I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

THAT was a good day!

I had a great Sunday! Many, many good things happened. I’ll get to them but first the diet update. It was Thanksgiving you know… Nick and I agreed that I could weigh in on Thursday morning rather than Friday. He further told me I could avoid trouble if I was up no more than a pound with all the extra eating going on. And that what it was – I was up exactly one pound. That’s the first gain in 9 weeks and I’m not disappointed. I enjoyed the extra eating but it’s time to get back on the program and that’s the plan.

One of the great things that happened Sunday concerns Fantasy Friday. I’ve been hosting FF for just over 4 years now and each week I ask, encourage, and sometimes beg for stories. But as the years have gone by I get fewer and fewer new stories and I have to post repeats. Now that okay because there are new readers all the time, but still I love to offer new stories. And then, Sunday, I got three – count‘em THREE, brand new stories. And they are good stories! I love having the new stories to post but even better than that for me I get to talk to and get to know the writers a little. For me that’s the most fun.

And there was more fun yet to come Sunday afternoon. I got an interesting email from Nick. He got the idea somewhere that when Cassie gets in trouble maybe I should too. I emailed back that none of it was MY fault and there was no reason for me to be in trouble! Thankfully he ignored me and we had a great afternoon – cuffs, ropes, plugs, vibrators, various implements. It was a great way to celebrate getting our empty nest back. But it does make me wonder, if I’m going to get into trouble every time Cassie does will there be more stories or less? What do you think?


  1. A great celebration indeed! I vote MORE, both for me to read and you to enjoy! abby

  2. I think Cassie is going to be a real hellion. You go girl.

  3. I vote for more stories please, though I don't really think it was ever a question. Looking forward to the new stories, I have one stuck in my head, hopefully soon it will come together, though it seems very dark. Not to sure about it. Glad you had such a great Sunday.

  4. Cuffs, ropes, plugs, vibrators, various implements and three stories, what a Sunday, Happy you had fun PK.

    Be interesting to hear what happens when you write another Cassie story.


  5. PK,
    great news on the weight front, well done.
    Three new stories, that is a bonanza!
    And your playtime, Wow.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. I think Cassie is about to become the devil girl from hell ;) hehehehe
    It could be Nick's way of "getting into" this a bit more for you???
    Way to go
    Good attitude with teh slight gain - you have to take the bad with the good - way to go you :) really proud of you. Im going to go back after christmas me thinks...you are inspiring me PK
    Love and hugs kiwi xxx

  7. PK: I think you have a lot of incentive now to write mor Cassie stories, especially ones when she gets in trouble.

    Wow, cuffs, ropes, plugs, vibes and various implements. Looks like your hubby is going to enjoy the empty nest years and you will too.

    When will the next Cassie story appear?


  8. sounds like good news all around

  9. Anonymous9:00 PM

    You go, PK! Eating all the fabulous food and only gaining 1 pound is great...keep up the good work:).


  10. Abby,
    It was super! I vote for more too, unfortunately Cassie doesn’t always cooperate.

    Who Cassie? Why you know is always the perfect lady. LOL!

    It’s really funny about Cassie. I would write a story a day if it were possible. But I can’t do anything to make them come – trust me, I’ve tried. Until she gets good and ready to tell me one I’m stuck.

    Fantasy Friday stories cover they such a wide range – from dark and serious to light and funny. I think it does the writer good to write them and you will always find an audience that loves it.

    There is only one kind I don’t post, school girl stories. Some are really good but I just can’t have them on my blog.

    It was fantastic! I’m not sure what will happen. But you know I have to agree with Cassie, she never does anything wrong. Tom’s just too picky.

    Cross your fingers for me for this week. I really want back down. Can’t wait for you to get to read these great FF’s.

    I’m always hoping Nick is getting into it more but I no longer anticipate. I just go with what is happening and enjoy it.

    Trust me if I can lose some weight anyone can!

    Incentive is always there – now if Cassie will just play along!

    We really had a great Sunday. Often I think we are like every other old couple but once we get into it we REALLY get into it.

    Next part should be up in a few days.

    I’m pretty happy with it all!

    Now is the scary part. I keep saying to myself ‘Quit quitting’ so far I’m listening.

  11. Patty8:03 PM

    More FF stories AND more of Cassie. We will all win!