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Monday, April 09, 2007

PK's Been Hijacked

Hey Everyone!!! Shhhh..... It's me..... Eva.........

<--------- Don't miss PK's Party Music!!

I had to wear a disquise cuz I don't want PK to know that I've hijacked her blog....

If she finds out I was here, I'll get the PK look.....

Did you hear? She's gone for a few days and you KNOW what that means!!!

So where is everyone!! Let's get this party started!!!!

This is the world premiere of the video found behind Elis and Nick's TV!


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Come on everyone!! Where's the cheesecake? The cheetohs?? The panties on the camera?? Ceeci? Movies? Grace? You gonna play this time? Can't wait to see you all!!

  2. So what do you think of the decorations?! Don't worry, I took plenty of pictures before I started moving the furniture. I can have it back to normal in a snap!

    Does anyone have a chocolate Easter Bunny they're not going to eat? I'd be happy to help out!

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Ceeci!! I LOVE the decorations!!! Awesome job!!! I'll go find you some chocolate somewhere!!


  4. Oh my gravy! I had no idea, I swear I had no idea. You guys think Nick is vanilla. Well he is merely chocolate in vanilla clothing.

    Now get get out of here and behave. I have to work all week. I won't be in the mood to clean. Now get and behave. Or I will sic big ole Will on ya. Now go!

    Huggs now

  5. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Theresa~ No worries, my friend. Ceeci is gonna handle the clean up this time!! Come on in, the water's fine!!

  6. Okay, comin' out of my "shell" to party. I've got the blender, plenty of tequila, limeade, and sangria for swirlin'! Ooh, and I made up a batch of my infamous corn dip... someone bring Fritoes. The big scoopy ones. Oh, and I can see I should whip up a batch of carmel brownies, too. Be there shortly! xox

  7. Oh mercy oh mercy I sense trouble. Tequila I do smell...yippee.

    You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up, you put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning. You such a silly woman...

    Oh no!

    I'm off to work you guys BEHAVE!
    Theresa the only sensible one in the bunch!

  8. Anonymous9:24 PM

    You are singing that song and call yourself sensible!! Whatever!!!! ROFL

  9. Woo Hoo!

    We have WAY too many Chocolate Easter eggs and kisses!! I'm headed there now with them!!! :-)
    Love the decorations Ceeci! I'll pick up the frito scoops on the way! YUM!!!!


  10. WHEW! I almost missed the PARTY!

    I had a hard time finding my toga, I think it got moved when SOMEONE was in my closet.

    So, I've brought the cheetos and the cheesecake. I just LOVE orange fingers!

  11. Don't anyone tell Tom I came by for a while! He thinks I am packing. But I just cannot resist cheesecake! Grace I didn't realize it was a toga party. Where would PK keep her sheets??

    CeeCi the decorations are lovely. But isn't Nick supposed to be around here somewhere? I am dying to meet him!!


  12. Um, so ok, where did everyone go?

    Boy, look at this place, I wonder who knocked over the potato chips, they're all over the coffee table. Eww, that dip looks like its seen better days. I think I'll throw it out.

    Nice kitchen. There's the trash bin, looks like it'll need to be emptied soon. I'm kinda hungry.

    CHEESECAKE! There should be some in the fridge!

    Yum, looky there! It's only half gone. *finds a fork*

  13. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Good to see you all here! I have to head back to work today but I'll be around tonight!! Keep the party going!!

  14. Snow can I have you corn dip recipe?

    Geez Louise what a mess....

  15. It's OK it's only me, did I hear Cheesecake! I could have sworn I heard CeeCi and Theresa "singing, now where are they all, pesky women.

  16. Uh, what did you all do with Nick?

    He seems to have disappeared!

    I hope ya'll didn't like him in the basement like you did with my cat.

    Now, Ceeci? Did you bring any good movies?

  17. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Hi all. CeeCi, fabulous decorating! Eva, did you tie Nick up? Where is he anyway?

    I've brought more Cheetos! AND....jelly beans! I had to get them out of my house.

    Debbie :)

  18. Oh wow! I have your site on my blogroll list, but I don't remember seeing it for some reason. I would've remembered, because your layout is SOOOOO very cool!

    And I love the pictures, especially the last one!

  19. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Hey everyone!! Nick? did someone mention nick? Well you see, it's like this... he is NOT locked in the basement. He is not anywhere in the house. If the truth were known, he's such a good guy that he decided to go with PK and Mollie on their trip. So party on..... no one's here but us mousies... dang that Ceeci did some awesome decorating!!

    I'm getting hungry. Is there anything here besides cheetohs and cheesecake? How about some pizza? Yeah, that's it. I'm ordering pizza!!

    Btw, did anyone feed the animals?? Someone needs to do that. Where's PK keep the pet food anyhow?

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

  20. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I'd like pepperoni and mushrooms on the pizza, pleeeeeze! After all this partying, I'm going on a diet!!!

    Debbie :)

  21. Hey everyone Mthc, the yellow monster and me are here! Who wants to be the first in line for the yellow monster? Grace how about you!!!

  22. Anonymous6:41 PM


    Yes yes yes... Grace should be first since she missed all the fun at the last party!!

  23. YIKES!

    I am NOT first in line for that! I'll just watch Eva take a turn first. She IS the evil one that planned the whole darn thing. She should really have the first WHACK at it...LOL (I just crack myself up sometimes...get it? Whack? LOLLOL)

    Does this toga make me look fat?

  24. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Grace, Grace, Grace~ Of course the Toga does NOT make you look fat but it sure makes your bottom easier for David to get to. Now bend over and take it like a spanko. Sheesh. It's not that bad!! Honest.

    **fingers crossed behind my back**

  25. Grace you look like God's gift to man! Now Eva hold her down while I take a practice swing

  26. Yes, but didn't you see the 4 pair of panties I wore underneath?

    I wasn't trustin' ANYONE around here...LOL

    Besides, I could use a little junk in the trunk..LOL

  27. *runs and hides in the basement*

    I heard there was a bed in here, maybe I'll just take a little nap!

  28. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I got her David. I'll just sit here on her back. I've got her hands but you might want to get someone to sit on her feet, too.

  29. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Hey Debbie!! If you drink diet pepsi with the pizza they will cancel each other out so there's no need for a diet! See? Problem solved!!

  30. Crack, Crack, Crack Eva what do we do now Grace has broken the bed and she lost her toga running back up the stairs

  31. OUCH!

    That's enough you two! Give others a chance to play.

  32. *hides in the closet*

    Surely PK has a robe in here I can borrow!

  33. Sheez, I know PK doesn't like to clean but this is ridiculous.

    Good lord, there are things in here from the 70's. Somebody needs to tell Nick that the leisure suit is NOT in style anymore.

    Oh my, and look at these elevator shoes of PK's. Good grief, do you think she still wears these things??

  34. Grace now you see why I had Bossman mail it back to me when I left it at your house. Mthc just loves that thing

  35. I should have had Bossman burn that thing David! YIKES!

  36. hey Grace whats in that box on the shelf? Eva you have to see this! PK must have over 50 butt plugs in here

  37. OMG!

    I didn't know she had so many!

    What in the world? Check out the handcuff and leather thong...whooo!

    This is a side of PK I haven't seen before!

  38. I think everyone is hiding David. You better hide the big yellow monster..I mean paddle, I think it's scaring people away!

  39. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Alright you two!!! That thing is wicked, huh Grace?

    Fifty butt plugs? Why that little liar. She told me she only has a few. Maybe she uses them once then retires them? I've never owned one so I don't know.

    Pssst... Grace.. over here. Did you know she had all this leather? And OMG the little elephant thong must be Nicks. We better put it all back where we found it and get out of here.

    And about that leisure suit and all that other seventies stuff. Shhhh... PK didn't want anyone to know but I can tell you Grace cuz I know you won't tell anyone. Those are their "play clothes" **wink wink** if you know what I mean.

    So David, who's next for the yellow monster??

  40. Sniff... sniff... sniff, sniff... do I detect the faint smell of CHEESECAKE??????

    Oooh, and a paddle a la mode...

    My turn, my turn, me, me, ME, darn it... but please don't forget the warm up... it's been far too long...

    Ooooh, and I want a turn in Paul's line, too... maybe I should start there...

    Hmmm... decisions, decisions...

    Paul first, then David?

    Or David, then Paul?

    Paul first... for the warmup sake... besides, I KNOW how hard David wants to make me yell... and THAT might tip off the neighbors or Nick, lol.

    By the way, where IS Nick? has anyone seen him?

    Does he have a line forming, too?

  41. Anonymous8:22 PM


    I knew you'd come!!! I agree... Paul first, then David. And Nick? He left with PK. No one's here but us'ns!!!

    Just stay out of the closet this time. Grace discovered that it's pretty dangerous in there!!

  42. You guys hungry? I'll whip something up, then we gotta get cleaning! Coming home to a clean house is really going to throw PK for loop!

    Now lets talk real food..pasta pizza and pie!

    still the sensible one...Will's watching me)

  43. Eva! Long time no see... you sure you don't want to wander through PK's closets with me... it's fun... just ask Mthc! *grins and winks*

    Aw, no Nick, huh? I thought he was staying home... darn, now I'm disappointed, but only for a second. ANother mouthful of cheesecake and I'm good to go another round with that yellow monster...

    Hey Paul, did you bring your own tawse or do I have to run home and get mine? Oh, wait, PK has one, too... I still don't know if hers has two tails or three... guess we will have to go see...

    Who's with me?

  44. Hey everyone, look what I found! This foot locker is really there toy box and I've never seen so much stuff before. OMG his and her leather outfits with the cheeks cut out

  45. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Theresa~ There's no need to clean YET. PK isn't coming home today!!! We still have time to party.

    Tiggr~ Paul brought his own tawse and his crop. The crops NICE!! Try it out!

    David~ Get out of there and focus!!! You've got them lined up out the door for the yellow monster. You don't have time to be playing in PK's foot locker!!

  46. Look what Ceeci has found behind the tv. A stack of movies and they look home made! Eva come quick you won't believe this

  47. Wow. Just look at this place...

    Someone's due for a session with paddle. What's that? Oh, never mind. It already happened.

    Does anyone know how to get crushed Cheetos out of a carpet?

    Oh well, put on some music and let's dance...

  48. I made little baby cheesecakes! What would like on top?


  49. Good grief that was a long night! I have such a headache!

    Funny, I don't remember drinking. Can you get hangovers from cheetos and cheesecake?

  50. Too much of anything can give you headache, Grace! Unless of course it's a spanking and then you have another kind of ache.

    Did you get a gander at the vids I found? OMG! They're hot, hotter, on fire...who knew Nick and PK are such hams!

  51. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Ceeci~ Where in the world did you find those? And when do you think they were made? And if Nick and PK are in them, then WHO do you think filmed them?

    Theresa~ the best thing to top a cheesecake with would be blueberry pie filling!! Yum!!

    Bonnie~ I'll bring the pup over to clean up the cheetos. He loves them. He won't leave a crumb behind, I promise.

  52. Eva look at this! You won't believe it!

    Ceeci it's on the label look at the name!

    It says on the movies a filmed production by "cassie"

  53. Oh Bonnie I don't think you have met Mr. yellow monster yet... Come here!

  54. They were behind the TV. When Grace threw that crop to me to keep it out of David's hands it went behind the TV. Yeah, Grace throws like a girl and um, I catch like one.

    Anyway, I had to chase away a spider to get to to them. Once I dusted off the cobwebs and cat hair, David, Grace and I popped one into the VCR and OMG!

    David recognized Cassie's voice telling them they were gonna be stars. Wowza, if these get out they'd sell like hotcakes.

    Who knew? Cassie's Chastised Productions See? Says so right on the label!

  55. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Cassie's a film maker? Well... I'll be a son of a gun. Who knew? Do you think Tom knows about this? Or is he in it with her?

  56. Anonymous9:19 PM

    OMG!!! The movie's a riot!! ROFL

  57. PK said she was quiet when she gets paddled! Not according to this footage.

    Hmmm, is Tom a part of the production company? Can you say little red sports cars? With stars like Nick and PK in their stable, I'll bet there's a new car every quarter. Maybe that's why Tom and Cassie take so many trips...scouting for new stars.

    Where did David go? I heard him talking to the yellow monster telling it it has star written all over it. Do you want to tell him that was just Tigg's handiwork with the sharpie marker? He kept singing "Little Red Corvette."

  58. ROFLMAO... oh, Gawd, I just hope we can get this place back in shape... I don't know, Eva... now the carpet's all orangish and sticky... your pup didn't do a very good job... must have been distracted by all the strippedy felines running around here!

    What time are the movie stars coming home?

    And where's Cassie... I want ehr autograph. Oh, yeah, she's out with the girls... I'm gonna go wait for her outside ehr house... FAR away from Tom, lol

    Hey Theresa, can I have one of those blueberry-topped cheesecakes to go?

    Hey Davd, lemme borrow that yellow monster for a sec...

    CeeCi? Bonnie? Eva? Theresa? Grace? Come here a sec... I've got something to show you in the closet *evil grins and winks*

  59. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Tiggs~ What in the world have you found now?

  60. Eva I wouldn't go in that closet with Tiggr she has the yellow monster and tons of cheese cake in there

    Your cheeks may never be the same again just ask Mthc

  61. No thanks Tig, I've already been in the closet and it's like a time warp in there. 70's clothes like you wouldn't believe.

    That movie is tooooo funny!

    Pk is not gonna be happy we found that!

    Imagine throwing like a girl. I AM a girl!

  62. Anonymous4:08 PM

    David~ You're right. I'm staying out of the closet. No time warping for me but I would LOVE some of that cheesecake!!!

  63. Hows the party going, problems with transport. Do you think that Cassie's film company could use a more mature spanker.
    Any cheesecake going. I've got my favourite Tawse with me, don't let it go to waste and I got a crop specially for Eva.
    Warm hugs,