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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Health news

I’ve had a few people asking about my great niece. The news isn’t great. She did have her surgery – and was very sad that they had to shave off her beautiful long hair.  I think I posted about them putting seventeen leads into her brain looking for the source of the seizures. 

They never found it. It sees that they come from many places in the brain. They finally removed the leads and she was allowed to come home. That was back in July. But another surgery was scheduled for her in late August. I don’t know exactly what that was for, as I’ve said the parents don’t share many details.


But they went for the second surgery – the hospital is about four hours away. When they got there they were told that there were so many Covid patents in the hospital that the hospital had just shut down all none emergency surgeries. So they had to turn around and come home. They are still waiting.


Covid has reared its ugly head here again. Mollie has eighteen kids in her room. So far she hasn’t had more than fourteen there at any one time between kids with active Covid and those who are quarantined. We were feeling comfortable going out to eat and doing a little shopping during June and July but now I’m crawling back into my shell. I feel more confident that Nick and Mollie and I could survive the virus since we’ve all been vaccinated – but I don’t want to test my theory.

Stay safe out there.


  1. Wishing the best for your niece, PK.
    You bring up an important point about the COVID pandemic that so many people just ignore but seems to be happening everywhere (if hospitals are inundated with COVID patients then the routine and even some emergency services are often times pushed back or delayed).


    1. I am so angry with those who refuse to be vaccinated. I'm not sure we can stop it without that.

  2. Hi PK, I'm so sorry to hear your grand niece's surgery didn't provide the answers the doctors were hoping for and that the second surgery had to be postponed.

    Sorry also to hear about surge in covid cases in your neck of the woods. That is a scary situation for Mollie. Maybe they should be home schooling again?

    We too have cases here after so long covid free. However, they are restricted to one city thankfully. We did have a small handful in our city as well.

    As before, we went straight into total lockdown and it seems we are on the path to elimination again, fingers crossed!


    1. I don't know what's going to happen in the schools, but I know that they aren't safe anymore. I wish your country the very best of luck.

  3. Oh PK. Thinking of your niece and her family.

    Covid cases rising in the UK. Think mainly because schools have gone back after summer holiday. I'm still wearing my mask and social distancing but many aren't.


    1. I know how much the kids need to be in school, but it is fueling the virus. I try to stay home when I can, but I have my mask when I go out.

  4. Our cases are on the rise here too. Our area has worked so hard to keep the numbers low, but last week the university opened its doors and there are hundreds of students partying in the streets without masks. Our numbers are sure to climb because of irresponsible kids.

    Don't know what to do about people who organize anti-mask and anti-vaccine protests. You can't fix stupid.


    1. You're so right, you can't fix stupid. But you sure can be frustrated by it. I honestly don't understand and I don't think I ever will.