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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Recipes from ME?

As I told Morningstar, it’s unusual for anyone to ask me for a recipe. I’ve always been the one asked to bring paper product when a big meal was being planned. But when pushed there are a few things I can handle. And you can be sure if can make it, anyone can.


The chocolate éclair cake is extremely easy. 

To make the filling use 2 regular size packs of instant vanilla pudding and mix with 3 cups of milk. I put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes then I add a half container of cool-whip. 


In a 9 x 13 dish lay out gram crackers in a single layer. Spoon in half of the pudding mixture over the gram crackers. Then another layer of gram crackers and then the rest of the pudding. Then one last layer of gram crackers on top. Let this chill for an hour or so. 

Then I took a container of chocolate frosting – put it in the microwave until it was liquid then I poured it over the cooled ‘cake’ and just did a little spreading in the corners to see that it was all covered.


Keep it in the fridge and I think it’s really better after 24 hours.


You could make this with sugar free pudding and Cool Whip, low calorie gram crackers and diabetics would only have to worry about the chocolate frosting.


Chocolate Chip Pound Cake


·      One box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix

·      1 package instant chocolate pudding

·      4 eggs

·      ¾ cup water

·      ¾ cup oil 

·      1 cup sour cream

·      6 oz. milk chocolate chips


Mix first six ingredients. Stir in chips.


Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. 


This cake tends to fall a little. Mollie says this makes it so much better. My SIL says this happens because the cake makers have begun putting in less cake mixture in their boxes and she’s right. If you want it to look perfect you might have to play with it and add a bit less water and oil. But if you’re just making it to eat – stick with this. It’s great. Good chocolate flavor without being too much chocolate.


Now if I were making it just for me, I’d leave out the chocolate chips.

Be sure to come back yearly to see if I’ve mastered another recipe


  1. Oh yum, thank you for sharing these recipes PK. I'll be back next year for more lol


    1. I hope I learn another by then!

  2. OMG - we make the chocolate eclair cake but call it plain 'eclairs'. My mom used to make it... then I started to make it - now my eldest daughter makes it during the summer when we are all camping together - a 'Friday night blue plate' special !!
    I have copied the recipe for the chocolate chip pound cake - everyone around here LOVES chocolate (except me) and like you would probably prefer it without the chocolate chips.....
    Thanks for the recipes PK :)

    1. GAH!!! it has been bugging me since I left that comment - eclairs just didn't sound right.... I was in the kitchen making Christmas cake (don't ask!!) AND it came to me - our eclair cake is called 'mille feuille'.......TA DA!!

    2. There are a lot of different names for different desserts and so many different combinations! As long as they're good to eat I'll try any of them!

  3. oh my but that looks good. it reminds me of a layered thing we make here - whipped heavy cream layered with mango slices and crushed graham crackers and the topmost layer is fruit with the last bit of crushed crackers sprinkled over. Then set in the fridge over night.

    1. This sounds like something Nick would love! If I gave him this I could get away with anything!

  4. Never even heard of this one. I think I will have to try it


    1. Both are pretty easy and delicious!

  5. Yummy,thanks for the recipes.


    1. Let me know if you try them.

  6. OOH! I am so going to give these a try! Many thanks! Happy weekend to you!

    1. I hope you like them both - I love the pound cake. It's the exact texture I like!