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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My girl

I have to say that my Sunday was a lot better than my Saturday. We got the car yesterday and left it over at my parent’s house overnight. Nick and I got up early and went to get it while Mollie was still sleeping. When we came out to go to church she saw it for the first time. After what happened yesterday I can say she was not expecting to get a car this morning! She was nearly speechless – for Mollie an extremely rare occurrence!! She knows it is not her car, but she can use it when we say she can. I just pray her fender bender makes her more careful and more aware of what can happen. Any of you who would like to join us in that prayer are certainly welcomed.

But there were more surprises in the day. Sunday was women’s Sunday at our church. On this day one woman from the church is chosen to be honored for her service to the church during the past year. This year they chose MOLLIE!! They have never honored a teenager before. I was so proud. Mollie on the other hand was in sheer terror when they called her name, she does not like to be the center of attention! I had only found out minutes before and I hadn’t given her any warning.

Now what, might you ask, does a 16 year old do in church to receive such an honor? There are three things Mollie does. First she began as an acolyte in the church 8 years ago. Nearly half the children that are scheduled to do this don’t show up so Mollie is the official stand in. She always checks to make sure someone is there and does it if they haven’t shown up. She also helps to train the younger ones. The second job she has taken on is being the constant in the nursery. She was asked to be the assistant teacher in the pre-school class several years ago. All the little one know here and feel comfortable as long as she is there. Her third task is one she began shortly after her first birthday. We would go by my parents Sunday school class and Mollie had to toddle in to hug her grandparents. Several others in the class would ask for hugs so Mollie began making the round of everyone in there. Although my parents have passed away Mollie still goes by the class each Sunday morning to give everyone a hug. Many of them have told me it is the only hug they get all week and they really look forward to it.

Back to church, as I said, Mollie had no warning. When they called her name she turned to me with a mixture of terror and fury that I hadn’t warned her. But she went to the front and accepted the pin with good grace. When she sat back down she turned to me and said “Why didn’t you warn me?! My feet were sweating and I was squelching in my shoes! Mom, that scared me so bad my boobs are itching!” Well I hadn’t heard that one before and I spent the rest of the serviced trying not to laugh out loud every time Mollie looked over and grinned at me. It was a good day and if I haven’t said it before – Mollie is a very special girl.


  1. I know how very proud you must be! Congratulations, PK, on raising such a wonderful, wonderful daughter!

  2. Anonymous12:25 AM

    PK, You nad your husband must be very proud and honored your daughter was chosen thsi year!! Blessings on all of u

  3. She is a special young lady. Congtatulations to you, Nick and Molly.


  4. You have a lot to be proud of and be thankful for..

  5. Outstanding! She totally deserves it! And, as we can all see, her folks are as proud of her as the rest of the church. Keep it up, Mollie (and Mollie's mom. :)

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    With parents like you and Nick she is bound to be a great kid. Of all the things we do - parenting is the most rewarding and of course one of the most important. Congratulations!
    I Gal

  7. PK and Nick, well done!!
    Mollie, keep it up, the world badly needs people like you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    That's my girl!!!! Tell her I'm soooo proud of her.

  9. Psssst! I tagged you - go read my blog and see!

  10. I knew your daughter was perfect! It's her mother I'm worried about.

    Proud mamma! Good for Mollie!