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Friday, September 03, 2021

Fantasy Friday - California

It's Friday again and a new Fantasy Friday came in just the other day. This one is written by S, who sent another story a few years ago. At that time she said:

"Hey, I'm S, a longtime fan of the blogs. I've been wanting to write a story for the blog for a while now. I got the inspiration for it the other day. All feedback is welcomed. I hope you enjoy." 

I hope you enjoy...


Lacey grabbed her overnight bag and keys in a hurry to get her friend Hannah's house. Once she was in the car she made the quick thirty drive to her friend's house. It was Friday which meant her husband Jake would be home by 3 pm. Lacey and Hannah were going on a last minute sorta planned girls trip. Hannah and Lacey had planned this trip months in advance, they had paid for the hotel and plane tickets before asking their husbands if they could make the trip out to California. And they were both told that they couldn't go. The hotel room and plane tickets were non-refundable. They original decided they wouldn't go but Hannah had called Lacey at lunchtime yesterday to tell her that she was going and she wasn't going to let her go alone.

They needed a girls trip anyways. Hannah quickly tossed her bag in the backseat of Lacey's car. They quickly took off for the airport. Meanwhile Jake arrived at the house at noon already done with his office work for the day. He wanted a shower and a change of clothes before heading to the airport. He had in emergency meeting with a big client for the advertising firm he worked for in the morning. Jake arrived at airport around 3pm. 

Lacey and Hannah were already on their first flight to California. Four hours in, they landed at the next airport and quickly made it to their connecting flight. Around 9 pm they boarded their connecting flight not knowing Jake was on the same flight. Jake had caught Lacey on her girls’ trip. He took a seat at the back of the plane and sighed. He had a few hours until the plane would land in California. He would have to think about to what to do when they landed. Either tell her by phone that she had been caught or wait until Monday when she would be back home. He would be home by Saturday evening. As the flight went on Jake went and back forth on what to do. 

It wasn't long before the pilot accounted the descent to the airport. A few minutes later Hannah and Lacey stood at baggage claim awaiting the arrival of their. Jake walked up behind them both girls blissfully unaware and in mid-conversation. Lacey heard a familiar voice asking them what brought them to California. Lacey turned around not wanting to be it to be Jake but sure enough there he was. And they were caught. No one said anything for a moment as Hannah grabbed the girls’ luggage and Jake grabbed his luggage. He was mad but if they were staying at a hotel he wanted them to get there safely. A few minutes later they were in a rental car making their to the girls’ hotel. An hour later Jake had the girls settled in their hotel room and left them alone with their thoughts. Jake and lacey had discussed the situation on the way to the hotel. 

Lacey knew that they were both in trouble the second that she heard Jake's voice. Jake left his hotel and headed to the apartment where he was staying for the night, on the way there he got a call from his brother Matthew telling him that he couldn't find Hannah but her car was at the house and that he had just made it home a little ago. Jake explained the situation. They talked in length about to what do. By the time the next morning rolled around they had a plan in place. Jake sent a quick text to Lacey asking them to meet him for lunch at a nearby restaurant at 2pm. The girls were already seated and drinking wine when he arrived. Jake joined quickly ordering a steak mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. The girls ordered salads nervous about what was going to happen. Jake told them they would be flying back to California tonight and they wouldn't be going to the concert tonight and they would give their tickets away. Lacey started to protest but Jake gave her a look and told her if she continued to argue with him he would spank her on the sight. He couldn't do anything about Hannah's behavior other make her get on the plane and give her ticket to tonight's concert.

Later that evening after dropping Hannah at her house and having a conversation with Matt, Jake and Lacey arrived home around 11pm. Jake was tired and wanted to go bed  but he was also at the end of his rope with Lacey. He had told her multiple times to quit whining on the way home and yet she was still whining. Lacey quickly retreated to their room and began getting ready for bed. Jake entered the room just as Lacey started to out her pajamas on. 

"Put your tank top on and get over here," Jake told her as she began putting them on. Lacey made quick work of putting her top on and follow his instructions, leaving her bottoms off. Before she knew it Jake pulled her over his lap. Smack! The first spank landed and Lacey yelled ,"fuck!” in response. Jake sighed he barked out a warning about her language as followed with giving her another spank. The first two spanks really hurt and Lacey couldn't imagine  making it all through with counting in her head. Jake rarely asked her to count out loud and she was glad about that. However he usually asked her how many swats he gave her at the end and expected her to have the right answer. 

Smack! Smack! Smack! The next three came rapidly and Lacey began trying to wiggle away from Jake. Jake readjusted her position on his lap and proceeded to give her six more spanks. Ow! Ow! Ow! Was Lacey response. Other than her own cries and his hand hitting her bare ass the room was quite.  By the time they got to eighteen the tears started to flow. By the time they hit thirty five Lacey was in full blown sobs and laying limp over Jake's lap. Thirty five and she was done but it took  a minute for her to register that she was no longer being spanked. Jake pulled her up and they cuddle for a while. Then they talked about happened and why the girls choose to go on that trip anyway. Jake laid Lacey down and rubbed lotion on her butt as she laid on her stomach with her ass on fire. There was more punishment to come but it could wait.


Thanks for the story S. We're always looking for new stories. If you'd like to try a little writing, please do! And send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Love the story! Thanks S. Thanks for posting again PK!

  2. Thank you PK and S. I enjoyed reading this:)