I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - Convincing Ali

Today's Fantasy Friday is a favorite of mine. For one thing I wrote this one back in 2008 and I fully intend it to be a book some day. You'd think I would have all the time in the world to write these days, but it doesn't always work out that way. So consider this a preview. I hope you enjoy..

Convincing Ali


Ali couldn’t help thinking that her life was nearly perfect these days except for one thing – spanking! She and Bill were so good together. They enjoyed the same activities, all their friends got along, and they

‘got’ each other’s humor. But this good, kind, loving man wanted to spank her. He had to be nuts if he thought she was going for that. She had been spanked enough as a child. How could anyone think that spanking was sexy or arousing? It was hateful, it hurt, and she would never tolerate it in their relationship. She had told him no, why wouldn’t he accept that?
     Bill knew he had found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Everything about their relationship was perfect except for one thing – spanking! The first view he had ever had of Ali had been one of her bending over a low filing drawer at his accountant’s office. He had never seen such a beautiful ass! She stood and turned toward him and he had stared in frank admiration at her beauty. Her deep blue eyes and dark hair made for a stunning look. He had to know this woman and he asked her to lunch on the spot.

Ali had been just as stunned at seeing Bill that day at work. Never known for her shyness, she had accepted his lunch invitation on the spot and they never looked back. She knew what a find she had in him and their first few months together had been bliss.

Then a week ago, out of the blue, he tells her he wants to spank her. What kind of man says he wants to hit the woman he proposes to care for and expects her to embrace the idea? As Ali mused over her morning cup of coffee she began to wonder just how ‘out of the blue’ this really was. She had known he was an ass man. He loved to have his hands on her butt – in foreplay, love making or even just sleeping. He often gave her playful pats and slaps to her butt. But this was just too strange for her.


Bill wasn’t accomplishing as much as usual at work. He had finally brought up the subject of spanking with Ali and she hadn’t been at all receptive. She had seemed truly upset and one part of him wanted to tell her, ‘Never mind, it’s not important,’ but he knew that it was. He has had one failed vanilla marriage. They had been young and there were many problems. He knew spanking wouldn’t have solved them all but he also knew how much it would have improved the trust and communication in the marriage. Could he get Ali to understand?

That night Bill cooked supper at his place. He wanted Ali to be able to relax and talk to him. But as she had been all week Ali seemed distant and quiet. As they were cleaning up Bill stopped and took her into his arms. “Talk to me Ali!” He insisted. “What’s wrong?” Ali remained silent and looked down. Bill took her face in his hands and kissed her gently. Another kiss seemed to get more of a response and finally Ali melted into him and seemed to relax. Bill rubbed her back but as his hand gently began to caress her ass he felt Ali tense and pull away. “Ali, what…”

“I don’t want you to spank me!

“I didn’t! I …” Bill began.

“But you want to! And I don’t want you to – ever! And now every time you touch me I’m afraid you going to try… try…” Ali couldn’t keep talking because of tears.

“Ali? Come with me.” Bill led her to the sofa and sat down facing her. “Ali you have to understand one thing right now. I would never, ever spank you without your consent. I do have a very different view of spanking than you do, but I am no bully. I would never try and force you to do something against your will. Do you understand?” Ali hadn’t realized how upset and worried she had been about all this until now. 

Knowing Bill meant exactly what he said she could relax. “Bill I’m sorry, I know you are no bully but this whole thing… I just don’t understand.”

“Ali will you do something for me? I have two calls I have to make for work. Will you read some things I’ve printed off for you? These stories might help you understand some about spanking and then we can talk.”

“Reading? Reading I can do! I’ll read anything you like.”

Bill reached into his brief case and pulled out several spanking stories he had printed off earlier. “Just read them honey. Then we’ll talk.” He gave Ali a kiss and left her.

For the next hour Ali was mesmerized by the stories Bill had given her. It was obvious that the women in the stories didn’t mind being spanked and did find it an incredible turn on. But of course these were only stories. She had read the first one quickly but slowed down after that and tried to let her emotions flow with the stories. Although in each there was implied consent, that did not mean each woman wanted to be spanked at that moment. There was as much nervousness, embarrassment, guilt, and there was passion and surrender.

Ali jumped as Bill spoke to her from the doorway. She was surprise at how the stories had made her feel. Her mouth was dry and the dampness between her legs was telling evidence that regardless of what she thought of the idea of spanking her body had reacted strongly to the stories.

Bill made no comment about the blush that spread over Ali’s face as he sat beside her. “Well, what did you think?

“I … um…, I have never read anything quite like it. Bill where did you get these? Do you really think that they were written by women? These seem like men’s fantasies to me, not the one who is getting the spanking.”

Bill laughed “They are written by women alright. You can meet them if you want to.”

“I can what? Bill you know these women?”

Bill laughed again “They have blogs, Ali. And yes I consider many of them my friends but, no, I haven’t actually met any of them. There are many places on the internet where people go to discuss their feelings about spanking – how they got started, why they like it, why they feel it is so beneficial to their relationship. And I’ll show them to you tomorrow. But now I want to take you to bed! No spanking,” he reassured her as she looked at him “Just sweet lovin’.”

Their love making that night was the best ever. Ali was embarrassed to realize how horny she had gotten from reading the stories but she wasn’t going to waste the feeling. Bill smiled to himself when they were spent and Ali was nestled in his arms. It was a start, they weren’t there yet but it was a start.


During the next two weeks Ali found herself pouring over the blogs Bill sent her to. She felt that she had stumbled into some type of parallel universe where pain became pleasure. She was shocked to find that the women who wrote these incredible stories were not twenty year old co-eds but grown, married women with children. She had made a comment or two and asked a few question and got back friendly words and helpful advice. But there weren’t any words that could change the fact that she just didn’t think she would ever enjoy being spanked.

Decision time came two days later. Bill had taken her to lunch when she remembered a question she had been meaning to ask “Hey old man, your birthday is next week, what do you want?” In the instant it took for Bill to look directly into her eyes she realized she has given him the opening he had been looking for.

“I want to give you my birthday spanking.”
     Ali’s heart was thudding in her chest. She had known for a little while now that she was at least going to have to give this whole spanking thing a try. It looked like the time had come.

Taking a deep breath she answered “Okay, if that’s want you really want.” She looked around quickly and lowered her voice “You can give me your birthday spanking.”

She couldn’t help grinning at the sparkle in his eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I could also use a tie I suppose.”

Ali punched him, and then said seriously, “Now this is a one-time deal, I haven’t consented for life or anything. And one more thing,” she continued. “I’m talking about your hand. No paddles, hairbrushes, belts, canes, bull whips, chains, or baseball bats – got it?”

“No bull whips or chains? I don’t know, it hardly seems worth it,” Bill sighed. “But seeing that you are a spanking virgin I think I can honor your request.”

“So you’ll be gentle?”

“Gentle, nope. It’s going to be a real spanking. But I promise it won’t be more than you can handle.”

“How do you know want I can handle?”

“Ali, spanking is all about trust. Do you trust me?”

Ali looked at him for a moment longer “I do. Bill I do trust you but this still make me nervous. Can you do it with my clothes on or will you do it… um, you know on the bare?”

“Now darlin’, isn’t every man allowed to unwrap his own birthday gift? Don’t worry about anything. I promise, we’ll both like my gift!”

Ali’s eyes shifted down and she nodded. But as she looked back at Bill the twinkle was in her eyes as she asked one final question “Now just exactly how old are you again?”

To be continued…

Alright no fussing!  I am putting it up in two parts and if you don’t like it - spank me.  The second half will be up tomorrow, I hope you’ll come back.  


  1. Hi PK,this was fabulous! Enjoyed this and am looking forward to part two. This would definitely make a good book...)


  2. Oohhhhh.... can’t wait for part 2!
    I can see this as a story too!
    Thanks PK!

  3. Oh yes, I agree with Roz and Minelle about it being a book.

    Looking forward to part two.