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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantasy Friday - The men were looking at me, II

It's Friday again and we really have a wonderful story today. In fact I accused the author of lurking in on my fantasies when I wasn't looking! I was so happy to get this story from a friend! I really appreciate the effort she went to for us. I know you are going to love it. I won't tell you who wrote it until the end. See if you can guess the writer as you read.

So now enjoy...

The men were looking at me

I shaved my pussy which I've only done once before, just as I was told to in the email I got from him last night, then showered. He told me to be there on time not to disappoint him, show his business card at the door and they'd let me in. I shuddered deliciously as I pulled the dress he'd bought me over my head, shoulders, bear breasts, nipples alert as the cool cotton teased its way down, hips shuffling just a little, snug fit, resting just above knee. No pants or bra, as instructed. Heels, he told me, he thought my mauve ones might match the dress so mauve it was.

I look in the mirror, twist sideways, tummy not as flat as it used to be, turn and look over my shoulder, my bum looks big or maybe its the angle, or maybe its the dress. When I bend forward, even a small bend, I feel the cotton tighten against my buttocks, the hem tickles my thighs as it rises, my tits become pendulous and the nipples harden when I straighten, I smooth the dress down, again the little shuffle of the hips.

I stood there self conscious, excited and apprehensive, wondering what he'd planned, he told me it was something very new for me, that I'd find it different, that I'd have to trust him, that he could imagine how I'd look in the dress, that he thought other people would like it too. I jumped as I heard the postman push something through the letter box, I realized I would be late if I didn't go now. I took a light wrap, it wasn't cold but I had a short walk to the station and I wanted to cover the dress a little so close to home.

I was to take the train into the next town. As I waited I was sure people were looking at me, no-one I knew thank goodness, they were obviously aware I wasn't wearing anything underneath my dress, I pulled the wrap closer, they could sense my unease, they liked it. They wanted me to blush, to get flustered and run off the platform dropping my wrap, too embarrassed to stop and retrieve it, boobs bouncing and bum cheeks jostling as I tried to escape. Then the train came, I was rescued, people moved to where they thought the emptiest carriages would come to rest, nobody watching me now. I entered the nearest carriage, there were seats at the far end, I slipped the wrap off and carried it, a couple had got on after me, the woman first, she'd know I had no knickers on, she'd think I was disgusting, she'd tell him when they sat down, he'd pretend not to be interested but then he'd be eyeing me for the rest of the trip. Twenty minutes later I got up, my station, the couple were three seats back, he caught my eye, I blushed and shuffled past, he was still watching me as I walked off the train.

Didn't know the town well but his instructions were precise and I arrived at the club on time, production of his card got me a ticket, which wasn't checked by the usher who waved me in. It was dimly lit or seemed so after the sunshine outside, there should have been cigarette smoke swirling around, perhaps someone should invent non toxic artificial cigarette smoke. The music was loudish but nice, there were girls sitting at a central bar, they weren't customers. On the far side of the bar I could see a girl dancing on a small podium under a spotlight. There were men, mostly in suits, some of them looked at me, I couldn't see any women apart from the dancer and the girls at the bar. My eyes adjusted to the light, I walked towards the bar, looking left and right, where was he, there were men at about half the tables but I couldn't see him. Then I walked to the right, he'd said he'd be to the right of the bar, he was but further than I'd thought, at an alcove table, sipping a coffee. He looked up, smiled and raised his hand, I realized it wasn't to me, he moved along the alcove seat and patted the space he'd left, it was warm and the velour was tickly soft against my thighs.

A girl brought a bottle of champagne to the table, she addressed him as Sir as she presented the label to him, she was attractive, she wore what used to be called hot pants a size too small, she leaned across the table and poured a glass for me but not for him, her eyes all over me, she had intelligent alive eyes, I liked and disliked her at the same time. He stood up to get his wallet from his hip pocket, patted the girl's bottom, gave her two notes, whispers passed between them and she nodded and wiggled away.

When he sat he reached under the table and placed his hand on my knee. I tensed, I hadn't liked him patting her bottom and he knew it. His hand moved further up, it rested with his fingers tracing little patterns on my inner thigh.

''You look lovely in that dress you know,'' he said, ''Julie liked you in it, she was the girl who served us, she said a couple of the men had noticed you when you walked in, they'd said you had a nice bottom, Julie had thought so too.''

''What did you think of Julie, did you like her?'' he asked, ''I hope you did because she's going to entertain us, she's looking forward to it, I told her I'm going to be fingering you while she's entertaining us and that if you come I'm going to spank you. She said I could use one of the changing rooms rather than spank you here in public, that way it won't disturb the other guests if you cry and make a fuss.''

I shuffled uncomfortably on the seat, my heart pounding, flight wasn't an option, he'd said I had to trust him. His fingers moved further up my leg all the time stroking teasing.

''Did you shave, by the way?'' he asked. I gasped. ''Ah, no need to answer that now,'' he said as his fingers stroked the smooth flesh surrounding my pussy and I felt myself moisten. ''Good girl,'' he said and I straightened my posture a little and shifted my hips forward. The I saw Julie coming back from the other side of the bar, she still had her hotpants on but her tits were bare now, her body was good, she walked easily like gymnasts do, she was looking at me, it was a friendly look, she held a rod or something in her right hand, my stomach was doing somersaults. I saw some men were turning to watch her. I didn't think there was much danger of getting spanked later, I was more worried about what she intended doing with the rod. When she stopped at our table a spotlight came on in front of us and the music changed, I noticed similar lights at some tables on the far side of the bar. Presumably showtime.

Julie's rod was actually a riding crop which she placed on the table, all the time looking at me, she started dancing, slowly, and I gulped my champagne. I saw him take the bottle and refill my glass, his left hand was still under my dress, in my crotch, his fingers stroking my labia and the virgin flesh either side, not insistent, patient, waiting for me. I was fixed on Julie, I couldn't help it, she was fluid, perfectly balanced, sinuous, confident, she was doing it for me, I thought the men on other tables must know she was doing it for me, they must be watching me too. I took another gulp of champagne, I pushed my pelvis forward again and my pressed my thigh against his, I wanted the reassurance of physical contact, his hand responded his index finger worked its way between my labia, found the wetness it sought, slid the coated tip up to my clit which hardened and made me wetter. Julie's dancing was getting more suggestive, provocative, she looked down at where my cunt was being groped, covered only by a few inches of dress, she smiled lewdly when she saw my thighs clasp together defensively, squeezing his hand between them. Then she picked up the riding crop from the table, she carried on dancing, held the crop between both hands, rubbed it horizontally over her nipples, held it vertically against her belly thrusting against it, then behind her across her slim waist as she looked over her shoulder at me, her bottom undulating to the music. She shimmied back and to the side of the table, as close as she could get to me without falling into my lap, she turned to face me all the time dancing, she shook her tits close to my nose, gyrated her hips, I could see droplets of sweat all over her tight belly, smell her scent, feel her warmth not to mention my own. I was getting very wet, his hand and fingers knew it and were working me harder, my thighs were starting to move rhythmically in pace, then Julie turned round again, bent forward and thrust her bulging swaying bottom almost into my face at the same time offering back the riding crop, her invitation obvious. When I didn't take up the offer she pouted, moved forward and started to spank herself with the whip, pushing her bottom out lasciviously after each stroke for more. I couldn't help myself now, his hand and fingers were working my pussy to a frenzy, my hips were pumping urgently, I couldn't suppress the cry which escaped me as I came, wriggling, squirting onto his hand, moaning and slumping forward on the seat gasping as little tremors continued to run through me.

A few minutes later, the music back to normal, spotlight out, Julie returned to our table, she had a top on now, she still had that friendly smile as she handed a single key on a keyring to him. She said she'd left the riding crop in the changing room, he could leave the key at the bar when he'd finished. She smiled to me and left us.

Getting spanked after you've had an orgasm really hurts. With a riding crop all the more. I went home on the train with a really sore bottom. I'd wanted to find some nearby store and buy some pants and wear them right away but he'd said I couldn't and that was that. I'm sure everyone on the train knew I'd been spanked, that I had angry welts across my bottom, that I hadn't any bra or knickers on. At least I didn't feel like running away this time, I had my husband sitting next to me and he would never let anything happen to me.


I knew you would like this one! So who wrote this fantastic story for us?? It was none other than Ronnie!!! We all know Ronnie from her own blog Heart and Soul. If you are not a regular reader there you just don't know what you're missing. Ronnie and her husband P enjoy a wonderful spanking relationship on the fun and erotic side but on those rare occasions that P may think Ronnie has gone too far he is not opposed to a spanking of a more serious nature. So at Heart and Soul you can enjoy the totally fun side of spanking, some discipline and for a really nice added bonus some wonderful stories of their travels. In fact they should be back from vacation anytime now so I am really looking forward to hearing what all they did. (Well we all know what they did, but I still want to hear about it!)

As always we need more stories to satisfy our appetites! Bloggers, commenters and lurkers are all invited, urged, begged to write a fantasy for us. Well it could be a fantasy or it could be something that you have really done. I look forward to reading more stories and getting to know more people. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

*FYI there is another new story at Cassie's Space


  1. Ronnie, a great story, the last sentence finished it perfectly.
    PK, you are an angel of the Internet, thanks for posting this.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Thank you Paul, kind of you to say.

    I thought the title sound familiar:) That was lovely of you PK, thanks.

    Hope you both have a great weekend.


  3. Thanks Ronnie and PK!!!!

    Wonderful story! THanks so much!!!


    P.S. Ronnie, I'm sorry I've been remiss in putting you in my blogroll. Consider that faux paz taken care of!

  4. Ronnie: Congrats on a hot, erotic story with a nice twist at the end. Your readers will now want more of them.

    And you had some nice touches like how a women wiggles into a dress. Very good descriptive writing.

    And PK, now you have to get Ronnie to write more of them.


  5. Have I ever mentioned that I just love Fantasy Friday??? :)

    Love the story, Ronnie!

  6. Ohhhh I missed this last Friday :( sorry - great story way to go Ronnie :) more more more hehehe
    Im thinking about trying my hand at a story - used to years ago so we will see.
    And like Rogue, i love fantasy Friday - usually posted in time for my afternoon tea break - quick read with a cuppa sets the rest of my afternoon up just great :) xx