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Monday, April 16, 2007

letter writing campaign

I think we all now agree that Eva is a fantastic writer. She wants to write for us and we want to read her stuff. So why doesn’t it happen more? Let me tell you why.

Eva’s fair state has decided in its educational wisdom that all its teachers need their master’s degree. I really know Eva; she teaches as well as she writes! She doesn’t want her masters, she doesn’t need her masters. I can almost promise that nothing she will learn from this program will improve her teaching as much as leaving her alone to try, explore and experiment with different ideas on her own in her classroom. But let me share with you the crap they are forcing her to write about twice a week! Feel free to skim if you find yourself nodding off.

Application: Engaging Learning Experience

Reflect on the suggestions offered by your colleagues for designing an engaging learning experience based on the power standard you identified. With these thoughts in mind, conceptualize a learning experience that utilizes real-world applications of the knowledge and skills embedded in your power standard, engages all students, and promotes enduring learning.

Then, using the "Learning Experiences Worksheet," Figure 5-C provided below, as a graphic organizer, develop a scenario that provides a context for the targeted knowledge and skills. Include several tasks that would help students meet the standard. Finally, think of one or more complementary standards that can also be addressed in your scenario. Note: Do not submit Figure 5-C.

Click here for Figure 5-C, "Learning Experiences Worksheet"

Describe your learning experience as follows:

Identify the power standard on which it is based.

· Indicate the knowledge and/or skills targeted in the standard.

· Describe the scenario/context.

· List at least three tasks that will help students meet the standard and specify the knowledge and/or skills targeted with each task.

Can you believe this garbage?!! I have taught, pretty darn well, for 18 years and I have no idea what the hell that just said!! But of course I am sure we all agree that writing a paper on this will make Eva a much better teacher!!

So what can we do? I am writing her instructors. They just don’t know the potential they are wasting here. So here is my letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Are you a bunch of FRIGGIN idiots?

This woman is a world renowned spanko/sex blogger!! And you want to read her response to the crap YOU sent. Please let me give you some samples of what she can do:

At the end of the two hours we were both spent like never before. I had been spanked, teased, tormented, fucked and loved. I wanted to just stay on my knees at his feet doing only what he commanded me to do. I was not able to think for myself any longer. I didn’t want to think for myself. I was his and only able to think what he thought for me.

How about this:

I know you'll do what's best for me. It doesn't matter which toys you pick. I want you to spank me until there's just no way I won't feel it over the next couple days. Go ahead. Leave my bottom marked and scorched. I will love you for it. I will thank you for it.

And when you're done spanking me, I will stay right there completely exposed for your use, pleasure, enjoyment, fulfillment. And when you are done I will drift off to sleep in your arms

And on a lighter note, how about:

Seriously though, how many people tell their friends "yes, I've been spanked over a washing machine? In the basement? During the winter? Buck naked?" WHAT IDIOT TELLS HER FRIENDS THAT?

Or this:

"Excuse us Mr. and Miss Adult Store Clerks but do you have a back room where he can spank my ass?"

Or maybe this:

Picture it. Two people entering a hotel carrying a small suitcase, a clear bag full of pillows, a small toiletry bag … and…. A crop.

Here is my suggestion now that you know about her true identity. If it is critical that Eva summit a paper twice a week let her write for you and her blogging audience at the same time. You already know she is more than capable of BSing her way through your papers. Wouldn’t you really rather read a hot spanko story she has written just for you? Take your choice, you can be the beautiful naughty submissive who has just been caught being a bad girl by her strong, dom who will deal out the punishment he deems fit. Or maybe you want to be the dom who catches your bad girl in the act, taking her across your strong lap you …

Come on you know you want this!!


Your student's twin, PK

Come on folk help me out here. Maybe if we all write the instructors they will stop wasting Eva’s talents and she could go back to blogging as she should. Please send your letters to:



  1. Touche!!!! Great job, PK... can I just second everything you've said, cause I'm pretty much brain dead at the moment...

    Oh, and I think her asshole teachers in her Master's program have disabled you link, cause www.stupidasscrapthatevehastowrite.com
    doesn't work... it goes to a page that says:
    "Screw you, Eva, you naughty brat! Get back to work before we have to send you to the head Master."

    Isn't that all she wanted in the first place, lol?

    Hugs, extra big ones for my two favorite teachers... especially today!

  2. Anonymous3:54 AM

    We'd suggest focusing on the entire "this woman is a world renowned spanko/sex blogger" angle...

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. I never had any idea that that letter was from Eva to Adam. Im with everyone else she has more talent than all her teachers combined! *grins*

  4. I sent my letter PK. I once had a nurse friend working on her Masters. She asked me to read a paper she had written. I told her I had no idea what it said or meant.

    She said," Good that's what they're looking for."

    Cute post!


  5. PK, I matriculated in English and some other subjects. Matriculation used to be the university entrance exam when I was a boy, now extinct and fossilised.
    I have a BSc in computer science and language from the London School of Economics, possibly the top red brick collage in the country. I understood the individual words but conjoined they make no sense, would someone tell me what grade of gobble de gook this is, and perhaps translate!!!
    I intuit that Eva is a good teacher, I know damn well she's a good writer, what a waste.
    Love you pussy cat, well done!!!
    Warm hugs,

  6. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Okay well this sure explains why I just got an email from my instructor asking what a PK and a tiggr is. She said your request is being considered for the next course I must take. So ummmm... fingers crossed!!


  7. Hi PK,
    I have just started reading your blog and am loving what I see so far. This post tickled my sides, yet made me want to pick up a banner and march in protest for Eva! Anyone with me? (Saying that I am not allowed in your country while the visa is being processed, so that screws my idea backwards *sighs*).
    Anyway great post, looking forward to reading more...

    emeraldeyes x

  8. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog and Eva's since Jan. I have not posted, but I have enjoyed both of them and I keep checking back to see what is going on with you 2. I relate very much to your blog since I too teach middle school math (8th grade). I'm very happy that the state I teach in does not have that requirement. I did live in a state that did, and I did not get certified there. I have no need to get a masters. As you said, they do not make you a better teacher, just a better BSer. I feel for Eva and wish her luck. It might be time to look into another career unless you are just too close to retirement.


  9. Tig,
    Oh well, we'll keep writing and see if we can get though to the idiots!!

    T & S,
    That does sound like a plan!

    And we would all benefit if they would all get off her back!

    Ain't it crazy! Glad you wrote!

    You're right, it’s the waste of time and talent is what gets me!

    I'll cross everything! The instructor just must give you more blogging time!!

    Glad you came by! And I will be really glad when you are able to come here to live! I don't believe we have had many weddings in blogland so this will be lots of fun!

    Always nice to hear from others nutty enough to teach! And 8th grade - wow! Sixth is bad enough for me. Although his post was all in fun I could write a book on the craziness of forcing good teacher to go back to school just to keep their jobs. Sometimes it feels like extortion! But I know I am preaching to the choir!!

  10. Ok! I read it... um ... twice... and my thought was ..um What? Glad I'm done with the masters. Been there, done that! Did it at night while working full time. It stinks, but you'll be happy when it is over. They won't push you to get your doctorate I'm sure! :-)
    I'm all for writing them!!! :-)


  11. Great post, PK! Although it was very funny, it also makes one angry at what those idiots want from the teachers!


  12. Carye,
    I have chosen not to get my master. I probably could but I just do not want to! Let's hope I am not forced!

    Most of my colleagues and I stay so pissed about things like this that we have to laugh
    about it or it will raise our blood pressure too high!!

  13. Anonymous11:26 AM

    PK, that's too damn funny. I, too, chose not to get a masters. Quite frankly, a masters degree in my field tends to stick you in the administrative field. I like hands on, thanks very much.

    I feel for Eva. I don't know if it will make her a better teacher than she already is but for sure she's going to have a brain cramp when all is said and done. Hopefully more money in the wage department, too!

    Who the heck makes these ridiculous decisions anyway?

    Debbie :) (drying out)