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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fantasy Friday - revisit, The Business Woman, part II

Here is the second part of The Business Women. It just keeps getting better! You can find part I here.

The Business Women
Part II

The trip home was quiet and uneventful. Small talk seemed to dominate the 45 minute drive. When they arrived home Lori’s mind was set. She knew there was no way out of being punished, and waiting made things harder. She had never had to wait long, but she thought maybe she should go ahead and ask for it now.

“Um.. Kent?” she said looking at her nails to avoid his gaze. “Would it be.. um.. all right if we … um… took care of things … now?”

“No, that will need to wait a while. I want you to go up and grab one of my t-shirts. Loose all your clothes and just put on my shirt. Nothing underneath please. I just love that look. And please let that beautiful hair down and take your make-up and jewelry off. I love you just the way you are without all the fancy stuff.”

“Ok” she smiled at his compliment. She loved that he told her she was beautiful. He even would say it first thing in the morning. It always made her warm inside.

After changing she could smell dinner starting. They were having lasagna that had been prepared and just needed put in the oven. Already it smelled heavenly. She realized she was hungry. She’d waited enough she decided. So, with some determination she said. “Ok, I’m ready for my punishment.”

Kent glanced up realizing she really was having a hard time waiting and smiled to himself. “Sorry honey, but I’m not. I think you need to learn what it feels like to be left waiting. Apparently, last weeks little lesson wasn’t objective enough. So, I figure, I had to wait, so you shall too. Just relax. If you’re good, and don’t ask again, I might even be kind and punish you tonight!”

“You Wou…” She stopped. Yes, he would. She knew better than to spout that off. More humbly she replied “Ok, I’ll not ask again. I love you and I trust you.”

Kent went up to her and gave her a big hug and deep kiss as he wrapped his arms around her and felt her body against his under her t-shirt. He lifted it ever so slightly to rub her butt and lower back. God he loved how soft and wonderful her skin felt. He felt her respond and took a deep breath, and one more kiss, and stepping back said. “We better check the lasagna.”
After dinner had been enjoyed, and they had cleaned up, Kent led her to the couch. Oh Good! She thought. No more waiting. I can’t stand it anymore. Kent however had other ideas. “Let’s relax, and watch some TV. Here come sit on my lap.”

Somewhat frustrated, she nevertheless complied. After all she loved relaxing on his lap and cuddling up with him to watch TV on their comfy couch. Kent took the opportunity to hug, kiss, and caress his beautiful wife. He whispered in her ear “You know you really were terrible today… You’re making me punish you and I just hate hurting you. It hurts me so much to have to. I love you and that beautiful body so much. I wish I could just give you a wonderful erotic spanking instead.” He emphasized this by carefully slipping a finger down to her most private parts.

Lori groaned in pleasure. She wanted him so much, but knew that until she took her punishment he was off limits. “Please, I’m so sorry. I won’t let it happen again. I won’t take our private time away. Honest. I’ll treat people nicely. I’ll even call if I find myself loosing it. Please honey…”
Kent sighed; he was aroused too and he knew she wanted some fun before her punishment. But he knew better. He’d tried that once, and they never got around to the spanking. “Ok, since you ask so nicely..” he paused. Her hopes rose for a second until “Go get the hairbrush and please, come to me and bring it to me. You know what you need to do.” As he said it he pushed her up and started her off his lap.

“Please…” she looked back piteously.

“Don’t wait, wait, don’t wait, wait. You still think you’re in control young lady? I do not work for you, and after hearing how you treat those who do, you’re lucky I don’t! Now go!” Lori didn’t wait a second. She knew better. She still wasn’t fast enough to avoid a swat as she ran up stairs. She grabbed the hairbrush and headed back down.

Taking a deep breath, she walked up to him, stood before him, and handed him the brush. He took it, stood up and looked down at his beautiful wife. “Ok, now” he said softly “please take off that shirt, and fold it up and put it over on the chair. I don’t think you’ll need it for a while”

Blushing, she did as she was told. She wanted to scream no, please no, but knew she must not talk until she was asked a question, or it would be worse. She shyly returned to him. It was so hard to stand before him naked, when he was fully clothed. She shivered a little.
“Now, young lady, do you know why you’re getting this punishment?”

“Yes Sir”

“Tell me.”

“Because I didn’t call you and made you wait outside after I promised not to, sir”

“Good. And how do you plan on avoiding this next time. You know each time it will get worse.”

“I’ll call you. I think maybe I’ll set my watch alarm so I don’t forget. I promise. It won’t happen again. Honest Sir.” She said almost in a whisper. It was so hard to look at him through this, but it was what he required. She almost thought this was worse than the spanking itself. She could feel the tears welling up inside her. She truly felt bad she had let him down. Let them down.

“Do you think you deserve being spanked with a hairbrush? You know, it won’t be easy”

“Yes Sir” she answered butterflies leaping in her stomach.

“Ok, come here then, lay over my lap. Put one hand behind my back please.” He calmly sat and guided her down onto his lap. He put one hand behind his back and snuggled her in close.

Restraining her legs with one of his, he gently took her other hand and put it in the small of her back. “Comfortable?” he asked as he rubbed the cool hairbrush over her ivory skin.

“Yes sir. I’m so very sorry I let you down.”

“I know sweetie. I hope you now know how it feels to wait. Next time, you’ll have to wait at least over night, and it won’t be just the hair brush. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Thinking of this just brought her tears closer. She didn’t want to spend a night knowing she was to be punished. Knowing that she had let him down. Feeling so disconnected. She was sure she wouldn’t let that happen again. And then all thought stopped as the hairbrush hit her right cheek hard. “OUCH” she yelled.

Kent didn’t wait for her response. He smacked the left cheek just as hard, and then began alternating fast and furious. He was feeling the frustration melting away, and feeling determined to ensure it didn’t happen again. He paused for a minute and listened to her crying. “Are you going to stand me up again?” he said with a hard smack to the left side.

“No SIR” she cried.

“Are you going to sacrifice our time together for your job? Is it more important to you than us? Are you going to treat me like someone you can just stand up and brush off at will?”

“No sir! I promise I won’t”

“Your promise only seems to work about 6 days. I think perhaps a little longer spanking may get it to last longer. Don’t you? Lets try.” With that he resumed, but this time slightly less intense but with 10 strikes on a cheek before changing over to the other one. He knew she couldn’t take this very long before she would let go and stop fighting.

Lori struggled. This was worse than anything. She hated when he spanked this way. She fought it as long as she could, but finally, sobbing uncontrollably, she just laid there and took it. Kent stopped almost immediately.

“You’re doing great honey. We’re almost through I promise.” He said as he rubbed her tender bottom gently. It was on fire and he knew she couldn’t take much more. “Five more on each side, then we’ll be done.” As he rubbed he tried to decide if he would make her count. “Nope” he thought, “she has had enough and she still has another spanking coming”. With that he resumed. Slowly and determinedly he alternated the last 10 these were the hardest yet as she knew they would be. He let her lay there sobbing for a minute or two, then gently pulled her into his arms. He felt her melt into his chest. Now this part he loved. He loved holding her, calming her, reassuring her, kissing away her tears. He always felt so reconnected to her. So close. She was the most precious thing on earth to him and he told her that as he reassured her he was proud of how well she had done with her punishment. How brave she had been, and how much he loved her and never wanted to have to punish her like this again.

Lori too loved this part. She felt closer to him than anything she had ever felt before. Her butt was on fire, but she didn’t care. She could have stayed there forever. He always said the sweetest things to her. She felt so loved and cherished in his arms. She would do this anytime for him. It hurt like hell, but the firestorm of love it released in her heart and sole was worth every second of the pain.

Kent wanted this moment to last forever, but reminded himself they weren’t done. “Honey” he said quietly. “You know I want to hold you forever. I wish I could just tuck you in to sleep, watch you sleep, and when you awaken make sweet love to you, but… we’re not quite done.”

“Oh please, Kent, I can’t take another right now. I need you.”

“Ok, honey, lets cuddle another few minutes at least. I am not ready yet either.”


I told you it got better! The last part will be up tomorrow. Please come back.


  1. PK, yes it gets better, and I have to wait until tomorrow.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I wish I coud write like this wow what a good story thanks for keepimg fantasy fridays alive i look forward to it every week

  3. Bless your heart Paul, you are so faithful. Carye really out did herself!

    Happy to see you here. I wish I could write like this too! We have some wonderful old stories that I know will be new to many but I am still hoping more people will give writing a try.

  4. Very good, can't wait till tomrorow