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Monday, December 14, 2020

Christmas plans

I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite ornaments  throughout my post today.

Christmas is coming early this year. Ever since LJ and Collin moved to NYC, we usually have Christmas in early January when they come. As with nearly everyone, this year will be different for us. 

I got this from my college roommates in 1975 


Collin was here a few months ago to see his family, though he slept here. So he’s not coming back for Christmas. Also it would mean a two week quarantine both before and after his visit. Not many people can take a month or more off work so, no trip for him. LJ is flying in on Wednesday and staying until next Sunday. Christmas will be on the nineteenth.

Mollie's favorite


I know this isn’t perfect. And I know it’s a little dangerous. But we’re all going to try to be as safe as possible. I won’t be hugging him as I want to. Mollie and LJ both say we’ll need to wear masks in the house unless we’re eating. I’m leaving blankets around because I may have the windows open a bit.  We also have two outside heaters we can use, but  it’s only supposed to be in the 40’s here next Saturday. Too bad, this past Saturday was in the mid 60’s. 

A gift from Nick fifteen years ago. 
It plays I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.


I hope we aren’t being foolish. I just want to see both of my children. And if LJ doesn’t come now, there is no way I can possible see him until September. That’s because his job is really going to be picking up soon – I’ll be telling you about that in the near future.

LJ's favorite

So I’ll take any prayers, good thought and energy and anything else you can throw our way both for his travels and for everyone’s safety. I do add blogland to my prayers nightly – bloggers and readers.



  1. Hi PK, what beautiful ornaments! Love these.

    So glad you will be celebrating Christmas with both LJ and Mollie. I don't think you are being foolish at all, I know you will be taking all necessary precautions.

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers that you all remain safe. Hopefully now with vaccines beginning to be rolled out around the world it spells the beginning of the end to this nightmare.


    1. I think you're right. I'm ready for the vaccine any time I can get a place in line.

  2. PK, Ornaments are lovely. The last one is my favourite of the ones you have shown.

    Happy LJ will be able to spend time with you all.

    Thinking of you all. Enjoy.


    1. Logan loved picturing himself as the little boy on the stairs.

  3. love your ornaments...... I always feel - when I take a picture of the tree - that it doesn't do the individual ornaments justice ya know?? AND trying to take a picture of my favourites wouldn't work cause I swear every one is my favourite :)

    I hear you about worrying a bit about seeing your kids at Christmas... we went down to Quebec to see my youngest on Saturday - but didn't go into the house or hug - le sigh - she's living in a lock down region. OH and we're having our virtual Christmas on the 19th too !!

    Take care stay safe!!

    1. The 19th sound like a lovely day for Christmas, we can both enjoy. But I sure will be happy when I can hug my kids and sit on the couch with them and hold hands.

  4. It will be fine. Trust and have a wonderful tiee.

    1. That's definitely the plan!