I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Early Morning Naked Gymnastics

This will be a bit of rambling and not nearly as exciting as the title would indicate. First you need to know about one rule in our house that in my mind should never be broken. It ranks up there with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. The rule is - Nick always gets out of the bed first!!

This started out naturally enough when we were first married. He had to be at work at 6:30 AM and I had to go in at 9:00. He had mentioned, before we were married, that his mother always got up and fixed his dad a big hot breakfast before he went to work. I, of course, asked if he thought she would get up early enough to come to our house and do that. But that didn't seem to be what he was hoping that I would get from that particular story. When it finally dawned on me that he was hoping that I might do something along this line, I offered to rise up on one elbow and point toward the kitchen. Actually that never happened, I just slept.

I am not the only one to depend on Nick rising first. The paper carrier depends on him too. It throws the poor man off on the rare occasions when I have gotten up first. When Nick gets up first the paper carrier always throws the paper on the arm of my chair where it belongs. But when I get up first the dummy throws it way out at the end of the carport! This is extremely inconvenient on cold or wet mornings. I was a bit worried about this when Nick got laid off for a while last year. What would the poor paper carrier do? Nick being the good guy that he is still got up before me. The paper carrier was happy, the paper landed on my chair and I was happy too because Nick often had breakfast ready when I got up.

Last night was a wonderful night. Mollie actually got to sleep early we felt comfortable making a bit of noise so the locked brief (aka toy chest) case came out and there was a small fun spanking followed by some great loving, so great we neither one had the energy to put away all the toys. No problem, Nick is an early riser and Mollie is a typical teenager and is never awake before 10:00 on a Saturday.

But the bed felt so good this morning, and he felt so good, and he felt me up so good that one thing lead to another and it was a real good morning. But we drifted back off to sleep, not late - 8:30, but that's very late for Nick and of course it never occurred to me to get up first. Panic did not ensue until he headed for the shower and I heard him talking to Mollie! I knew if she was up that early she was headed to my room. All I could thing of was 'Keep her talking, honey' So in a panic I am flipping across the bed, buck naked, throwing toy in and slamming the lid and twisting the locks. Fast as I could I flipped back, with my butt up in the air as I tried to get the case back under my side of the bed and my butt back under the covers before I had company. I am really not used to gymnastics when I first wake up but it was worth the effort. Mollie came in for a quick good morning without the trauma of the knowledge that her parent's collection of spanking sex toys were feet away . I taumatize the poor child enough by teaching at her school, this is a trauma she can do without!


  1. Oh dear Elis, I can so picture your panic and your bare butt stuck in the air.
    We often had family as we lived in Central London, very convenient for all the best shops.
    I pointed out that much as we loved them, we couldn't face guests until we had at least one cup of coffee, which we always had in the bedroom. I'd hit the button on the coffee maker on the way to the bathroom, by the time I'd showered and shaved the coffee would be made, as I came out of the bathroom this tousled head would peek out of the bed, is that coffee I smell my Mel would say, yes I replied. It was part of Mel's duties to make sure my coffee was poured and ready when I came out of the bathroom, as she passes me she gets a pop on her butt to remind her, just a routine morning in our house, not possible if guests are free to wonder. Also we never wore anything in bed, we liked the feel of each other far too much.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Glad your night was so awesome but do be careful with those toys. I'm thinking daughter number two either knows what we are up to OR is up to something herself. I can't decide which. Last night her husband was yelling at the dog and said "Don't make me sssspppankkkkk you." And they both snickered. Adam and I ignored it. So which is it? Do they know or were they snickering at themselves? I don't want to know!!!


  3. I love the paper boy's aim. It is these little tidbits that keep me coming back for more.

    Please don't traumatize the kids!

    I think Eva's kids know something...what do you think?

    I would have loved to have been a fly on two falls this weekend. Eva's when she and Nick maintained composure. Then your's just to see the look on your face as you said good morning to Mollie!


  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Wait... Nick was HERE? I missed it. Dang. And Theresa, tell me about this falls you would have liked to have been a fly on? If they're like Niagra falls, a poor little fly like yourself would drown!!! You better hang out somewhere safer. I worry about you!!!

    Love you Theresa!!!! You brighten my day!!!


  5. NEVER underestimate those kids! They will do and say things to you just for the shock effect!

    I have learned (and yes I do have experience in something! that they hate with a passion when you try to give it right back to them. And then you can just sit back and laugh at them! ;-)

  6. Oh dear, this was TOO FUNNY!!

    The bare butt in the air, the toys just inches away, OH MAN! Were you breathing ok when she walked in? Was your face red?

    Too funny!! That's all I can say, TOO FUNNY!!


  7. Paul,
    I hope you can't picture it. It was not a pretty site!

    You may not want to know but I would love to know what they were snickering about.

    Theresa and Grace,
    I was the picture of serenity and poise, as always!

    You can just imagine the joy of having your mother at your school when you are in the 8th grade.

  8. Anonymous5:29 AM

    The blog looks GREAT!!!! CeeCi~ when you gonna do one for me??

    I do NOT think I want to know what they were snickering about.

    Really. I don't think I do. LOL Enjoy your day off today!!


  9. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I'm new to your blog but so far, I'm addicted. I love your honesty, the way you communicate with your readers. I'm adding your link to my own site this very instant!

    The Butterfly Temptress

  10. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Oh Elis, this was TOO funny! I'm glad you didn't traumatize Mollie... at least not THIS time!

    Your blog looks great! I love the masthead and the way it shows off your avitar photo. It's great.. kudos to CeeCi once again!

    I'm still getting caught up with reading and posting - I know you want to hear about the birthday spanking!

    *huggles* Suzy

  11. This one reminds me of sooooo many interrupted playtimes! LOL!

  12. Whadda guy, getting up to deliver the paper for you!!

    Wow, that must have been quite the sight, naked fanny pointing skywards as your boobies bobbled and you crammed things into the case with as much haste as you could muster. Phew, my heart was racing just reading how close you came to being discovered.

    Hmm, Eva's comments makes me wonder, is spanking a learned or genetic behavior? You know, nature vs. nurture? Good thing Theresa didn't fall!!!

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  13. Temptress,
    I love all this! Thank you so much for coming by and for the link.

    My existence ofen embarrasses Mollie, I don't want to push it! Yes, I am dying to read all about it! Get writing!

    You have the picture pretty well I'm afraid! I think the kids are on to Eva. If if was them they would have never snickered. They would be hiding it, or trying to, like the rest of us. Either way they seemed tickled about it!


  14. Elis,
    I love sleeping in as well... Good that Nick adjusted to making his own breakfast !

    oh my goodness, I can just 'see' you racing around to get rid of the evidence ! hee-hee.

    Happy Halloween tomorrow !

    Anne Elizabeth