I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Empty nest celebrations

I’ll have to say that we have wasted no time in celebrating our return to privacy. I didn’t think we’d find any time before Sunday afternoon, but Mollie went out to eat with friends Saturday night and we were ready! Nick hadn’t read about Wimpy and Badass at that time but he did a great job anyway. After we played and loved we quickly put everything away. Never know when the kids might eat fast and head home.

On Sunday we took our girl back to college. I know it’s just happened but she seems sooo much happier there now that she has a new roommate. By the time we got her settled in and back to the house I barely had time for my Sunday afternoon nap – a long standing tradition that I hold sacred. But I managed to slip one. As it got dark Nick woke me and invited me back to the bedroom. I was a little surprised since we had played the day before. I wondered if he had read my post and if he had what might he have in store for me. I hesitated for just a second and he said “Come on Wimpy.” LOL! Guess that answered my question.

We had a great time. He had me wear a blindfold – I really love that, very freeing. But I am going to need to go through our toys and take a look at them again. I’m getting really bad at identifying implements. Some are easy of course, the flogger, that friggin cane, his belt and then the new strap were all easy. I had no problem identifying the hated and horrible bath brush and the hair brush I could identify from sound alone. I felt two pops with something that stung badly and I asked what that was. He told me it was the split tail tawse.

“I hate that!” I told him with feeling.

“Well where did it come from then?” he asked.

“I think Badass bought it!” He just laughed and kept going.

Finally he began with one I couldn’t identify at all. It felt sharpish, it hurt but not horribly. I asked what it was but he just laughed and said he was going to keep spanking with it until I guessed correctly. Not good! My mind doesn’t function well with my butt being flailed away by some unknown implement with a sharp sting. I tried to reach back that that only got my hands popped with it several time and still I didn’t know what it was. After an agonizing long time I finally realized it was the crop! Please give me the belt, or strap any day. I’ll be glad to give up the cane and crop completely!

Nick did a great job spanking and when we went on to other fun activities I was more than ready. It was a fantastic way to celebrate college starting back. Their rooms are always going to be here when our little birds want to visit, but as long as they have happily flown away we’re going to keep enjoying the nest – just the two of us!


  1. PK, yes, I missed the bunch, I thought perhaps I could loan you some of mine. LOL!
    Seems that Nick is really getting into the spirit of TTWD, great>
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Happy for you. Empty nests are a great thing. You know you could always hide the hated implements and tell him he only gets to use them if he can find them. You could make it a Valentine's Scavenger Hunt. :)

  3. PK: How wonderful that you are enjoying your empty nest. And let's hope he keeps Badass very happy. You must have a smile on your face all the time these days.


  4. PK: How wonderful that you are enjoying your empty nest. And let's hope he keeps Badass very happy. You must have a smile on your face all the time these days.


  5. Sounds like tons of fun, glad you are enjoying your empty nest again.

  6. LOL! How nice for Wimpy & Badass to finally meet Nick. :)

  7. That is awesome you had a great "session" lol. I agree with you though the cane and crop can go away!!! They HURT... hey maybe you can burn them along with the bath brush... he he he. My husband LOVES both the cane and the crop... he says it gives him maximum results with minium effort... I call it LAZY! ha ha ha

  8. sounds like an awesome time was had by wimpy and baddass and by Nick :) way to go.
    Usually every second weekend we have an empty nest but because of the holidays our schedule is all up the spout and i wont get a free weekend and empty next for 3 nights now until February :(