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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Feeling lousy

I feel like I am getting my first cold in over a year. I do not want it. I usually do my writing between 9:00 and midnight. But tonight I am going to bed to try to fight this thing. It is difficult to teach percents to 3 classes of 12 year olds who really don’t want to learn percents. It is especially difficult when it hurts to talk and you have a slight fever. So why don’t I just stay home if I’m sick? If you think teaching while sick is a bummer try getting ready for a sub when you left a mess on my desk and I can’t think of good sub plans. I’ll be back!


  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Stay home anyhow!!! Let the sub figure out something. Show a movie. Do sudoku puzzles. Color mozaics. Make get well cards for the sick teacher. Go outside and count the leaves on every bush, tree, and flower they can find. Count the floor tiles. Measure the hallway. Put them in groups and have them figure out their own darn percents. Give them a *gasp* free day. Find the volume and surface area of every 3D object in the room. Write and essay on what they believe a mathematician looks like. Draw a picture to go with the essay.

    Let me know if you need any more ideas!!!

    Take care of yourself!!


  2. Poor you! I hope this cold doesn't last too long for you...
    I agree with Eva you should stay home and rest, anyhow I hope you get better soon...
    I'm sure someone will be around with chicken soup and grapes ;-)

    Get Well Hugs,
    Em x

  3. Get better soon!

    Healing Huggs

  4. A cold? Oh, Honey, that's no fun. Stay in bed today. Eva has some wonderful suggestions for the sub! You need to take care of you, everything else will take care of itself.

    Feel Better Soon!

    I'd give you a hug, but I really don't want your cold. Oh heck, here's a Big Hug!


  5. Just feel better soon, please!!!! Listen to your sis and stay home... let Nick pamper you silly... you deserve it.

    Don't want PK to stand for puny kitty...

    Love you!

  6. Sorry your feeling sick!

    Take a sick day! Kids LOVE having subs.

    Sending you healing vibes...


  7. PK, is it alright for me to describe a maths teacher as a hoot? 'Cause she is, on top of which she's right.
    I'm sending you love, healing and a giant healing hug.
    Warm hugs,

  8. Hope you're feeling a bit better today because you stayed home as recommended! Eva's got some killer ideas there. Take another day off and roll with it.


  9. Hey guys, I am still alive and kicking. Not feeling great but okay. Even with all of Eva's great suggestions I still went to school. It's just what I do.

    Thank you all for stopping by that really does make me feel better. And CeeCi I promise I washed my hands before I started typing!

    Love ya,

  10. Stay home!!! GET WELL!!!! Hope you feel better really really soon!!!! hey,, go ahead and have them draw the picture then cut it into pieces and figure out what percentage each piece is! :-)