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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend get-a-way

We had a pretty amazing weekend and I wanted to tell you about it. Some friends asked us to go away with them to Hot Springs, a little town in the mountains. It’s a tiny place, quaint I think you’d call it. The main attraction is, of course, the hot springs. We arrived early and made an appointment for the hot tub. Now I know it was hotter than hell over most of the country this weekend – it was well into the 90’s there too but they had their tubs set up in an interesting way. Each tub was enclosed on three sides. It had a roof on for shade but the fourth side was opened to the river flowing by. Such a pleasant, little secluded spot.

Despite the heat there was a very nice breeze blowing in from the river. We stripped – I have to tell you I LOVE being naked outside. I’ll never have the body for it, but emotionally I am a nudist at heart. Sinking into the heat of the tub felt wonderful. It was like one big sigh. At first we just relaxed, then a little mutual massaging and then… well, it was really nice.

When one of us got too hot sitting in the water we would get out and go stand by the rail and watch the river. I suppose a person in a kayak could have seen something, although the river was below us, but honestly I just didn’t care. Once I was on my knees leaning over the side when Nick came up and started spanking. The tubs were reasonable far apart and the noise of the jets in the pool seemed cover enough. That felt pretty nice. A little later I found a nice size stick/switch on the ground (sadly the bamboo growing nearby was just out of reach, lol!) I tried to get a swat at Nick’s backside with it but he demanded I hand it over. It was nearly perfect size, creating a lovely sting without real pain. But the next thing I spotted in the little enclosure was this –

It was the seed pod of a Catalpa tree, about 18 inches long. Now that thing stung like hell on a wet, warm bottom. Over all it was a great experience, running around naked outside and getting spanked and all. After an hour our time was up. They drain and clean each tub between uses and refill it with the natural hot mineral water. It’s supposed to have healing properties. My bottom was the only thing aching rather than my knees as we left.

We met back up with our friends and headed back to the little inn to check in. It was an interesting place too. Each room has a heart shaped hot tub. Our room also had a beautiful bed.

Nick commented that we should have brought the cuffs to have gotten use of it full effect.

That night after supper we walked around the small town and then down by the river. Before coming up and trying out that heart shaped tub. It was much like the afternoon – except this tub was equipped with a red pulsating light. LOL! It sounds cheesy but it was so much fun. And should they ever have a nude America’s funniest Video’s we’ll have to go back and get us old folk on tape trying to get out of this deep tub. Heaven help me if I’d been alone I’m afraid I would have had to call for help, not that I could have reached a phone. But together Nick and I managed to get in, play, and get back out alive – if not gracefully. The evening finished up on the bed when I got a few hard pops after Nick asked me about my weigh in the day before, more about that in a later post.

We came home in a leisurely fashion, stopping in a small historic mountain town to take a few pictures. We drove way out in the boonies to see a geyser. The mist from it felt wonderful. We also drove over to an old veteran’s cemetery. It was out in the country but there were was a large building, some veteran’s affair complex I think. There was a large grassy lawn between the building and the cemetery, as we drove around we saw something on the lawn we couldn’t identify at first, but coming closer we saw this

This picture was taken by Nick. We decide to stay in the car! But this spotting did add another layer of adventure to the whole trip. It was a great weekend, a good get away. Not a lot of talking about anything in particular, so I will still be using all of you as a sounding board for some things I still need to work out in my head but it was very nice to relax and have fun. I hope we can have a few more get-a-ways like this in the future. Nick did suggest that we make up a traveling ‘toy box’ that we can bring along. I think I can make that happen.

Fantasy Friday will be brand new this week. It’s a good one so don’t forget to check it out.


  1. PK, sounds like a great time was had by all, good.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. What fun..I want to go! Sounds perfect, so glad for you!

  3. You had a wonderful time PK. Love the sound of the hot tubs outside. You know I've never tied a hot tub before.

    Thanks for sharing the picture Nick took.


  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    "emotional nudist at heart" I can so identify with that. I highly recommend a 6 foot privacy fence for when you just can't get away. And I'd bet Nick thinks you have the body for it.

  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Hey PK, that last comment was from me, just learning this blogger comment thing, its always the simple things that trip me up.


  6. It sounds amazing! So glad you had such a good time.

  7. What a great trip! I've always wanted to get "nekkid" in the woods! :)

    BTW, thanks for posting what that tree was! I saw one recently and thought hmmm.

  8. sounds like you had an amazing time and the pics are pretty awesome too :) love and hugs xx

  9. So glad you and Nick had such a wonderful time
    Lil Sam

  10. Paul,
    It was lots of fun. Hope we’ll do it again sometime.

    I think you’d love it!

    I love hot tubs! The warm/hot water bubbling all around you. You just can’t imagine anything more soothing and relaxing.

    So nice to see you here! We have a pool and we can swim nude at night but not really in the day time. We really don’t want a full privacy fence, but we have discussed different options that could work. We’re still thinking.

    It was a really great weekend.

    I’ve been nekkid in the woods on a couple of occasions – I recommend it! Just want you to know that seed pod hurts!!

    Thanks, Nick and I took all the pictures. It was a cool place.

    Lil Sam,
    Nick and I need a little reconnection. This was a good weekend.

    It was! I miss you!

  11. What a wonderful getaway. Hope you have many more of them. These appear to be the golden years for both of you.


  12. sounds like a lovely trip :-)