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Friday, January 06, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Entanglement

Merry Christmas!! No I don't have the wrong day. LJ and Collin got home yesterday, so this is Christmas Morning, II. But don't think I've forgotten about our Fantasy Friday story. Today we have another story from Grace. I love Grace's style of writing, part dreamy, part fantasy, part other worldly. Grace has written us two stories if you'd like to go back and read them, here and here.

So while I'm enjoy Christmas dinner you all enjoy Grace's story.


A story of time, alternative realities or maybe ghosts! I’ll leave you to decide but in the mean time just close your eyes and follow your mind, you never know where it might take you.

“I’ve been lost for so long now; maybe you have some answers for me, a way forward, or back, just a shift to somewhere else, a step along the journey. I feel I have forgotten something, you see there is a void that I just can’t reach across and I feel such loneliness” He continued to stare into the middle distance, absentmindedly twiddling his thumbs whilst he continued to listen to the girl. “I think you have some ideas, I would like to share them” she continued “I read an article about your papers somewhere,” she paused desperately trying to remember where but gave up, “you say there are many realities and I know this to be true, I see them all the time, not directly, just from the corner of my eye, would you take me on a journey?” She looked down shyly “Would you take care of me, look after me, keep me safe whilst I explore certain things within me?” The silence descended again broken only by the steady tick took rhythm of the old large clock that stood on top of the fireplace.

He stopped twiddling his thumbs and stroked his chin instead. Standing up abruptly he wondered across to the bookcase that stood in one corner of the old room with its vaulted ceiling and stone gothic window framed by deep blue velvet curtains. A tattered old large desk commanded the centre of the room, its mahogany surface inlayed with the history of many years, the leather top torn and frayed.

“I love silence” he eventually said whilst staring at the books. “I also love books” He eventually selected the book he was looking for and for the first time he looked directly at her. “They find me you know, when they have a message for me” He looked down at the cover of the book in his hands. “a lot like you,” he looked up and smiled briefly at her. “Sometimes it’s strange the way things happen to us, in fact if we pay attention it’s a lot stranger than we think, most of the time, but then we go back to sleep and miss the main attraction, but I think you have been paying attention. I could explain what is happening to you and why you have found your way to us but it might be more of a journey, an experiential way if I accompany you, if you would allow it?” He walked across the room until he was standing directly in front of her, she craned her neck to look up at him as he spoke “It will be a deeply personal undertaking, I would not take your allowing me to accompany you lightly, I would view it as a great honour and privilege and I would prize your welfare above everything else.” The sincerity of his words moved her so deeply that she could only nod her approval. “You see the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” He said.

She continued to look up at him noticing now he was so close, and the kindness that lay behind his deep blue eyes “That’s very profound” She said “Yes it is.” he replied “but alas, not my words.” He gazed around the room as if taking it all in one last time. “We should go,” he said without looking at her. He led her in the opposite direction to how she had entered the building and she found it curious as she struggled to keep up with him how the college staff seemed to ignore them, she had often experienced this feeling before but she felt it more deeply in this place. Very shortly they found themselves in a quadrangle which led to a walled garden. The garden had great age, neglected, sad almost, a faint ghost of its former glory, of how it used to be before the people left and it slowly passed into memory, everywhere jack in the green was claiming it back for himself. In one corner a door was set into the wall. He stopped in front of the door and spoke to her quietly but very directly.

“Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?” She nodded her agreement. He opened the door and they stepped in, or at least she did for he had left her side and she was quite alone. The corridor she found herself in was of the same layout as the one she had entered the college by but even with her poor sense of direction she reasoned it must be on the opposite side of the building as the busy sound of traffic endlessly passing through the old market town could not be heard, just the overwhelming silence. One of the doors opened startling her for a moment and a woman about ten years her senior stepped into the hallway and beckoned her.

“Your very late!” she said “Come in here” She entered the room and was stunned to find that it was exactly the same room as the professors, not just similar, this was the actual room. The woman gestured for her to sit down on the very same seat she had only just vacated.

“Do you know why you are here?” asked the woman.

“I’m not sure” she answered, “I’m looking for something, answers, I think.”

“Well” said the woman “We shall have to see what we can do” She couldn’t read the woman’s face, she did not give anything away but she did feel as if this was maybe a performance, something under the surface. The woman got up from behind the desk and walked slowly to the window with her hands clasped behind her. “I wish you to call me madam.”

“Yes” she answered. “I mean, yes madam.”

“Very good” the women said “Now, have you ever been disciplined” the woman asked, half turning her head whilst she waited for an answer.

“If I understand you correctly” she hesitated for a moment trying to read the situation but the woman was as secretive as ever, “kind of, you see, I have these sort of reoccurring dreams, day dreams you could call them, but vivid, in a sort of loop, I think there may be something about me, I, I need to explore” She felt her face flush as her words trailed away.

“Have you forgotten my title already?” replied the woman

“Oh yes, I mean no, I mean no madam.”

The woman continued to gaze from the window with her back to the girl, her head tilted down slightly as her voice softened “You know we have missed you, I have missed you, your parting always saddens me, I am always connected to you wherever you are but I still miss you.” She could not be sure but she sensed the woman was crying. “Have we met before, I’m sorry there is so much I cannot remember or understand but do I know you? I mean madam,” she said hurriedly correcting herself.

“We have always known you, the professor, you, me, we are all connected, we are entangled and always have been. Just close your eyes and you will see clearer.”

She did as she was instructed and closed her eyes for what seemed a moment, she saw a woman in white leading a white horse through a forest. The forest was mainly dark, the scent of the earth filled the air and a mist swirled around them its luminescence caught by soft moonlight. She opened her eyes with a start, her heart pounding. The woman was standing in front of her looking directly into her eyes, she tilted her head as she spoke. “Where have you been?”

“I, I don’t know” she stammered. She looked around her and the room was the same except it was now dark outside and the room glowed with soft incandescent light. She also noticed for the first time since entering the room the quiet, the clock standing silent and still. She looked at the woman confused and frightened “You were there, I saw you, you were leading a white horse!”

She placed her hand gently on the girls face “Don’t worry, when the time comes I will always lead you and the professor to another place but forget that for now, you have been troubled by these dreams, let me help you, I want to help you, hold my hand and close your eyes again”

She did as she was told once again and was immediately transported to the room again, only this time it was day. She found herself standing in front of the desk but it was new and not the old tattered desk she had previously seen. She heard the woman’s voice behind her.

“Bend over the desk.”

“Yes madam” she replied as she complied with the instruction. As she felt her dress being raised she noticed a wooden ruler lying on the desk, a man’s hand came into her peripheral vision and picked it up. “You will receive six strokes as your punishment today; you will be allowed to keep your knickers on.” said the woman.

Her legs trembled slightly as she felt tears rolling down her face drip from her nose to make a small pool on the leather top of the desk.

The first stroke landed with a splat across the centre of her bottom quickly followed by three more. The suddenness of the strokes made her loose her breath briefly and she held tightly onto the desk as she tried to breathe slower and more deeply. She also felt the redness of her bottom spread a delicious heat to her clitoris; she had a sensation that she new well, somewhere, sometime before, a pleasure, a game! Two more strokes landed much harder than the first and mainly on the areas of her bottom not covered by her knickers, her knees bent as she closed her eyes tightly shut and let the air escape from her lips. When she opened her eyes she was back in the room again but this time alone with the woman. The fire in her bottom was still throbbing and she clasped her hands to the cheeks of her bottom.

“Ouch that really stings, why was I punished?” she asked the woman as she desperately tried to rub the heat away.

“Because you wanted to be” she answered with a smile “reality follows you not the other way round.”

She sat down as best she could on the chair feeling confused and bewildered but also aroused and alive. She looked down shyly and spoke in a whisper “I hold it so close to me, this part of my nature, nobody gets to see this, what I am feels so wrong but also so right and exciting, it brings me alight.”

The woman looked at her with a distance in her eyes “You are submissive by consent that’s all and there is nothing more erotic!”

“But you must think me different, strange?”

“We all follow different paths in these matters, ours is a different path to others, that’s all. The professor and I are entangled by love with you, we live our lives as one, we share your difference, all you have to do is to discover the love you feel for yourself, and we will help you!”

She could still feel the fire that was continuing to burn and spread out even further across her bottom, she tried to adjust her position on the chair to get comfortable but eventually gave up and walked across to the desk, “I have seen this before” she said to the woman.

“I’m sure you have” she replied with a giggle “I expect you to get very acquainted with it; girls often do in this room. Why don’t you close your eyes, it will help with your, what I believe may be, very sore bottom!”

She rested her hands on the edge of the old desk and closed her eyes briefly, when she opened them the desk was once again new and it was another day and she could feel the red marks on her bottom completely vanish. She was certain she could also hear horse’s hooves on cobbled streets outside the room. The woman was speaking from somewhere behind her again “You know the position by now girl, remove your knickers and bend over the desk!” Yes madam she replied as she obediently followed the instructions lifting her dress and kicking her underwear to one side as she draped herself across the desk once again.

“You will receive six strokes of the cane, I will leave you in his hands now and I expect you to behave.”

“Yes madam she replied” as she heard the door open and then close as the woman left. She was just wondering if the mystery man would speak when she felt the familiar tap tap of the cane on the middle of her bottom. No time for wondering now girl she thought as she straitened her legs to present her bottom for the cane.

The first stroke landed with a swish, the sting was intense and this time instead of the sting abating it just kept spreading further and further across her bottom. The second and third landed in quick succession and she bent her knees whilst raising one leg lightly trying to ease the stinging but to no avail. Another two landed and she let out a small moan whilst the tears cascaded once again to pool on top of the desk that she was beginning to love and hate in equal measure. Small sobs were also passing her lips as she moved her legs back and forth in a scissor action trying to ease the heat. The last stroke landed on the lower part of her bottom and she let out a gasp as she surrendered to the desk. With the heat and stinging still increasing and spreading slowly but steadily across her bottom she started to feel an erotic passion rising within her, she had a need and it was going to be met. She arched her back as she straightened her legs to present herself to him once again; please she whispered half turning her head to him.

She could feel her moisture trickling down her legs at the same time as she felt the warmth of his breath on the nape of her neck. I love you he whispered into her ear as the fingers of his left hand started to circle her clitoris. Please professor she breathed through tears as she arched her head back. She felt the fullness of his erection entering her effortlessly as she encased herself around him. The heat from her bottom cooled by the closeness of his body as she clung onto the desk. His other hand found her breasts and he caressed her nipples between his thumb and finger, she let out a small moan as she felt the excitement and uncontrolled passion coursing through her body. “Thank you for caning me sir, I hated it!” she giggled. He continued to move within her his girth completely filling her, she breathed small gasps each time he thrust deep into her.

“Please sir punish me some more, please make me cum.”

He pushed into her deeper still, her feet lifting off the floor slightly until she was on her toes and hanging onto the desk for support. All her memories came back into focus as he gently kissed her shoulders and she realized she could stand no more. “Just close your eyes and let me find you,” he whispered gently into her ear. She was standing on top of a hill with the wind blowing through her hair, the sky as black as ink and studded with stars, she felt herself floating as her orgasm passed through her in waves and her body clenched onto his erection as they climaxed together, a voice cried out into the night as the darkness consumed them.

The room was in complete darkness when she opened her eyes but there was a lightness she had not felt for a very long time, a sense of complete happiness and acceptance permeating every inch of her as if a great burden had been lifted. She became aware of the distant voice of the woman speaking to her once again.

“Try to sleep, rest little sister, just close your eyes.” She lay on a large sofa that stood at the edge of the room, a cover from the chair pulled over her. As she started to close her eyes once again she noticed the room disappearing as if it were made of dust and it had completely vanished before her eyes were fully shut.

She found herself moving through the forest and once again the woman was leading the white horse, a man, the professor was on the horse cradling her in his arms. She looked up into his eyes sleepily and spoke. “There you are, I thought I had lost you, are you still looking after me?”

“Yes” he smiled down at her “I always have and always will.”

“I remember you now, I remember both of you, my love and my sister, of course, how could I forget?”

“You were lost, and so we had to find you, that’s all” he said kindly.

“Did we live well together?” she asked.

“Of course” He replied, “we always do.”


Grace I want to thank you again for sharing another story with us. I hope you will write more for us. You can really kick start some fantasies for us!

I am enjoying being able to post new stories and I want to thank everyone who has shared one with us. We'll have new one at least through mid-February. But as always we want more! We spanko are a greedy bunch, LOL! Please send any story you are willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK, this is a fantastic story.
    Grace, you are talented, I hope that you will write more.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Lovely story - well written. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Grace, thank you. Great story and so very well written. I hope you will write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  4. I loved this, so different, so full of meaning, at least to me. Thank you Grace for sharing your talent with us. abby

  5. Anonymous11:22 PM

    This story is phenomenal. You have a true talent for writing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!


  6. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Great story, Grace!