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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Mom

Warning : blatant bragging ahead

It’s been great having LJ and Collin home. They love NY but they like to have a place to visit that is very different. Nothing like a small southern town for that! The first thing LJ and Mollie did when he got home, while I was still at work, was to head to the nursing home (I didn’t even suggest it). They went to visit an older lady from our church. She had been in charge of the acolytes when they were little. She was thrilled to see them both and said she was going to brag to everyone that she got to see LJ before I did.

As happy as I was to see the boys I found out that Mollie was the one with the biggest news. She had just received a call offering her the job she has dreamed of for 11 years now. This summer she will be a camp counselor at the church camp she attended for 9 years. I remember the first year she went, she was 8 and I spent those 4 days and 3 nights on the verge of tears. Was she making friends? Was she scared? Was she missing me? Was she crying to come home? If it could be worried about, I was worrying about it. While I was doing all this worrying she was having the time of her life! She bound up to me when we came to get her with a huge smile and announced ‘I’m going to work here when I grow up!’ She never changed her mind. She didn’t make it the first time she applied, but she tried again this year and she’s in!

I’m not even bragging when I say the camp got the best counselor they could have hired. Mollie is phenomenal with kids of all ages. I have long noticed both at church and at family gathering that playmates, parents and even grandparents are ignored as there is a stampede to the door with cries of “Mollie’s here, Mollie’s here!” And Mollie is always just as happy to see them.

I can’t help but remember one thing she told me about camp after coming home that first time. Remember she was 8 when she first told me this, “I’m going to meet my husband when I work at camp. I think that will be the best time. If he works there I’ll know he’s a Christian and that he likes kids. That’s all you really need in a husband.” Who knows, out of the mouths of babes…


  1. PK, what a lovely post, it made me very happy to read it.
    You are blessed in your children.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Children are a reflection of what they have seen and experienced. They obviously have had great role models.

    You know Mollie is probably right. When children are young they are still in tune to the messages the universe is sending. I remember my daughter telling me lots of things that have come to pass. Strange, I think not.

  3. I'm with Paul, this post just made me happy! How exciting for Mollie, such great news!!

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Brag away, PK! It's nice to hear about your children.


  5. Paul,
    I am blessed! And in addition, my kids are fun!

    I was sent good kids. They were both so easy to raise. I hope Mollie is right, that would be wonderful.

    It's good but I've never been without her for this long at a time. I guess I have to get used to it.

    Thanks, I'm afraid if I got started I wouldn't stop, LOL!

  6. PK: You sound like such a happy Mom and your kids are lucky to have you for a mom.

    And nice that your daughter is living her dreams.


  7. What happened to my comment:)

    Such a happy read. Great news for Mollie.


  8. What wonderful kids and you are right to brag about them! You must have been a wonderful mother to raise sons and a daughter like that!

  9. FD,
    I am really excited for her. This will be her first 'real' job. she works hard when she babysits but it's not the same as a real job like this.

    I know, blogger can be a butt!

    I only claim partial credit. My kids seem to come to me easy to raise.

  10. Thanks for sharing such a happy and full of great news post. Both your kids are noteworthy of praise. That's awesome Mollie got the job and they both though of seeing the friend in the nursing home.

  11. Jean,
    My kids are very familiar with rest home. Mom had me late and I had them late, lots of aunts to go visit when they were little.