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Friday, November 04, 2011

Fantasy Friday, A Stranger's Gift

Finally Friday – I’ve wanted to say that all week! So glad it finally here. As promised I have a brand new Fantasy Friday story today. I always ask the writer what I can share about them and I didn’t hear back so I won’t be sharing anything here. Maybe there will be other stories in the future and I’ll be able to introduce everyone. I do know we have a very good writer. One apology – I do not seem to be able to post any pictures. I really don’t know if its blogger or our lousy home internet connection. It works occasionally but not right now. Thank goodness to story is good enough to stand alone.

Please enjoy…

A Stranger's Gift

Her friend lead her into the room, it was like the rest of the house, old, but warm and friendly. They closed the door behind them; her friend left her to stand in one of the corners, to observe. She walked across the room, past the large bed and stopped in front of one of the windows. She gazed out at the view, the formal gardens below her would normally be teeming with visitors at this time of year but the weather had kept them away and only a few hardy souls ventured out.

She continued to stare out of the window as she heard the door open and then close behind her. The sound of soft footsteps made her glance around behind her and she caught a glimpse of a woman, younger than her and slightly built. She wasn’t sure what she expected but this person did not fit her imagination. So, she thought to herself, this is really going to happen, she felt a tingle of nerves down her spine as she continued to stare out of the window at the black threatening clouds that hung over the landscape.

The young women gently held her arm and encouraged her to bend forward and place both hands onto the window seat in front of her. She looked sideways and caught a glimpse of a short piece of leather, so am I really going to do this, she thought as she looked out of the window again, noticing for the first time how the old glass distorted the view slightly. Her legs trembled and she started to adjust her position but a firm hand on the small of her back stopped her from moving. She became acutely aware for the first time of her naked breasts under her thin summer dress, her nipples erect, gently rubbed against the fabric as she breathed.

She felt the short piece of leather positioned against the centre of her bottom for a second and then felt a warm sting as the strap made contact, she let out a short gasp, not from pain but more surprise, it did not feel how she had expected. Another stroke made contact, quickly followed by another. She felt heat spreading across her bottom and found she was struggling to catch her breath at each impact. She caught site of some visitors in the garden running for cover as the heavens finally opened. The strong gusting wind lifted the rain and hurled it at the window in front of her.

It crossed her mind that here were two different worlds, side by side, what would those people wonder at the activities in the room above them? As quickly as it had started, it stopped, and the young women with one hand on her shoulder gestured for her to stand up. She felt herself trembling, not from fear this time but excitement. The young women smiled knowingly and taking her by the hand led her to the edge of the bed. She then piled the pillows up in the centre of the bed and spoke for the first time.

“Bend over these pillows, you are to be punished.”

These words sent a shiver through her; she immediately obeyed and placed herself over the pillows. She felt vulnerable with her bottom in this raised position, she felt her dress being pulled up, and the cool air on the lower cheeks of her buttocks not covered by her knickers. The young women knelt on the bed and as she leaned over to pick up a hairbrush from the bedside cupboard whispered briefly into her ear,

“Just relax, I will take care of everything for you, I will keep you safe.”

She felt the hairbrush gently strike each cheek of her bottom in turn, making the heat quickly return. She wondered about her choice of underwear, white knickers, innocent, had she chosen white to protest her innocence, or to contrast with the redness of her bottom cheeks on show? So maybe not so innocent! Maybe subconsciously she was a naughty girl, why girl? She wondered, she was a grown woman! The hairbrush landed again forcing a gasp and then a sob from her lips. She wanted to be punished, she deserved to be punished, all those deeds at school that had passed unchallenged, and even more since then. She was not a bad person, just normal really, well, maybe unusual, special, she smiled to herself at this thought. Certainly she dreamt of being spanked all her life.

The spanking paused and she felt her knickers being slowly pulled down. She was conscious of her bare bottom being fully on display, the redness for all to see. The spanking started again, very slowly and progressively getting harder, the brush was now being applied all over her bottom so every inch was on fire. She was breathing heavy again and grimacing as each slap made its
impact felt, but strangely, she was also smiling at the same time. Another splat landed, this time across both cheeks of her bottom, just above the tops of her thighs, she took a sharp intake of breath as the heat spread still further across her bottom.

She drifted into her thoughts again, yes she was naughty and wanted, needed this spanking, it was long overdue, even if her friend did have to arrange it for her! Another slap, this time across the middle of her bottom, she buried her head into the bedclothes, her tangled hair wet with tears as the next blow landed. She was making involuntary gasps and yelps and just as she felt she could take no more the young women held her hand, she felt her face close to her ear, her hair touching the side of her face, she whispered gently into her ear.

“just surrender, I will keep you safe and transport you to somewhere else, I can take you anywhere your heart desires.”

She felt herself slowly giving into the young women and whilst the maelstrom in the wildness outside the house raged on, all was safe in the house, all was calm and controlled. The hairbrush descended again, rhythmically slapping down on every inch of her bottom and she felt herself floating, tears were now pouring down her face and the young women paused briefly to gently wipe them away. The rain once again threw itself at the ancient glass windows; she felt the
dampness in between her legs increase as she surrendered to the feelings of delicious excitement, her bottom dancing as the last hard slaps of the brush made contact once again with the lower part of her bottom. She had never felt so helpless and yet so in control at the same time, whilst her bottom glowed with erotic heat. She felt the young women’s hand stroking her bottom, her hand cool against the heat of her skin.

“Thank you” she whispered through her buried face, her hair wet from tears of gratitude. She experienced total release as this complete stranger who had unlocked the deepest part of her soul gently brought her back to this world and cradled her in her arms as she wiped the tears away with gentle compassion. She caught site for the first time of her friend who was crouching on the floor hugging her knees to her chest. She had clearly been moved by what she had witnessed, she smiled at her friend and then found herself laughing, never before had she felt so connected to her true nature and such joy, her friend joined her on the bed and hugged her. The young women with great knowing slowly got up from the bed and quietly left the room.


I told you this was a good story. I found it gentle and powerful at the same time. I hope we hear from this writer again.Thank you for letting me post your work. If anyone else has a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Gentle & powerful, perfect way to say it, PK! Love your Fantasy Fridays!!! :)

  2. Wow... what a wonderful story... thank you!! ;o)

  3. PK, a very nice story, your description fits perfectly.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Loved the story, yes I agree PK, gentle and powerful. Thank you to your friend and I hope she writes more.


  5. Oh my, that was beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I liked the story because it was not something I'd want for myself. It's always interesting to get another person's perspective for a fantasy.


  7. PK: A very good well written story capturing all her emotions as she submitted. I hope the writer will do more an will let you tell us more about her.


  8. its a great story thank you for sharing - and the only description tht fits - gentle & powerful
    love and hugs kiwi xxx