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Friday, January 29, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - Lesson Learned

I'm glad to have you back for another Fantasy Friday. Here's a story to make the day warmer.  Today's Fantasy Friday comes from 2008 and was sent in from a friend, Lori. 

Lesson Learned

Sitting at my desk I watched the other women in the office talking about the gathering after work. They were all meeting at the local pub for a few drinks. I was jealous and a bit angry. Oh yes, they had asked me to go but I kindly made some excuse about being busy, having errands to run and not being able to join them. The truth is, after our outing the time before, my husband told me I could not go out with the girls after work for 3 months.

About 3 weeks ago we girls had a great time after work. We were celebrating Trisha’s birthday at our favorite pub down the street. It was a night when dancing was offered and karaoke was available for the brave souls who dare. I had called David that day to tell him I would be a little late but most likely would be home shortly after he arrived. Normally he gets home about an hour after I do. He told me that was fine and we would just go out to dinner after I got home since I wouldn’t be there to fix anything. This news made me very happy since the worst part of my day is having to go home and cook dinner.

The girls and I were having a blast. I had tried my hand at karaoke and actually didn’t do too bad. A couple of us played a game of pool and we did some dancing. It didn’t even occur to me that the band didn’t start until 8:00 and they were on their second break. I only had wanted to have one drink and then go home. Someone was buying drinks for the table so I lost track. Every time my glass emptied, another full one was placed in front of me. I didn’t even have the opportunity to say “no thank you.” The buzz I had from drinking was far more than I had planned on.

Upon returning from the bathroom, I found myself alone at the table. My friends from work were scattered about mingling and chatting, so I reached in my purse for my phone to check the time. When I opened the phone a white light displayed 10 missed calls. I hadn’t heard it ring but then again, the place was too loud to be able to hear a cell phone. I looked at the time and saw it was 11:00. Where in the heck had the time gone? I clicked on the missed call message to see who had been calling, as if I didn’t know. ALL the calls were from David.

“OH NO,” I thought. I totally lost track of time. What to do next was quite a dilemma. Should I drive home or should I call him to come get me? I didn’t live too far away but I was beyond the point I should be driving. He was probably worried out of his mind. He has made it quite clear that I am supposed to stay in touch with him if I’m going to be late or have a change in plans. He’ll be furious when he finds out how neglectful I’ve been, drinking too much, losing track of time and blowing off our dinner plans. If I call him to pick me up, he would surely know that I drank too much . This was a sore spot with him. He doesn’t even like me to have one when I’m supposed to drive, but he reluctantly allows that much. I could drive home, cover up the drinking and take what’s coming for losing track of time. No matter how you look at it, I was in HUGE trouble.

I decided to call David and tell him I was very sorry about losing track of time, that the girls and I were fine and not to worry, I was coming right home. This would not stop the spanking I was sure to get but it may help the amount of anger that has been building up and also cause him to stop worrying. I had put the phone back in my purse on the floor, so I bent over to pick it up. Since my balance was a bit off because of the amount of alcohol, I started to fall off the chair. 

Just then, a pair of hand caught me before I hit the floor. I looked up to see who had saved me from looking like a fool and it was David. My heart, which was beating extremely fast by now, had just dropped into my stomach. I stumbled over my words. “Oh h-h-hi honey. I-I was just about to call you”. The look on his face was anything but amused. HE WAS MAD! All the empty glasses were sitting in front of me. He could see exactly how many drinks I had. Even if the waitress had taken the glasses away, it was obvious by the fact that I almost fell off my chair that I’d had more than he allows. 

“Get your stuff NOW! You are going home,” was all he said.

When we got into the car I tried to explain that I had lost track of time and….. "Mary, I do NOT want to talk to you right now,” he interrupted. We pulled into the drive and David told me to get into the house. 
“I know you're mad David and I don’t blame you, but…

He then put his hand up like a stop sign and repeated, “I do NOT want to talk to you right now." He then added “get to bed”. I really wanted to talk to him. I don’t like going to bed mad but I could tell that he’d been worried about me for hours and it’s taken it’s toll. He needed some time to calm down. The morning would not be pleasant but I knew I deserved what I was going to get.

I didn’t even hear David come to bed last night. Once I fell asleep I was really out of it. I looked at the clock to see that it was 9:00 am. I usually don’t sleep this long but I’m sure my body was reacting to the amount I drank. I was thankful for the extra sleep this Saturday morning. As I slipped on my robe, I remembered how much trouble I was in. Would David talk to me this morning, I wondered? Would he just be so glad that I am ok, there would be no punishment? I couldn’t delay any further so I started down the stairs for the kitchen.

There, sitting at the kitchen table was David drinking his morning coffee. “Good morning David,” I said. 

“Good morning,” he said. “Get your coffee and sit down. We need to talk.” There goes my heart again, feeling like it’s going to jump out of my chest. I did as he asked and then he began to speak. “Mary, I want you to know how disappointed I am in you. There are several rules you broke but worst of all, I did not know what happened to you.” His tone was firm, yet I could tell he was feeling hurt. “When you didn’t come home, I tried to call you. When you didn’t answer as you always do, I thought you’d been in an accident. Hours passed and I had no idea if you were dead or alive. I thought for sure you would pick up the phone and call me, especially since you know that is a rule around here.” 

I could see how much I had worried him. I would definitely be as worried if I were in his place. Tears were welling up in my eyes. I started to speak but he asked me to remain quiet until he finished. “I left the house to go travel the route you would of taken from work to the different restaurants and establishments, hoping you were not in a ditch somewhere. When I found you DRUNK, in a bar, having no regard for my feelings, I was terribly hurt and angry.” 

With that, I broke out into tears. It was never my intention to hurt him. I would NEVER do that purposely. Oh my gosh, I felt so horrible. “I’m so sorry David,” was all I could get out through the tears.

“Mary, I don't believe that you intentionally wanted me to worry. I do believe that you had too much to drink and lost track of time. I just wanted to let you know how your drinking and partying affected another person me! Now, let’s talk about all the rules you broke.” 

Did I really have to have them named one by one. I was feeling so bad, just about worrying him I didn’t even want to go through the rules I broke. David began, "First rule broken: You did not stay in touch with me so that I knew you were safe. Second rule broken: You had more than one drink when you were a driver of a car. Third rule broken: You drank until you were completely drunk. Now, what do you think is going to happen?” Did he really want me to answer that? 

I knew what was going to happen. “Umm, you are probably going to spank me.” 

Yes,” he replied. “You are going to get a spanking. I also want you to know that you are not to go out after work with the girls for the next 3 months. Is that clear?” 

“Yes sir,” I said through tears. David then told me to finish my cup of coffee and meet him in the bedroom in ½ hour.

My stomach was so nervous that I could not drink much of my coffee so I fixated my eyes on watching the clock. I hoped he knew how badly I felt for making him worry. I knew that after the spanking, all would be forgiven and I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around him and let him know how deeply sorry I really was.

The half hour seemed like forever but the time had finally come to meet him in the bedroom. Upon entering our room I noticed pillows stacked on the bed and three different implements, his belt, the hair brush, and bath brush. David was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Come here”, he said. I walked over to him and he promptly removed my robe. “Mary, as you can see I have three implements today. I will be giving you 50 with each. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I replied. “Get over the pillows and let’s get started”, he said. I climbed over the pillows displaying my bottom, which was now lifted high and ready. I knew this was going to be a lesson I wouldn’t soon forget.

He started with the belt, without a warm-up of any kind. After the 5th swat I knew it was going to be a very long session. I was on fire by the 15th swat begging for him to stop. The swats kept coming hard and fast. He was letting me know just how worried he was. Tears were streaming down my face by the 25th swat and I was only half way through the first implement. Finally, the belt was finished. I had never had so many with the belt at one time. My bottom was on fire. 

He wasted no time switching implements. I felt the first crack of the hair brush soon after the belt stopped. OH MY GOSH! How was I going to make it through this? Every swat brought more lecturing about how I would of driven drunk if he hadn’t found me, and how could I be so neglectful? I was crying so hard and I still had another implement to go.

After the brush, he let me rest and catch my breath. He rubbed my sore bottom and told me how much he loved me and how he could never stand to lose me. He then began with the bath brush. The bath brush is, in my opinion, the harshest implement we have. The thuddy pain of a bath brush is something to remember even if you are only getting a few swats. I was to receive 50. David knew that this would be hard on me so he went slowly. Every blow was searing pain. I begged for him to stop but he was true to his word and 50 is what I received. When it was all over, I was sobbing terribly hard. 

He scooped me up and hugged me. He dried my tears and held me close. “I love you Mary. I don’t ever want to lose you,” he said. 

“I love you too David,” I said. It was all over. I felt so loved, so relieved, so safe, and so very, very sorry.


Thanks Lori, that was a great story. We have years of stories to go - but as always I'd love a new one. If you have one in you, write it up and send it in. You can send stories to:


  1. This was a great story PK, and wonderfully written. Lori is a great writer.


  2. Thanks Lori and PK. Loved this one!

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