I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

And then the phone rang...

Just want to let everyone know that spanking is still alive and well at our house. Between Mollie being around and company here we hadn’t been indulging much lately but Thursday found us all alone for the whole evening.

Nick is still training and getting used to his new job. I think he likes it pretty well, he seems content. But he is also pretty tired when he comes in. When he got home last Thursday I think he took a little nap and then a shower, at the time I wasn’t paying close attention. That is until my phone rang. A sexy man was calling from our bedroom asking if I had plans for the next hour or so. Strangely enough I wasn’t involved with anything I couldn’t put on hold!

I was soon snuggled down on the bed with my wonderful husband coming after me with something wooded. I can’t remember exactly what. He was mentioning something about now being a good time to get into healthy eating mode again. I think I just groaned. He wanted to get my pants off but unfortunately these shorts had gotten tight over the past few weeks and, well let’s just say that didn’t help the situation any and there was a bit more discussion about getting back on a healthy eating plan.

Once we finally got down to the ‘bare’ essentials he got out the small leather paddle and the sting was delicious!! Knowing that sometime Nick is ready to proceed to the next fun item of the agenda before I am I lazily told him “You got about a half an hour to stop that spanking.” With that he picked up the wickedly harsh bath brush and gave me two thunderous pops! OWWWW!!

“So you want another half hour of that?” he asked. Grrrrrrr….! But then he went back to our other toys and I got just the kind of attention I love so much. I swear he still has the tendency to want to stop if he thinks I’m going past pink to a good red bottom. Why would he let a little thing like that stop him? He gave me a good long session with the belt. It’s amazing how good that can feel!!

Things then proceeded on in a lovely and sexy way. Lots of toys, vibrators, lotions, each of us received our share of pampering. It really was a lot of fun and it had been a while. Of course he may not have been telling me the whole truth about the color of my butt. When I looked afterwards it was barely pink! You would think a big strong man like Nick could keep his wife’s seat red longer that that! Maybe he just needs more practice, ya think??


  1. PK, seems like it worked well for you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Sounds wonderful! Why can't that hot pink color (and a nice tingle) last longer? Meow

  3. I NEVER stay RED or PINK very long 10 minutes at the most,the soreness and sting stay the color doesn't. So disappointing! So it may not be your guy PK it just might be your BUTT!

  4. PK: What a great scene even if you were pink instead of red. Congrats to Nick. And maybe next time he'll think red. LOL.

  5. Wowzers! That was QUITE a phone call!

    Sounds amazing!


  6. PK, Delightful! Maybe red next time (soon).

    Hugs, Lash

  7. Paul,
    It did seem to work out just fine.

    I have asked Nick to use Ben Gay as and after care lotion. I know I would love the burn, but so far he hasn't.

    I think you are probably right. My butt just doesn't hold the color - or the sting. Guess that means Nick is just going to have to work harder! LOL!

    Florida Dom,
    As long as we keep practicing!

    I have had a few of these calls and they are always interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by. Yep I will keep my fingers crossed for red - and for soon.

  8. OH PK, good for Nick, loved his idea of calling you.


  9. Anonymous9:15 AM

    So glad you two got this overdue time in. I think it is so sexy about the phone call as well. You are a lucky (insatiable (!) ) wife! love KayLynn

  10. Rosie Dee9:31 PM

    I thought I was the only one who isn't red after a good time. By the time the loving is over I'm barely pink even if it felt quite harsh. Our lights are kept low (for ambiance, of course) so he doesn't know how red it gets. Does Ben Gay really keep the sting?