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Friday, December 25, 2020

Grace's Christmas poem

Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful day, thanks for coming by to share a little of your holiday time.
I love today’s Fantasy Friday! The wonderful and talented Grace sent this to me years ago. She wrote it just for Fantasy Friday and I have to say I was honored. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Twas the night before Christmas...or was it? 

Twas the night before Christmas 
And all through the house 
Not a creature was stirring 
Except for a spouse! 
The paddles were hung 
In the closet with care 
In hopes that a red bottom 
Soon would be there 
The wife was a nestled 
All snug in the corner 
While visions of swats 
And how many were wondered. 
And Mamma in her tee-shirt 
And I with my bats 
Were just settling in
For some long and hard swats 
From out of the corner 
There rose such a clatter 
When I said it was time 
And in my hand was a swatter. 
Away from the corner 
She flew like a flash 
Pulled down her panties 
And bent over, at last. 
Her butt was like moonlight 
On new fallen snow 
Gave luster of mid-day 
To eyes all a-glow. 
When, what to her wondering 
Eyes should appear 
But a paddle of wood 
A big subject of fear. 
With the first little slap  
So lively and quick 
I knew in a moment 
She’s probably quite slick 
More rapid than eagles, 
The spanks how they came 
She cursed and shouted 
And called me bad names 
Ouch, meany, Ow, wieny, Oh please stop, it hurts 
Eeeeouch yes sir, screech, no sir 
She sputters and spurts 
From the top of her tail bone 
To the top of her thighs 
Now spank away, spank away 
Spank low and high 
As with a very sore bottom 
Her screams echo the sky 
Her bum meets with the paddle 
The slaps echo and fly 
So upping the tempo 
The paddle, it flew 
With a fast paced staccato 
And some rubbing too 
And then in a twinkling 
I heard a low moaning 
The prancing and pawing 
Of feet and of clawing 
As I drew in my hand 
And was starting to slow 
Down put the paddle 
And the hand was a go 
My hand started slapping 
From tushy to thigh 
And her screams turned 
To panting, and then a big sigh 
A bunch of hard slaps 
I had put on her bottom 
And she looked like a naughty girl, just like she oughta 
Her eyes, how they twinkled 
Her dimples how merry 
Her bum was like roses 
Her bottom like a cherry. 
Her droll little bottom 
Tightened just like a bow 
And the skin on her thighs 
Was as white as the snow 
The stump of a paddle 
Held tight in my hand 
And I swore there was smoke 
From her bottomy land 
I had a broad smile, 
At the buttocks that shook 
When I smacked and I slapped 
And I spanked and I cooked 
Her bottom was chubby and plump 
A right sore was her self 
And I laughed when I saw it 
In spite of myself 
With a wink of my eye 
And a twist of my wrist 
Soon gave me to know 
She couldn’t resist 
I spoke not a word 
But went straight to my work 
And filled all the white spots 
Then turned with a jerk 
And laying a finger 
Inside of her place 
I gave her an orgasm 
And made her heart race 
Then we sprang to our bed 
And our bodies did whistle 
So away we both flew 
Like the down of a thistle 
But I heard her exclaim as we both were entwined 
Happy Spanking to all And to all, a good night!

Grace thanks again. I have always know you are an incredibly talented writer but I have to say this is one of your masterpieces! Remember, everyone is invited to contribute to Fantasy Friday. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Merry Christmas to you, nick and family PK. What a wonderful,festive, spanky poem. Love it!


  2. Haha, Merry Christmas to you and Nick and all the family! Have a safe and healthy year ahead!

  3. Hi PK. What a delightfully cheery spanky poem! Merry Christmas!
    Thanks Grace!