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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jay-Merlina & the Professor-that-defeated-Voldemort.

Today is the second story from Jflame continuing Jay-Merlina's adventures. Again I hope you will leave a comment to let J know that you are reading. So head back to Hogwarts and enjoy.

Jay- Merlina & the Professor-that-defeated-Voldemort
It was quiet down there in the chamber that was how Jay liked it.

Just Salazar, Cleo and herself. No twittering students, no nosy professors and no Sev. There was only one problem. Professor Potter.

The murderer of Cleo's mum! He knew about the chamber and he kept coming down here. Thankfully he didn’t know about Salazar's rooms.

That was where Jay and Cleo were now. §§"Let me kill him."§§ Cleo hissed angrily. Jay gave a dry laugh. §§"If you did that then we would never get any peace. You would be hunted and killed and thiss place would be crawling with people. No. We sstay hidden and when he leavess i will make ssure he can't come back!"§§ Jay replied in perfect parseltongue.

At that moment Salazar floated thru the door. §§"We have a problem granddaughter. Potter knowss that you are here. He iss calling for you."§§ Jay scowled and walked to the door. §§"Cleo,
sstay here. I will ssee what he wantss."§§ Out in the main hall of the chamber Harry Potter paced nervously.

He had nearly lost his wife, Ginny, to a 50 ft basilisk in this place. He did not want to meet it's descendants. §§"Here ssnaky, ssnaky, ssnaky."§§ He called tentatively. Walking up behind him, Jay, shook her head. 'What a berk!' She thought. "Professor?" Jumping slightly, Potter turned and saw Jay looking at him.

"Jay, you skipped my class. Why?" He asked curiously. "I already know the Patronus charm Professor. I came down here to practice some new spells." She explained defensively. Potter frowned.

"When i was a student one of my best friends knew every spell too. She still went to cla..." He stopped as Jay morphed into a bushy haired Hermione Granger. "Very clever!," he huffed, "fine, show me the Patronus Charm." Changing back Jay grinned wickedly. Aiming her wand at Potters chest she spoke the incantation. "Expecto Patronum!"

A huge basilisk patroni slithered from her wand and she smirked as her professor instinctively shut his eyes. "Prof?" He kept his eyes shut when he answered. "Jay, you can get rid of it now!"

§§"Let me ripyou! Kill the sstudentss! Sso hungry."§§ Cleo was creeping up behind him.

"Jay Snape! That is not funny! Stop it!" Potter bellowed. "Prof keep your eyes closed until I tell you!" Jay said sternly as she glared at Cleo.

§§"I told you to sstay there Cleo!"§§ The young basilisk gave an angry hiss but listened to Jay. "Prof, look at me but don’t turn around!" There was a worried tone in her voice that compelled
Potter to do what she said.

As soon as he opened his eyes Jay wished a protective film over them. "It's okay now Prof. Just promise me that you won’t hurt her. Blinking a couple of times he looked down at her sternly. "What did you do to me and who is Cleo?"

"It's like a shield which will let you look at any basilisk without dying." Jay explained. Potter paled. "Are you telling me that there’s another basilisk down here?" He asked nervously. "She can't hurt you now." Regaining his composure quickly he folded his arms and glared at her.

Where is it?" Jay grinned and answered in Parseltongue panto. §§"Sshe'ss behind you!"§§ Potter nearly grinned, but then he remembered what he was about to see. Turning slowly he gasped. Cleo was at least 20ft long and she did not look happy. A change from hermother, Cleo was jet black with thick silver stripes. §§"You are beautiful!"§§ Potter exclaimed. §§"You killed my mother."§§ Cleo stated. Potter nodded.

§§"I am truly ssorry, Riddle gave me no choice."§§ He was sincere and his body language displayed that. Cleo nodded. §§"I will not attack you. I do not trusst you!"§§

Hissing angrily she slithered away. Turning back to Jay he gave her a soft smile. "That’s some friend you've got there. You're not gonna set her on anyone, right?"

Jay scoffed in response. Then paled as a scary thought hit her with more force than a bludger.
"You can't tell anyone, please, they'll kill her!" She begged. Potter looked at her in shock. "Are you telling me that no one knows there's a basilisk in the school?" He screeched. "What’s the quickest way out of here?" Came the dejected reply. "Hold on to my arm and don’t let go."

Potter grabbed her arm. This girl was powerful. Witch magic, N.E.W.T standard, a metamorph and parsletongue. Even Dumbledore couldn’t do the last two. "Where do you want to go?" Jay asked. Looking down at her sternly he answered. "Dumbledore's office!" Whistling softly Jay wished the both directly there. As always Jay landed gracefully, Potter, however; experienced numbness and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Dumbledore sat at his desk not even phased by the appearance of his granddaughter and the-boy-who-had-drunk-a-keg-of-fire-whisky! "Jay-Merlina! Where the hell have you been?" Before she could turn round a hand connected with her bottom and she knew who it was. "Ooww! Dad!"

"She was in the chamber of secrets." Potter gasped. "Prick! Ooww!" Sev gave her two hard smacks in succession. Dumbledore fixed Jay with a stern look.

"Why?" Jay shuffled nervously. She hated it when his eyes didn’t twinkle, it meant trouble. "Because i wanted to be alone." She said quietly. "Albus," Potter said quietly "there’s a basilisk down there."

Sev turned white. "She won’t hurt anyone!" Jay blurted out. Sev's eyes snapped towards his daughter. "SHE! EXPLAIN!!" He shouted. Dumbledore watched as she shrank away from Sev.

Getting to his feet he walked over to her and guided her to the settee. Sitting down next to her he began to speak in calm tones. "Child, please tell me about it." He said encouragingly. Jay looked at him sadly. "You swear you wont hurt her?"

She whispered. Dumbledore put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. "I promise we wont do anything until we know all the facts and have explored all the options." He answered solemnly.

"When Remy brought me here after mum & dad died, I started exploring the castle. I met Salazar and he told me about the chamber. So he took me down there and told me that i was welcome any time.

After he showed me his rooms and id been there a few times he told me he needed my help.
That’s when he told me about her. He explained to me what she was and i cast a shield over my eyes. When she came I wasn’t killed. She didn’t have a name, she hatched after her mum died.

I named her Cleo. She’s my friend and she promised that she wouldn’t come up into the castle. She won’t hurt anyone!" Jay was nearly out of breath once she'd finished her tale.

Dumbledore, Harry and Sev sat in shocked silence. Sev broke the silence first. "Salazar wouldn’t put anyone at risk. I've met him too." He said strongly. Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, I agree, but until I see the basi...Cleo for myself I don't want you going down there Jay." Jay looked up quickly. "But..."

He frowned at her. "No buts. This is not a request. You will not go down there until I believe that it is safe for you. Do I make myself clear!?" Jay had no choice.

Nodding she stood up. "Can I go now?" She asked. "You can go to my office young lady." Sev said sternly. "We are going to have a long chat about skipping lessons! Move!" Jay knew what that meant. Bare bottom, over his lap with spanks punctuating the lecture. Bugger.

The end

© JFlame


  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Thanks for another great chapter


  2. PK, Thanks, isn't it good!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. I have read the Potter books and I like them. J you must be quite talented to be ablt to spin this tale.


  4. I love the way J uses symbols and extra S's to write in parseltongue.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. PK, it's a shame that J can't comment here, she is so delighted with all the nice comments and she is very impressed with the layout.
    As J's voice I can only say a big thank you, to the commenter's, the readers and last but in no way least my friend PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. I agree with Hermione about the symbols. I liked the dialogue too. Nice job!

  7. Interesting stories! Keep up the great work....