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Friday, October 02, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Another Chance, part two

I had a great visit with my friend! I was sorry to see her fly off yesterday. Even in these worrisome times we need to keep friends close.

As pr
omised we have chapter two of 'Another Chance' the story we started last week. Click here to read the first part if you didn't get the chance last week or if you want to refresh your memory. You'll like this chapter for sure and the best news is that there will be another one next week. I love stories that go on like this!

Please enjoy...

Another Chance
part two 

Bill and Sylvia ran to the waiting limousine in a shower of rice.  The wedding, although small, was formal.  Both had eloped the first time and the kids and grandkids wanted a special event.  After a private ceremony, with only family present, they invited half the town for a big bash at the club.  Bill looked more handsome than ever, his rugged looks set off by the tuxedo Sylvia insisted upon.  Her ice blue gown was simple and elegant.  They made a striking couple, laughing and shaking rice from their hair as they sped off.

This time, Sylvia was determined to come before the business.  She begged and wheedled until Bill finally gave in.  Two weeks was a long time for him to be out of the office. But they did deserve a break.  Sylvia campaigned for a cruise to the islands, fancy clothes, good food, and spectacular sunsets.  Bill favored a sailboat tour of the Florida Keys, private, good fishing, and spectacular sunsets.  The kids broke the stalemate with tickets for a private car on an excursion train into Canada, citing the tradition of a Niagara Falls honeymoon.  A place neither had been seemed a good idea and peace prevailed.
The first two days were a fairytale honeymoon of romance and lovemaking.  The sound of the wheels proved soothing and the slight rocking lulled them to sleep at night.  The "Presidential Car" was as luxurious as any fine hotel and the dining car offered fine cuisine from around the world.  Sylvia felt like a spoiled fairy princess.  Bill laughed, but allowed his beautiful new wife to feed him strawberries and chocolate in bed, teasing about the service.

Day three was their first stop.  A whole day of sightseeing in Niagara.  Bill was up early hoping to check in with the office before leaving, several large jobs were underway and he had a few details to go over with his secretary.  Leaving a message for her to call he jumped into the shower.  He turned the water off just in time to hear Sylvia telling someone that they were not to be disturbed and any problems would wait for their return.  Rushing into the room, dripping wet but ready to take the call, he found Sylvia hanging up his cell phone.  The guilty look on her face was his first clue that this was not the first time she had "handled" a call for him."Sylvia, who was on the phone?"

"Nothing important, sweetie, you'd better hurry or we'll miss the falls."Sylvia breezed by Bill, gathering her clothes and heading for the shower.

Bill paced the room, growing angrier with each passing moment.  His secretary was reluctant to tattle but finally spilled the beans.  She had been trying to reach him on an urgent matter but the phone had been turned off until this morning.  When she returned his call Sylvia let her know that no further calls would be accepted. A major contract was lost due to her childish behavior and, honeymoon or not, she was going to answer for it.  Mind made up, Bill went into the bathroom just as she stepped out of the shower.

Grabbing her firmly by the arm he steered her, still dripping, to the bedside.  Ignoring her ripostes about eager bridegrooms he settled himself on the edge of the bed and tossed her unceremoniously over his knee.  Shocked at his sudden assault on her backside several swats landed before she found her voice.

"What are you doing?  This is not fair, you promised I would always know why you were spanking me."

"I think you know perfectly well why you are being punished.  I will not tolerate you interfering with my business.  I asked Carol to call me because I needed to speak to her.  Thanks to your childish behavior we lost the bid on the new shopping center and I intend to take every dollar of lost revenue out of your hide."

Sylvia stirred spasmodically as the heat began to build.  He was really angry this time and spanking harder than usual, already her bottom was burning up.  Soon he was landing several swats in the same place before moving on.  She hated that this soon reduced her to screeching "not there" over and over.Bill gave her his full attention, painting every inch of her backside bright scarlet and soon she was limp and sobbing.

"That was for turning off my phone, for giving Carol a hard time, and for overstepping your authority.  You've been running wild ever since Ray died and I intend to put a stop to it.  You lied to me and I will not stand for that."

As he lectured Bill pulled his belt off and doubled it in his hand.  He hated to do it but she needed to learn this lesson right from the start.Ray never put up with any nonsense and neither would he.

"Anytime you think about lying to me you remember how this belt feels.  I promise you will be remembering it every time you sit down for days."

Sylvia was stunned that he would use his belt; he always said his hand was plenty hard enough.  Before she could protest the first stripe landed across her hot cheeks making her howl.  Bill was in no hurry, he took his time and placed each stripe carefully, working his way down to her knees with special attention to the under curve of her cheeks.  By the time he was finished she was gasping for breath.Setting her on her feet he sent her to the bathroom to finish getting ready.  Her protests earned her another quick flick of his belt across her welted rear.

"This trip to see the falls was so important you threw away a substantial contract.  Now get dressed and be ready in five minutes.  We are going on this tour no matter how sore your butt is."
Scurrying out of reach Sylvia bolted into the bathroom to splash cold water on her scalding bottom before her brute of a husband forced her to dress.  Whatever happened to making up after a punishment, she wondered, as she searched for something comfortable to wear.

Four hours later Bill watched his still squirming wife trying to get comfortable on the hard bench seats of the tour bus.  He had to smile at her stubborn refusal to complain.  Her bottom had to be raw and sore, he had made sure it was a strapping she would remember.  His polite inquiries into her comfort were met with stony silence; she was not speaking to him.  He looked forward to discussing that with her upon their return to the train.  In fact, they still had several items of unfinished business left from the morning.  He suspected there was going to be fireworks once they were alone.  Smiling at the thought of warming her bottom again before he carried her off to bed Bill settled back to enjoy the view.

My thanks again to my anonymous friend who is such a wonderful writer! She writes as she has time and is motivated and I appreciate every thing she has sent.

I'm happy to tell you that I've received two new stories that I'll be posting after we finish this story. If you have a story you are willing to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I remember this wonderful story PK and am enjoying the re-read. Annie is such a great writer, I enjoyed all her stories.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time with your friend and yay for new stories:)


  2. I loved this one too PK. It hits all my buttons. I love when the situation is angst ridden. Thanks for reposting!