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Monday, August 17, 2009

Looks like it's that time again

I have avoided reality as long as I could. It seems that whether I want to acknowledge it or not school is starting back. Last year was a very, very hard year for me and I am determined that this year will be better.

I love teaching. Let me repeat that I LOVE TEACHING! I am not very fond of being part of ‘the educational system’ however. I am required to spend so much time ‘documenting’ what I am teaching and how I am teaching I sometimes feel teaching gets lost in the shuffle. New programs are forced on us continuously. They aren’t bad programs. It’s just that there are too many, too many ‘new programs’ that will ‘just take 5 minutes a day’ or ‘you’ll just need to fill this out and keep a record for each student’. When over the years we are given dozens of these great little programs, well you can see that the ‘5 minutes’ and the paper work add up.

Last year I let all this get to me. Not this year. I am doing everything I can to change my attitude. I was in tears many, many days from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of how I was supposed to do all these new programs. I’m a good teacher and I have to remember that the focus is on teaching the children they put in my classes. I will do the best I can with everything that they ask me to do but I am not going to stress like I did last year.

This year I have thought it through and I think I have my priorities straight.

1. Take care of the kid in my class. They are my number one priority! I will teach them, protect them, push them, joke with them, encourage them and care for them.

2. Listen with an open mind to all the new programs for this school year and do the very best I can with each one.

3. Remember that a stresses out, sad, resentful, angry, unhappy, discouraged, overwhelmed teacher will not do my students one bit of good. So while I will try my best with the non-teaching ‘stuff’ I will not let it upset me like last year. And finally…

4. Separate my job from my real life. I have to remember not to let worries from my job keep me from enjoying my life and family!!

So there you have it. That’s my plan for this year. If I start complaining you can direct me back to this post and I’ll get focused again. So here we go – it’s going to be a great year, it’s going to be a great year … and I am going to keep repeating this to myself until I believe it!! And BTW folks, I’ll take any prayers or good thoughts you have.


  1. Pk, yep our school bells are ringing shortly, also. Sounds like you have things worked out for a great year! Keep it up!

  2. PK, wish you well for the start of school.

    Maybe Nick can help keep you keep focused :)


  3. Good Luck sister....you'll do fine..and you can always cry on my shoulder!

  4. Anonymous9:19 AM

    It's all attitude/gratitude. I love your perspective. Just remember Mrs Crabapple's "Calm Deep Blue Ocean" and you should get along fine! I love teachers' dedication. I would be thrilled and proud to have you teach my kids! love, KayLynn

  5. You're starting with a good attitude! The kids will know that you care for and about them!! Meow

  6. PK, great attitude, don't let the bureaucratic crap get you down.
    These people think numbers figeres, never kids.
    Of course you have my support, always.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Little known fact: I was a teacher too! I appreciate that you started with keep focused on the kids. They are the real reason to be there. As you know, it can be overwhelming, so take time for yourself too. Best of luck for a great year.


  8. Jean,
    It may not be worked out but I am sure going to try.

    I really hope he will. I will need all the stress relief and focus he can give me.

    Love knowing you are there for me.

    Thanks Kaylynn I hope I have a few parents like you.

    The kids are always fun - but some days I wish I was alone with them in a one room school houses!

    Your support and others out here is surprisingly important to me at work. I always know I can come here and be myself and receive support.

    You do understand. I am close enough to retirement to no longer care about the politics of the school and I can really concentrate on the kids full time.

  9. It IS going to be a great year and you have all your priorities straight...I just know you are an amazing teacher and any child would be lucky to be in your class. :-) Hugs, terps