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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Note

I take great pleasure in telling everyone that IT’S FRIDAY!!! That means lots of good things not the least of which is a new Fantasy Friday story! I have several good stories lined up but please folks I need more!! I hope you enjoy the story today and I hope it will inspire you to write one of your own. Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com Now I want you to enjoy…

The Note

Kathy came home from work one Friday evening exhausted and cranky. She had been dealing with disgruntle clients all day and she really just wanted some peace and quiet. She was pleasantly surprised to walk into a house that was completely silent.

She found a note on the kitchen counter from her husband, Seth, that said he had taken the kids to his mother’s house for an overnight visit. A sense of calm washed over her as it had been a long time since they had the house completely to themselves. She walked upstairs to see another note on the door to their bathroom.

“Enjoy a nice relaxing warm bath,” Seth wrote.

She drew her bath and slipped out of her clothes and climbed into their huge garden tub to relax for awhile. She soaked for what felt like hours and by the time she got out her fingers and toes were wrinkly but she was completely relaxed. Her bath had washed away all the stresses of the day. When she came out of the bathroom there was a note lying on their bed that she had not noticed before.

“Go stand in the corner completely nude and wait for me,” Seth’s note commanded.

Kathy did as she was told and instantly was turned on. She wasn’t exactly sure what he had planned but she was excited to find out. She heard footsteps come down the hall, she had not even heard Seth come home. Her mind started racing with the possibilities of what was to come. Soon she felt his strong warm hands on her hips as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

“So have you been a good girl today,” Seth teased as his hands roamed her body.

“Of course,” Kathy teasingly replied, “why would you think otherwise?”

“Well you know how we deal with good girls around here” Seth said as he took her arm and lead her to the bed.

He bent her over the bed and ordered her to spread her legs apart. He grabbed some lube from the nightstand drawer and applied some directly to her anal hole. Seth rubbed gently until he thought she was ready then inserted her favorite butt plug.

Kathy moaned in response as he got the plug all the way in. Then he quickly flipped her over on her back and was on his knees before her watching her squirm with pleasure as his tongue gently touched her clit. Then gentle licking became more forceful till in no time flat she had reached her first orgasm.

Seth helped her scoot back on the bed some as he climbed on top of her sitting on chest and inserted his dick into her waiting mouth. Nothing made Kathy more sexually excited than having Seth take control of things in the bedroom. Seth pumped himself into her mouth for awhile but stopped before reaching his climax. He climbed off of Kathy and ordered her to get up and bend back over the bed. Kathy willing complied and waited to see what was next.

“Wham!” Kathy nearly jumped off the bed has the paddle landed across her bottom. It was a pleasant surprise as it had been awhile since she had received a spanking. Blow after blow landed on her butt as it was fast becoming red.

Soon he switched to her favorite thing in the world, the belt. She loved the sting of the belt. She loved the after glow it left behind. She heard the swish behind her and moaned as it landed on her backside. The harder Seth hit the louder she moaned. After awhile he placed the belt beside her and took out the plug and replaced it with his very hard penis. Kathy let out a tiny yelp as he pushed all the way inside her but was soon floating happily in la-la land. He reached around and was playing with her dripping wet pussy as he thrust into her. He continued pumping in and out of her until he filled her with his cum. He pulled out and cleaned himself off and continued playing with Kathy until she had her final orgasm.

She collapsed on the bed and Seth climbed on beside her and held her closely. He kissed her forehead and looked down to see her sleeping peacefully; he smiled and just let her sleep. “We have plenty of time for an encore,” he whispered.


I will be bringing the voting back for some of our stories. When I think you know the work of the author pretty well. After this second great contribution this author will be one you are becoming familiar with. Yaya is the writer again this week. Many of you enjoyed her first contribution, His Truck. I am so happy that she is still writing and still willing to share. Yaya, thanks! You did a great job. Please keep writing.


  1. PK, somewhat more sexy than usual, but a great story.
    Thank you Yaya, I really enjoyed that.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. thank-you Yaya! :-) Terps

  3. Yaya! I am glad to see you writing again. Thank you sweetie. This was a good story. I will have to work on writing one myself one of these days.


  4. I really enjoyed this story! It's inspired me to think about writing erotica again.