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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wear clean underwear

I had a bit of a panic attack at the doctor’s office yesterday. I have a rash on both my wrists that seems to be getting worse so I thought I would have it checked out. The doctor thinks it’s poison oak possible from one of out cats, but I don’t think so. I usually do this once or twice a year, just on my wrists.

Whatever -- I just want it gone. One wrist is really bad so she put me on antibodies and gave me something for the itching but she also said that a shot of steroid would help. Okay fine no problem. Until the nurse comes in and says that she needs to give the shot in my butt. Now I still have a few stray bruises on my behind and while I am a bit proud of them, I have no desire to share with other.

Do you know how quickly imaginary conversations can go through your mind? If she saw anything and asked “How did you get that bruise?” What was my best answer “Paddle or belt – I just can’t remember!” No worries if she saw anything she made no comment. But it reminded me of my mother saying always wear clean underwear; you never know when you might have to go to the doctor. It just caused me to think of ways we could be embarrassed that I never even thought of. We might forgo the hard stuff if I have a physical pending! What an interesting lifestyle we lead!


  1. I visited a girlfriend with a couple of big shiners on my backside. It was last autumn. She has a hot tub and asked if I'd like to spend some time in it talking and relaxing after my long drive. Usually, we're au natural, but then I remembered the big bruises and had no desire to explain, so I said, "Sure, got an extra swimsuit?" No way was I going to get into a conversation about that one.

    I recently went to the doctor for that visit. I wouldn't let MoJo shave me, actually he still hasn't and I'm kind of shaggy. I just didn't want to have to explain that one either. He laughed at me and told me the doctor has probably seen more things than I can ever imagine. Fine, let her see them on someone else, just not me!!!

    An rash on your wrists, could it be from your desk at work? New cleaners or a nickel sensitivity if there's a metal band around it? Just thinking out loud here.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  2. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Now that is something I never thought about! I have to go through my calendar today to make sure I don't have any dr. appts after my trip to the mountains next week! Amazing the things you learn blogging.


  3. I have found that nurses, like psychiatrists, can keep quiet! It must be an unwritten code for them. Hope your rash heals quickly, what an awkward place to have it. The itch would drive me insane! Poor Elis! D :(

  4. Keeping quiet in the medical profession is not an unwritten code. It is HIPPA. Just saying it makes me quake in my boots. The most violent governmental regulation your will ever find. I could lose my license, pay huge enormaous fines, even go to prison.

    Funny story therapist I know called MD voicemail once and left a detailed report on patient. Turned out she had the wrong number. They called back and threatented to report her. She told me "Theresa in 17 years, I have never dropped a patient, never killed a patient. Now I am going down for a wrong phone number. Everything worked out ok though.

    So girls your bruises and shaved kitties are safe with us!

    Worse scenario, they question you about abuse....I just tell then I fall down alot. Which isn't a lie!


  5. Oh your rash...if there is no common denominator (Miss math teacher) i.e examples like CeeCi gave. Then it is probably soemthing viral that pops up from time to time.

  6. Wow Elis, I can imagine, very embarrassing. Hope that the wrists get better soon.
    Warm hugs,

  7. OK, Elis, I'm just dying to ask... what do you teach? What subject? Cause antibodies are not given for a rash... he, he, he... don't get that pissed off kitty look, I am just kidding!!!! I couldn't possibly let that one slip though... way too easy!

    Yes, the rash is most likely something you are in contact with... dish soap perhaps? Chalk dust? I've NEVER heard of poison oak being transerred from a kitty to a person... and I've worked with animals in the medical field for a great many years!

    So, did ya get the shot? Did the bruise show? Did the nurse's face change at all? (I doubt it... they've seen it all).

    Big hugs,

  8. I've had this nightmare numerous times. And Ceeci is not the only one that doesn't want to shave the kitty before "that" exam!

    My friend transcripts medical files, and she actually had to transcript one on someone that had something, shall we say, foreign, in their behind. Let's all imagine how embarrassing THAT would be!


  9. That tiggr is too much....I knew you taught math, so I let the spelling error (antibodies) slide. I can't spell either.


  10. Elis,
    Once the lady that does my brazillian bikini waxes asked me "how did you get those bruises ?"
    I almost died, I was so embarrassed ! I had forgotten about them (it was about a week later)...
    Anyway, I've known her for a few years, and she seems pretty open-minded, so I said... "i got spanked" --
    and she laughed and responded "at least someone is having fun !"

    p.s. What makes it even worse is.... I had them because I'd had a raging fit of hormones -- and had spanked myself with a leather paddle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anne Elizabeth

  11. CeeCi,
    The first time I ever bruised it was my butt and upper thighs too. My sister came for a visit and wanted me to swim with her in our pool! I sat by the pool with her but said I just didn't feel like getting in.

    Isn't it awful having to schedule everything!!

    Diane, Theresa,
    I know they would say nothing. But that wouldn't stop my embarrassment any!

    Its not improving and its really starting to bug me!

    Tell Dante you need aspanking for being a smart ass! The antibiotics are because one is getting infected becaues I can't leave it alone! I've worked with animals too and its not from them. I took the shot and the nurse said nothing. And yes like Theresa said my twin sister, Eva, and I both teach math!

    Anne Elizabeth,
    That would have awful! But she was right at least one person was having fun!


  12. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Weren't able to post yesterday day... but, ha... great post. Suzy does shave, it's a rule and stuff, and doesn't care that doctors and nurses see this. But, a red or bruised bottom... a little shyer.. doesn't want to be asked about it (and they'd never ask... "what happened to your pubic hair?). Still doesn't change what we do though, and thus far no one has even asked.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  13. Okay, thats it! I'm never outting myself now LOL --- thanks!
    I had never thought about the doc's before.

  14. Anonymous3:50 AM

    i was so glad to see this! I was recently given my first implement spanking with a leather riding crop. Needless to say my bum is the color of black cherries and pretty extensive. I have to go in for "that" visit as well and am nervous as hell...do i lie and say i fell? could i possibly say that i was spanked? i wish i would have thought this through..

  15. Anon,
    I'm glad you liked the post! The things we have to think about, oh well - it's worth it. I can tell you are going back and reading some here. I hope you enjoy and feel free to email me if you should ever want to elisspeaks@yahoo.com