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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movies anyone ?

I wanted to let everyone know that KayLynn - my friend who has written and shared so many wonderful Fantasy Friday stories with us has finally begun her own blog - Externally Motivated Wife. You need to pop over and give it a read!

What a week! The first week of school is always wild and this was no exception. But so far my new philosophy of remaining calm and doing my thing is holding. When things got too crazy I just laughed. And when I need something from the office that I knew everyone else was waiting for I make myself NOT ask for it. I mean these people were working like crazy trying to get out to us what we needed and everyone was hounding them. I just smiled as I walked through the office and assumed they would get things to me as soon as they could.
I had to spend a lot of time last week working on plans for the next day – keeping me away from my blog and everyone else’s for the most part. But I am getting a handle on things this weekend so maybe I’ll have some time this next week.

But after I did my homework Saturday Nick and I found ourselves alone for the afternoon/evening. Not only were we alone – we had the 4 DVD’s that we had ordered just sitting there waiting on us. We were in no hurry after Mollie left. In fact we napped a while and did our own thing. But soon enough Nick asked me if I was ready to see a movie.

I went to get a drink and told Nick I didn’t even know exactly want I had ordered so to just reach in a grab one of the movies. When I joined him in the he tossed one of the DVDs on the bed and said “Somehow this one seemed appropriate” I checked out the title “Spoiled Rotten”. Now in what way was that appropriate I want to know?? But it really was a good movie – for what it was. It did make some attempt at a story line, and unlike some, the guy in this movie was really spanking! The girl was really cute. She had a great figure without that skinny butt that some think should be in style these days. So if you do want to order some movies for yourself here’s the link, Shadow Lane.

Nick had gotten out a paddle so that he could play along with the action on the screen and when it was over we did just fine without a script! I got a wonderful fun spanking – and some diet talk which I’ll tell you about Tuesday. After watching the movie and the great spanking along with some stern diet talking I was ready to jump Nick – so I did!! We had a wonderful time! And after all that (and here I am just plan bragging) Nick fixed supper while I played on the computer. But I’m still wondering why he thought the ‘Spoiled Rotten’ movie would be appropriate? I guess it will always be a mystery.


  1. PK, sounds like you had a good afternoon, may you have many more such.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Nice! PK I'll have to send you my "slacker mom" book. Or maybe you could write the sequel. Just kidding you work hard at your job - the school one. Seriously, I'm happy that you are showing patience and kindness at work. It will come back to you. As for Nick - lovely man you picked & thanks for the link! KayLynn

  3. Pk, Sounds like a really nice time. Thanks for the note about new blog. Yeah, I can totally relate to how busy you are right now.

  4. Paul,
    That's the plan. Right now I feel like we are in a real good place.

    I could write another 'slaker mom' book for sure! No one will ever say I worked myself to death! But Nick - he is the very best!!

    I know you can relate. It's very hard to go from the peace of summer back to the stress of work but we do it every year and survive. I guess we'll do it again.

  5. mmmmmmmmm, work starts again tomorrow here... I am wondering how fast the relaxed holiday feeling will be gone... but alas, vacation doesn't pay the mortgage... grinnnnn...

    I sure am gonnan check KayLynn's blog... love her FF stories...

    and mmmmmmmm, spanking is always nice... we had a relaxing weekend with one of his sons overhere.. so no time for that 'stuff' grinnnnn

    love, Lessa

  6. Hehe, spoiled rotten, lucky you. :-))

    It is good to keep calm if you can, stress is just no fun at all.

    The movie sounds interesting as well as all the fun play afterwards.


  7. I don't know what happened PK but left a comment yesterday, oh well.

    I know you've worked hard all summer as well PK, happy you had a great afternoon. I think I may just have to order one of those movies.

    Thanks for the link to KayLynn's blog.


  8. Mmmm, playing along with the movie sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately Shadow Lane dvd would never get across the border. Maybe I could smuggle one someday.

    I hope school life settles down for you soon.


  9. PK: Sounds like you and Nick had a great time. You'll have to do it more often.


  10. Lessa,
    Sorry to say the relaxed vacation feeling goes fast. But with effort I am staying more relax at work than usual.

    I guess I can't deny being spoiled. And it sure is fun watching those movies together!

    I think KayLynn will enjoy blogging and I know we will enjoy reading her. I really think you should try a movie. They really lead to lots of fun.

    When the movies come the Shadowlane return address is on it but there is a phone number you can call and I bet it would leave the Shadowlane lable off.

    We did have a great time and we do plan to do it often.

  11. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Thanks so much PK for putting up a header directing people to my blog. You're very sweet. And you know I think it's a privilege that you put my stories up!