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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fantasy Friday -Special Delivery, part two

And once again we are back to Friday! Today is a special day we get part two of the great story we started early this month. Go back here to read the first part and to read a bit about the wonderful author. Please enjoy your story and your weekend!

Chapter 2

Ray caught a cab back to his office and hurried home, hoping for the best. His sisters were not above taking advantage of his absence. To his great surprise the house was dark and quiet, the kitchen clean and tidy. The only thing worse than chaos was excess neatness, it meant one or both of them was in trouble and trying to soften him up by being extra good.

What a day, he paused in the kitchen, wishing he could relax with a quiet beer. No, better to find out what they were up to, and then really relax. He walked upstairs, hoping to find them in bed, asleep. Both of their doors were closed, lights off, so far so good.

Ray knew it was too good to be true. On his pillow rested a letter from school. So much for a quiet evening. It seems Miss Donna was suspended for three days for smoking on school property. Apparently this was not the first offense. His signature was accepted on the last letter, this time he had to talk to the principal in person. No problem there, Ray never saw the first letter and would be happy to discuss it with Donna and the principal.

Ray knocked on Donna’s door, and then went in. She lay still, appearing sound asleep, but Ray was wise to her tricks.

“Stop pretending, Donna. I know you aren’t asleep. We need to talk about this now.”

Donna rolled over just as he turned on the light. Her tousled hair and sleepy face made her look much younger than almost eighteen.

“Tell me your side of this, but, don’t lie to me or it will just be worse.”

Ray sat on the side of her bed and waited.

“I was with some friends during study hall and we went outside to get something out of Becky’s car. Some of them were smoking and we didn’t see the principal coming. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Donna peeked up at her brother through a veil of lashes trying to gauge his reaction to her story so far.

“What about the other letter, the one I signed and returned to school the last time you were in trouble?”

Donna groaned, if he knew about that there was no hope, she was dead.

“Were you smoking?”

“I was just, well, you see, um, well.” Donna was desperate to find an answer that didn’t involve actual lies.

“Oh, I see. I see a little girl who is in very big trouble, and is making it all worse. You are suspended from school for three days, you do NOT want to lie to me on top of that.”

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Ray, it won’t ever happen again, I promise.”

“You got away with this once and didn’t learn anything. I intend to see to it that you don’t forget this time. Go get the paddle.”

“Ray, you can’t paddle me, I’m eighteen, and I’m much too big for you to spank.”

“One, two, three,”

She was off of the bed and racing to do as he had asked before he stopped counting. It had been awhile since he had punished either of them, but not so long that she didn’t remember that this was a bad time to make him angry. She raced to the kitchen and was already in tears by the time she returned. Without a word, Ray motioned her over the end of the bed, lifted her t-shirt and started walloping. Her thin panties offered no protection against the rapid fall of the paddle, in just a few strokes she was sobbing and promising to be good. By the time he was finished she hung limply over the footboard. He pulled her up, gave her a hug and tucked her into bed, with a promise that the discussion would continue in the morning.

Ray fell into bed wondering where in the world he would find the energy to run a business, supervise his sisters, and start a relationship.

Breakfast at the Bishop house was unusually quiet. Donna came down in her favorite jeans, while Debbie was dressed in her school uniform. Ray watched them both, as they tried to judge his mood. No one but Ray could tell them apart, outwardly identical twins, inside they were as different as night and day. Donna outgoing, popular and always in trouble. Debbie quiet, studious, usually lost in a book.

“I spoke to the principal this morning. It seems there have been several notices sent home for my signature that I never saw. I want to make it clear that this will not happen again. I gave instructions that I am to be called if there is a problem. Debbie, you go on to school, and try to learn from your sister’s mistakes.”

Debbie quietly gathered her books and left for the bus stop, glad it wasn’t her that made Ray so sad.

Donna sat in her chair waiting for the lecture she knew was coming. If she could just get through this part she would have the house all to herself for three whole days.

“Donna, I am so disappointed in your behavior. You know how I feel about smoking, and there is nothing I hate more than lying. You have broken every rule we have this time, and the principal tells me that you have been in trouble at school. In fact, he was concerned because he had sent a request for a conference, but I was too busy to go.”

Ray watched Donna sinking into her seat, she was obviously hoping he wouldn’t find out about the rest.

“I think that this is a bigger problem than just smoking. You have been lying to your teachers, signing my name to school letters, turning in late assignments and running around with a wild crowd.”

Ray paused to take a drink of coffee, sighed, then continued.

“While you are suspended your sister will be bringing your schoolwork home so you don’t fall behind. Also, there will be some extra credit work in the classes you have been falling behind in. Since I cannot trust you to do what you are supposed to you will be going to work with me while you are suspended. To help you remember just how much trouble you are in we will start each morning off with the paddle.”

Ray was surprised at her reaction, without a word she nodded and went up to her room. He knew if she was giving in this easily there must be more that he didn’t know, yet.
Ray went upstairs, determined to make her understand.

Donna was draped over the foot of her bed, paddle next to her, the very picture of a contrite little girl awaiting punishment.

“Donna, take your jeans down.”

“No, you can’t spank me on the bare bottom. That’s illegal, it’s disgusting, it’s...”

“Donna, you do it, or I will.”

Hands shaking Donna slowly unzipped her jeans and let them fall to her knees. Instead of panties, she was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.

“Just where were you planning to go today?”

“Nowhere, I just wanted to sit outside, work on my tan, you know.”

The answer was quick but she couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Ray leaned her over the foot of the bed and started paddling. When he was sure he had her full attention he asked,

“Where were you planning to go today, Donna?”

“Nowhere, honest, Ray.”

“I’m going to keep spanking until you decide to tell the truth, young lady.”

Even the thickness of her bikini couldn’t protect her from the burning of the paddle as Ray spanked long and hard, when the paddle connected with the uncovered skin at the top of her thighs, she broke down and told him the truth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie, I was just scared. We were going to go to Becky’s house, they have a pool and she’s suspended, too. Please stop, I can’t take anymore.”

"Why do you lie to me when you know it only makes things worse."

Ray gathered Donna's suit in the middle, exposing both bright red cheeks, and laid the paddle on fast and furious. Covering every inch of skin, almost to her knees, she was blubbering like a baby when he finally threw the paddle onto the bed and let her up.

"Lose the bathing suit, you won't be needing it. I'm leaving in 5 minutes, be ready."

Two hours later, a still pouting sister in the front seat, Ray finally got to the stop he had been waiting for. Jane looked up and smiled when he walked in.

"Good morning, beautiful. Got any packages for me?"

Ray sauntered around the desk and gathered her into his arms for a thorough kiss, leaving her breathless.

"I didn't think you'd come back, I mean, well after yesterday…" Jane tried to cover how flustered she felt at his touch.

"Darling, you are going to have to work real hard to get rid of me. You are the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time, and I can't wait to get you alone for some more of that fine loving we had last night."

Jane blushed at his frank approach.

"Does that mean we're having dinner tonight as planned?"

"Well, yes and no. Yes we are having dinner tonight. No, not exactly what I had planned. I've run into a little domestic problem with one of my sisters and I can't leave them alone again tonight. How would you feel about having dinner with us and then I'll drive you home to make sure you get in safe?"

"If you're having a problem at home maybe this isn't the best time for me to intrude. I was looking forward to seeing you, but, we could postpone it until you work out your problem."

Ray could see Jane was as disappointed as he was over the loss of their romantic evening.

"If we wait until I don't have a problem at home we'll die of old age. I'll pick you up after work, say about 6:00, don't change your clothes, I'll be spending the rest of my day thinking about sliding my hand under that skirt."

Ray kissed her before she could answer, grabbed the packages on the counter and ran out. She couldn't help but wonder if he pulled out so fast because he didn't want her to have a chance to say no.

By closing time Jane was a bundle of nerves. This was her first real date in a very long time. Even though they had slept together, and she still wasn't quite sure how that had happened, she didn't know Ray well enough to be comfortable meeting his family.

Ray walked through the door promptly at 6PM, still in uniform and looking tired.

"I dropped my sister off at home so they could get dinner started. Besides, I wanted a chance to explain before you meet them."

Jane couldn't help being impressed with the story of Ray raising his twin sisters after their parent's death. Although only nineteen at the time, he never considered the twins a burden, or at least not often. Hearing him tell of his struggle to raise them while supporting the family and growing up himself showed her a side of him she didn't expect. It also gave them something in common, although she was much older when her father died.

The ranch-style house sat back from the street and was obviously well tended. Flowers bloomed in beds along the walk and around the door in a riot of colors.

"This is lovely, I have always wanted a flower garden, but we lived in town."

"I'm glad you like it. Tending the flowers is relaxing and it helps keep my mother's spirit about the place. I don't have her green thumb, but I do okay with the easy ones."

They entered through a neat foyer and Ray headed back to the kitchen. When Jane lagged behind he grabbed her hand and hauled her along. The kitchen was large and sunny with an old, farm-style table at its center. Two girls spun around. He had said twins, but that didn't prepare her for the how lovely they were. Both petite, with long dark hair and the same dark blue eyes framed with long, dark lashes. They were definitely Ray's sisters, although the mouth they all shared was less pouting and more plain stubborn on his chiseled face. Ray introduced Jane to the girls, poured her a glass of wine and left for a quick shower.

The minute Ray left the room there was a subtle shift in the atmosphere. Debbie went about her dinner preparations quietly, but, Donna turned to Jane with a speculative look.

"So, how long have you been sleeping with my brother?" She demanded in a snotty tone.

Jane was so shocked by the rudeness, she didn't offer an answer, much less the truth. Trying to ride out what was surely a case of overprotective, little sister worries she ignored the question and asked several of her own about their school and hobbies. Each time getting an answer from Debbie, and a deepening frown from Donna. Jane began to realize that they were identical in looks, but their natures were as different as night and day. She doubted she would ever have any difficulty telling them apart, at least not in person.

"Why don't you just skip that whole getting to know us routine? We know you're just after our brother's money and you might fool him with that innocent look but you don't fool me. In fact, oomf!"

Donna's tirade was interrupted by a large hand hauling her out of the kitchen by the back of her pants.

"Go upstairs and wait for me. Do not make me ask you twice."

"Jane, I apologize for my sister's poor manners, in a few minutes she will, too. Please excuse us while we work this out."

Jane glanced at Debbie for some clue as to why Donna seemed so determined to dislike her. Before she could figure the best way to ask a familiar noise drifted into the kitchen. The sound of a paddle, followed closely by wailing and promises to be good.

Ray sat down to dinner as if nothing had happened, saying only that Donna would be down later. Jane tried to make light conversation but the tension made it difficult. She had no experience with family dynamics. Ray could sense her discomfort and suggested they go back to her place for a nightcap. He didn't want to scare her off with too much family interaction. Donna came down just as they were leaving, the very model of a subdued and contrite girl, apologized prettily, then stuck her tongue out at Jane behind Ray's back.

"You're awful quiet. Is this the part where you tell me we can be friends, but you don't feel 'that way' about me?"

"Oh, but I do!" Jane blushed, and stammered, "I mean, well, I just…"

Ray laughed. "Well the feeling is definitely mutual. In fact, I have been thinking about getting you in 'that way' all day."


I am loving this story and we still have more to come. So keep checking back for the rest. I am afraid Anon is carrying us folks. Other than the rest of her wonderful story the Fantasy Friday I have no more stories. Well I have one in my head but until I get it written it doesn't count! I realize FF won't go on forever but I will post a story any time I have one. If anyone is willing to write one I would love to share it with everyone. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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