7. OMG, we have a drive-thru sex shop about 30 miles from our home! Are we neighbors?? :)

    Sounds like a nice preview for the up-n-coming empty nesters. (No pun intended) ;)

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  9. Paul,
    Except for the day she Mollie really leaves (which is going to be hard no matter what)I think we going to like it fine.

    Love the way you put it!

    I sure hope you're right. Maybe I should be hitting the gym harder.

    We all love our children and we will always miss them when they're away, but these mothers who act like their lives are over because the kids left home - they're nuts!!

    Thanks, that's always good to hear from someone who knows.

    As long as the kids are young you are always going to grab time when you can. We've had that problem in the past for sure.

    If you can't go in and look around, what's the point? I don't know all my neighbors. I'll keep an eye opened for you.

    Toy story,
    It would be great if every store would give our kink more consideration. But looking around is always fun!