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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Well, Duh...

** Warning, this post could be thought by some to be slightly political although I don't mean it that way. However you see it, please know this is not a political blog and will NOT become one.

I’ve had my vaccine of course.


There was no measles or chicken pox vaccine when I was little. I had both and the measles nearly did me in. I was sick as a dog. Four years old and to weak and sick to get out of bed on my own for nearly two weeks. Scared my mother badly!


I got a small pox vaccine and have the scar to prove it. If you’re under about forty-five you don’t have a scar. That’s because it worked.


I had my vaccine for polio when I was about six. That disease terrified everyone, especially those with children. Picture of kids in iron lungs still scare me.


We went overseas when I was twelve and I got tons of vaccines, I’m not sure what all. But shortly before we left there was a cholera outbreak in the country we were to visit, so I got a cholera vaccine too. 


Growing up as a proud, tree-climbing, bike-riding, tree-house building tomboy I’ve had my share of tetanus shots over the years. 


I’ve had a flu vaccine each year for at least the past twenty at least.


I’ve had my pneumonia vaccine.


I’ve had both my Covid vaccines. 


And most recently I had a shingles vaccine. 


With both of my last two vaccines my arm was pretty sore and I’ve had a little swelling in my lymph glands under that arm. It’s a little uncomfortable but nothing compared to having shingles or having a tube down my throat and possibly dying alone in a hospital.

My parents told me that they had prayed for a polio vaccine. I know I prayed for a Covid vaccine. We got one. It’s nearly ninety percent effective. But there are still so many dying. According to Google, 656,318 people in this country have died since Covid first got here. That’s equivalent to a little more tha two hundred eighteen 9-11 attacks.


I’ll stop now. Although if someone could tell me how getting a vaccine that could save your life and possible prevent you from passing the virus on to your grandparents, parents and children became political I’d like to know. Both the past and current president pushed and pushed for a vaccine. Both have taken it. Where’s the conflict?


  1. Hi PK, I had measles as a child also, but thankfully none of the other illnesses. I too have also had both covid vaccines and have had the flu vaccine every year for some years now.

    I don't understand either, and I certainly don't understand the anti-vacs.


    1. I feel like I would understand some opinions if properly explained - but not this one.

  2. I don't understand the anti-vacs and never will.

    I've had all but the measles jabs you've . From next week over 50 will be getting a Covid booster jab. Are the US planing the same?


    1. Our president said it will be available if the experts say it's needed. I'll take it if I can.

  3. I don't get it either but I've been scolded by some telling me their doctor advised against it. If that's true, there lies the conflict.

  4. You asked, so I'll say I can see it under certain circumstances. If you are very, very low risk from C19 (young and healthy), believe that asymptomatic folks are not a significant vector of propagation, and are concerned about a new vaccine technology never before been used. None of those are unreasonable positions. On top of that, many who have taken the vaccine themselves and would encourage others to do so, nevertheless oppose effectively forcing other people to take it or lose their livelihood and their rights as citizens. I'll respect your desire not to make your blog political, and will leave it at that and not "take the bait" on any nasty replies :-)

    1. I do understand some people's hesitancy. But since I'm tired of staying in I think it's time that they do. Imagine possibly being a typhoid Mary or someone carrying small pox being out in a crowd of say, children who couldn't be vaccinated. I do respect the rights of others. But here they seem to clash - respect the rights of those who do not want to be vaccinated vs the health/lives of those who can't yet be vaccinated.

      I will just say it's a big mess and I wish it wasn't so. And thank you for comment and doing it politely.

    2. Thank you, and also wanted to say, after re-reading my last line, "nasty replies" was not at all directed at you, of course! Was fearful of such from others chiming in and was expressing the thought that I would not reply, having said my piece, in respect of your blog (they are welcome to come on over to mine, where I regularly host knock down, drag out, slugfests of the kind!)

    3. Thanks for coming by my blog to discuss. After I posted I found this little gem of a commentary from Ben Shapiro on the topic. A very smart man and (as he is fond and proud of pointing out) his wife is a Doctor:
      Ben Shapiro on Vaccine Mandates: Ep. 1339 at 26:08Expresses it better than I could.

  5. Hey PK,

    I love this post. In the Great White North, my year is the last year for small pox vaccine. How amazing is that?? My dad had polio as a child along with a wild variety of those childhood diseases that didn't have vaccines. Those were scary times.

    But now, sigh. I wish I understood. I can understand in certain situations not getting vaccinated but I am very tired of carrying the risk for those privileged twits to chose not to be vaccinated. I don't wish them harm, and hope they survive, but honestly? I am tired. I just want "normal" whatever that is.


    1. I am so with you! When it first began everyone was crying out for a vaccine to prevent it. We got one and so many are saying, 'No, we don't like THAT one.' I lost and bewildered and tried of staying home. I want the unvaccinated to stay home now!