I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Visit

A quick note about Fantasy Friday – there is a brand new one this week. The conclusion to a multiple part story I posted several weeks ago. If you want to get caught up before Friday you can go back and read part one, part two, part three and part four by clicking on them.

Our visit was great but certainly for the most part vanilla. Vanilla is fine with me. What I enjoy so much is just being able to talk about anything, what we wanted to do for supper or spanking implements. It didn't matter either seemed natural. Now Mollie was around some but we had lots of time alone too. And being able to really feel like myself was great. We all feel that we can be completely open with each other.

We stopped for Mexican the first night and spent the evening talking. The next day Nick and Mr. Smith went golfing, Adam relaxed by the pool and we girls? We spent our day in the Cyber Café! At least that is what the guys called my sun room. CeeCi and Mr. Smith had brought a computer to share and all the rest of us had our own, five laptops for the six of us! LOL! Old habits are hard to break.

I think Friday night was when I got the biggest shock of the visit. We took the crowd to an excellent southern restaurant rough looking for sure, but great for good southern eating. It was there that we all learned (yes right here in a public restaurant) that CeeCi was a virgin. Not only did we discover this startling fact we all got to watch her lose that virginity! This poor deprived woman had never eaten okra, never had pulled pork, never had banana pudding – and even pointed to hush puppies and asked what they were (deep fried corn bread for you other virgins)!!! For me, born and raised in the south, being with a true good ol’ southern eating virgin was just amazing.

We got up early the next morning and headed to the mountains for a long (down hill) bike ride. Nick and I have done this trip before and we always love it but it was even more fun with our friends. This trip was brand new for them and I loved seeing everything through their eyes, the woods, the ravines, the river – all so beautiful.

When we got home I had to go to a wedding – that is a post in itself! But after the wedding I had invited more of my vanilla friends over for Eva’s delicious ribs. We had our friend bring over his pictures to show everyone, CeeCi in particular. Like CeeCi he is a great photographer with a wide range of subject matter but as his flashed on the computer there would be an occasional picture of a woman in cuffs or in mild bondage. They were just part of the wide range of pictures and no one commented in particular. Later my friend’s wife pulled me aside to say she hoped that no one had been offended by those shots. I just laughed and without going into detail assured her none of my friends would mind at all. I have to talk more closely to these friends soon!

The rest of the visit consisted of more visiting, eating, playing on the computer and lounging around the pool – four of my favorite things with many of my favorite people! I didn’t like seeing Eva, Adam and the pup drive off and I didn’t like having to take CeeCi and Mr. Smith to the airport to fly away. But I’m confident another visit is in our future.


  1. PK, Sounds like a really fun time. I'm sure you all will get together again, very soon.


  2. Good times had by all! Fabulous.

    Debbie :)

  3. PK, looks like you had a great time.
    Perhaps you should spend a bit of time getting to know your photographer friends, they might surprise you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM


    Do you think we could write a grant and get some money to find out what comes first... the desire to photograph or the kink! It might keep you from going back to school.... I'm just thinkin'!!

    Hugs, KayLynn Can't wait for story!

  5. Hey Jean,
    Probably not as soon as we would all like but we will get together again for sure.

    Yep I think you could say that!

    We know these folks well - he was the best man in our wedding. But I think there are a few more questions I might need to ask. LOL!

    A grant is a wonderful idea! At least I know several people that would help me do research!

  6. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Can't wait til friday to read the rest of the story! Glad you guys had a wonderful visit sounds like all of you had fun:)

  7. So happy you all had a wonderful time PK.

    Look forward to tomorrow's FF.


  8. wonderful...sounds like a lovely visit! :-)