I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have a few thing to be grateful for today, here goes.

I am very grateful that Nick and I each have a job. There are so many right now who have lost jobs through no fault of their own. We went through 2 ½ years with Nick out of work and looking every day. It’s hard to stay motivated that long. But now he is working and seems content in his job – I am very grateful. I know he would probably stick with it even if he hated it so seeing him happy with his job is a great relief to me. Today is my first day back so – Hi – Ho, Hi – Ho, it’s off to work I go.

Today I am also most grateful for my smart mouth, quick witted kids, my own personal ones that is. As my kids have gotten older I love their sense of humor. They may at time come off like a smart ass I can’t really complain, the apples didn’t fall far!

Mollie was heading out the door the other day to go somewhere and I automatically called as she was leaving, “I love you, drive carefully!” Mollie stopped half way out the door and came back in.

“Mom”, she started “you have so much to do during the day, you stay so busy (She was already being a smart @$$ with this comment as I had been in my recliner playing on the internet all morning) so let me save you some time. How ‘bout I just always plan on driving carefully and attentively. Then you will only have to say something to me about it on the days you want me to be careless or reckless.” She then turned and headed on out the door calling “Yes, I promise to be careful!” Sigh… what’s a mother to do?

My newest child is LJ’s boyfriend Colin. I have taken him as one of my own and his personally fits the family. He was here during the reunion. At one point several of us were looking at old pictures. I had a picture of me holding the pregnancy test when I first found out Mollie was coming. My sister and a few cousins said that they had similar pictures from their pregnancy tests. Collin looked up as though he had made a great discovery and said “Wow! That’s why mom had the picture of the dead rabbit in the front of my baby book!”

And then of course there is LJ. He and Collin are spending the week in New York City. We have been texting at least once or twice a day. This reassures me that he hasn’t been mugged and robbed of his phone. Now I personally am not a big fan of NYC so Saturday afternoon, paraphrasing from the old Green Acres song, I text “Forget Manhattan, just give me that country view.” I doubt ten seconds had passed before he text back “Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue!” That boy is quick and he does love his adoptive city!

So goes another Tuesday with many things I’m grateful for. I hope all of you are grateful for many things too.


  1. Got to love the kids! They make you smile at something on a daily basis...well, most of the time.


  2. Anonymous12:09 PM


    I had sent my ten year old into a high school to deliver yet another dinner to the thespians being the stand in mom for too many that night. She had made the dry run with me at least 4 times. I was exhuasted and asked her to take it in by herself. She was elated to be without me and with the grown up kids. Feeling lazy yet worried & precarious I ran thru the "who not to talk to come right back blah blah blah" speech. She pops out with "Ya Mom and if I catch on fire I'll stop drop & roll! Can I go now?!"

  3. PK, gratitude, even for the smart ass, I like that.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Oh kids! Ya just gotta love 'em!

    The wildchild called last night, (she was spending the night at a friends) I told her to be good and she told me that they were planning wild orges and drinking and driving, all night long!

    Yep...I just love that kid!


  5. PK: You have to be so proud of your kids and you and Nick deserve the credit for them turning out so well. Now you've earned the fun of the empty nest syndrome.

  6. Katia,
    True. Sometime even when I should be mad they make me laugh.

    You got a good one there!! LOL! I love her line! I'll have to share that with Mollie.

    I am most grateful for all the smartasses in my family - there are sooooo many!

    Do you suppose there is something genetic going on here. Does being a spanko cause us to have a higher rate of smartass off spring. Hmmmmm...me, you, Kaylynn... we might be on to something here.

  7. Florida Dom,
    Credit or blame - a little of both but I'll take it. I think the empty nest could be fun.

  8. Don't you just love them. One minute your tearing your hair out with them and then they come out with something, just melts your heart.

    There a credit to you and Nick PK.

    Playing catch up PK.


  9. always lots of things to be grateful for... :-)

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