I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brat meme for Tiggr

I couldn’t make it on the trip for Tiggr so I thought I would do her brat meme while she was away.

Is your sink always full of dirty dishes? No, we got the dishwasher fixed!

Is your car in the driveway because it won’t fit in the garage? We don’t have a garage.

Are you late a lot? Nope, never. I have to be there at least 10 minutes early.

Are your credit cards out of control? Nope again, if they don’t get paid off each month I have heart palpations.

Do you love animals? Duh! I worked for a vet for 8 years and loved hundreds of pets over the years.

Are you afraid of some of the stuff in your fridge? YES! I am afraid I am going to have to cook it!

Do you like surprises? Not really. I do better if I know what’s coming.

Is your laundry backed-up? Wait, I’ll go ask Nick or Mollie.

Are you creative? I can be, but my art has been put on hold for blogging at the moment.

Are you overweight? I think so a little.

Do you scrounge for receipts on April 14? Nope the ones I need to keep are filed away.

Do you like pretty things? Sort of, I am not real girlie, but I like things like quilts and that type of pretty things.

Do you love life in spite of the mess you are in? I love life and I don’t think I am in a mess at this time.

Do you like to please? I do like I please and Nick pleases, no one else.

Do you use the “but” word? Not much anymore, but Theresa had the best answer to this questions.

Do you like celebrations? Not great big ones, but with family and a few close friends, Yes!

Are you still paying for the gym you don’t go to? No I usually go 2 to 3 times a week.

Do you love children? Most of them.

Is it hard for you to say, “NO?” Hell no, not any more!

Are you spontaneous? Not as much as I want to be.

Do you “over-goal?” No I just take life as it comes.

Are you always looking for your keys? No, Nick put me up a hook and I always hang them up.

Are you afraid of your mailbox? No, my son has started using snail mail. I get real letters.

Are you often over-drawn? Not in the past few years.

Are you a procrastinator? I try to procrastinate but sometimes I don’t get around to it.

Do you have too much stuff? YES! My stuff, my parents stuff, my uncles stuff, my kids stuff, I think everyone stores their stuff here.

Do you like decorations? I love to see it, but I am not much good at doing it.

Are you a perfectionist? Not in any way shape or form!

Do you love to play? I you are referring to a good spanking as playing, then you better know I do!

Do you know WHAT to do, but don’t do it? Got to say yes on this one!
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  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Okay - this is interesting, but I'll have to head over to Tiggr's now to find out about the trip....


  2. Well I think you might be half brat. I wish you would have come on this trip with us. I think maybe you could have helped us stay out of too much trouble. I did manage too fool Will on the phone last night without any lies.

    But he kept asking me over and over if everything was ok. When I would say yes, he would say.." you are up to something I can just tell."

    I loved your frige and laundry answer!


  3. You are quite the ambiguity aren't you, PK? For a girl who gets ehrself so worked up over getting things right two days a week at my place, you sure are the "go with the flow" type of gal, aren't you? You would do me tremendous good sometimes... though not on this trip. I'm having WAY too much fun being spontaeous.

    Oh yeah, way to go Theresa!!! You're learning, girl!

    Love... and missing you from Aussieland,

  4. Great meme, Elis ! I love them because I get to learn so much about you !

    Happy Wednesday,

    Anne Elizabeth

  5. You know something Elis, I don't think you're a brat at all.
    I loved your procrastination answer.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Sky,
    When you figure out what all Tiggr is up to let me know!

    When you finally get the chance to be with Will your butt will be burning for days and days!

    I am good at picking my battles! I know what is really important in life - like getting back at Eva someday!

    Anne Elizabeth,
    Meme are always fun!

    Being a brat does not come natural to me, but I am trying to learn!


  7. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Hey now... getting back in me? what in the world for? I am innocent, I tell ya, innocent!!!