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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fantasy Friday, A Painful Lesson

Happy Friday. It’s cold here but with Thanksgiving around the corner I guess that’s to be expected. I’m holding my breath for the weigh in later this morning. I was so proud of losing 2 pounds last week but it seems over the weekend I put it right back on. I’ve worked this week because Nick says that maintaining will be fine going, but back up isn’t. I hope he sticks with that because I should be able to at least maintain and I don’t want to gain one ounce back.

Today we have a brand new story today from one of our favorite bloggers – Kiwigirliegirl! Some of this is based on real life with a little extra to really spice it up. It’s a great story to warm us up on a day like this. There is another little surprise today. I’ll tell you at the end.

Please enjoy…

A Painful Lesson

She couldn’t believe how much trouble she was in.

Sitting there in her room, on her bed, crossed legged, her chin resting in her cupped hands, she sighed deeply as she thought about her predicament. The big double bed, which only the morning before was the scene of their love and happiness and ecstasy. She glanced out of the window and thought that the weather was an exact reflection of her mood. Dark and somber clouds moved quickly across the skies as the wind picked up its pace and rattled through the trees that tapped and scraped across the window, dark; cold and foreboding.

Henry had never been so angry at her. She trembled as she remembered how yesterday afternoon he had rang her livid that his credit card had been declined. He couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. But she did. She had failed to make some payments for no other reason but distraction, forgetfulness and laziness. And now it had been frozen. She had the letter at her office and had not shown it to him thinking she could get it sorted before he found out – but she didn’t sort it out. Not in time anyway. She had fobbed him off on the telephone saying she had no idea what was going on and that she would find out. But she knew that when she got home from work she would have to admit the truth to him.

She shuddered as she remembered the cold hard angry glint in his steel blue eyes. The narrowing of his mouth and the twitch in his jaw line as the muscles in his face worked hard to keep his mouth closed as she sat next to him on the couch and told him the truth. That she had forgotten to make some payments and it had been frozen. He leaned forward his elbows on his knees shaking his head into his hands.

“Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was today?” He growled. “I spanked your ass not so long ago over this card, it was not even meant to be used and then I found out you had almost maxed it out – not funny darling not funny at all – we were keeping it for our holiday and you used it, without my permission, maxed it out, didn’t tell me – which is basically lying to me. Did you not learn from that spanking?

“Well, I tried to fix it babe…and didn’t you have your other card with you?” she said trying to sound light and not too serious…trying to lighten the mood. That was a big mistake.

“Obviously not hard enough and that’s beside the point. It should never have come to this in the first place. You ran it up in the first place and then you have the nerve to tell me you forgot merely forgot to make payments. How irresponsible of you? If you think you are responsible enough to have a credit card lady you then you are responsible for the consequences. You obviously didn’t take me seriously last time I spanked you over this issue. You deserve a severe beating for this, you realize don’t you?”

She must have tutted under her breath. He swung around quick as a flash and slapped her across the face. Not hard but it stung and tears immediately filled her eyes. She hung her head.

“Don’t you dare tutt at me madam.”

“I’m so s s sorry” she stuttered, trying hard to swallow the lump in her throat.

“Sorry is not good enough lady. I’m so mad at you right now that I can barely look at you. I need to calm down before we take this conversation anywhere else. You can go to bed. Right now”.

“And I don’t care what the time is.” He added as he saw her glance up at the clock and gasped the early time. She was not expecting this.

“That’s the first part of your punishment” he continued. “And tomorrow is Saturday you can stay in your room all day. I have damage control to see to tomorrow, but you will remain in your room, grounded. Spend some time to think about your actions and your attitude – then we will change it for you. NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT”

She remembered practically jumping off the couch and almost running to the bedroom, flinging herself down on the bed she sobbed. She fell asleep eventually and when she awoke she was alone but was covered up under the blanket. The pillow next to her had an imprint of his head in it so at least he had shared their bed last night. She was relieved at that.

She got up and saw the note next to her. It read.

“I meant what I said last night. You are grounded today. You WILL remain in the house. I cannot make you stay in the bedroom but you WILL not leave the house. I have disabled the TV and the telephone. I have taken your keys to the car. You will spend this time thinking about your attitude, your behaviour. I will be home soon so don’t even think about going anywhere. You have your mobile. But you cannot make any calls. I will text you with instructions. Think about what you have done, how it affects us and how you are going to change and what you are going to do to change this attitude. And think about this, think about what I have planned to help you change your attitude.”

She shuddered as she re-read the note. Even his words held that tone of authority in them.

The house was eerily quiet with no TV or computer or phone. She had lost all her appetite and so after she had showered and gotten dressed she sat on her bed, she wandered around the house, moved things here and there, went back to sit on her bed to contemplate her fate.

The last time he had spanked her for the credit card, yes he was mad but nothing like this. It was Sunday morning and they had been in bed, it had come out the day before that the card they were keeping for a short holiday had been used by her, she was kneeling on the bed talking to him about it, and he suddenly took her across his knee and walloped her with his belt for it. It was the first time he had spanked her since she had brought this idea of discipline into their marriage to him. It hadn’t been a severe spanking, but enough to hurt, enough to have taught her a lesson – or so she thought. So he had thought.

As she sat crossed legged watching the sad cold dark weather outside, in the quiet of the house, her cell phone beeped a message at her. She jumped a foot. She hesitated, she knew who it was, Henry, with instructions for her.

She hesitated, her hand hovering over the phone as she sat cross legged on the bed. She picked it up and flicked it open to read. She read it slowly the butterflies dancing their nervous little fluttery dance in her stomach. Henry was determined to teach her a lesson, one that she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Goose-pimples pricked her skin and a sickly nervousness landed in the pit of her stomach. She was to make the bed and lay pillows in the middle. She was to prepare his implement and lay them out on the bed in order of priority, the cane, the paddle, the studded strap and then his leather slipper. She was then to strip naked and stand in the corner of their room hair tied up out of the way. She was stand there, with her hands on her head, nose to the wall and think about her actions and come up with a valid reason as to why he shouldn’t punish her for this. He would be home shortly. Disobey at her peril.

She didn’t dare disobey as much as she wanted to pull and push against this. Spanking was one thing but being treated like a naughty girl was another. She was a grown up. What was she thinking she thought to herself as she laid out the implements one by one. As she undressed and folder her clothes up on her dresser and stood naked in the corner of their room, nose pressed to the wall, hair up in a high pony tail, hands on her head.

As she stood there completely bare she felt exposed and vulnerable. She started to feel a little angry at Henry for putting her through this. She was a grown woman for goodness sake. But she slowly started to think about what she had done, there was no excuse it had been selfish to start off with to use the credit card anyway, she was irresponsible for not paying the bills, no excuse, she could afford it, she just didn’t bother. She was lazy and selfish and didn’t think and put her family under stress that they didn’t have to feel. She began to feel embarrassed and disgraced, she felt humiliated and she did feel like a naughty girl. She had let her family down, she had let Henry down she had let herself down. She felt the anger slip away from her, her stance softened against the wall her defiance quietly leaving her body. She really couldn’t think of any good reason why she shouldn’t be punished for her actions. She deserved it.

“Yes, I thought as much” Henry said softly as he watched her body language change from the doorway. “I thought you might come to realize you are wrong and that you shouldn’t be angry at this" She had been so engrossed in her thoughts she didn’t hear him come home and she jumped and spun around at the sound of his voice.

“Did I say move?” he asked her sternly

“No” she muttered and turned back around.

“NO what?” he demanded.

“No Sir” she whispered.

“That’s better. Now, you can talk to me, but stay facing the wall young lady. Could you come up with any good reason why I should not punish you severely for your actions yesterday?” He demanded.

“No sir, except that I’m really sorry and it won’t happen again.”

“I know it won’t young lady. But I don’t think you are truly sorry just yet. Standing in the corner naked is hardly punishment if a spanking last time didn’t teach you, this will, will it?”

She shook her head.

“OK. Come here” he said sternly.

She slowly turned around and walked the very short distance to him. He took hold of her chin in his hand and lifted her face so that she was looking directly into his eyes.

“I’ve calmed down since last night. I’m not angry anymore. But I will still punish you. It’s not easy for me. I know this is going to hurt but you need to learn. Learn to be responsible which in turns teaches you to be responsible for the consequences of your actions. Now bend over.”

He gently took hold of her wrist and bent her over his knee as he sat on the end of their bed. He placed one hand on her back and raised his legs slightly so that her hips and bottom were raised. He stared smacking straight away.


Six quick smacks hard and fast on her bare bottom making it pink very quickly. She was breathing heavily by the last one.

“Why are we here?” he asked her.

“Because” was all she managed to say.

SMACK SMACK SMACK his hand came down harder.

“Ow” she yelped wriggling. He pressed harder into her back and cocked his leg across her thighs.

“We will try again shall we – and address me correctly. Why are we here, why are you here in this position”


“Owww, because I can’t be responsible…Sir” she gulped, tears springing to her eyes.

“That’s right and it’s my job to teach you”


“Y y yes s sir” she stammered.

He spanked her hard and fast then her bottom burning at his hand. His hand was getting sore too but he continued.

“I won’t tolerate such behaviour any more baby. It’s not good, you need to learn. It’s my job to teach and if this is the way you want to learn so be it.”

“I I’m s s s sorry” she managed to sob out as the spanks rained down on her bottom.

“I know you are. But not sorry enough” He replied and stopped “now get up” he helped her off his lap. He moved her towards the bed.

"get on the bed and bend over the pillows" he instructed. She hesitated looking at the implements trying to catch her breath, tears spilling down her face.

"NOW" he demanded sternly.

With that tone she got quickly onto the bed and lowered herself over the pillows and waited. Henry picked up the cane first and tapped it against her bottom. She flinched and gripped the blanket in front of her. "Stay in position and this will be over before you know it baby, move and I will add more to your punishment."

"Do you understand?"

She hesitated to answer and suddenly she heard the cane whip through the air and she heard it make contact with her skin before she felt the bite.

"Owwwwwww. Yes sir" she wailed.

"Good" he said tapping the cane against her bottom watching the red welt appear across her cheeks.

She gripped the blanket tighter and steadied her legs as she prepared herself for the upcoming onslaught of the whippy cane against her skin.

He started, raising the cane above his head and whipping it down hard on her bottom
whoosh crack three times hard and fast across her bottom. She howled and wriggled.

"Stay in place" he warned.

Another three came down hard


She lay sobbing her bottom and thighs burning.

"Are you going to be more responsible young lady" he asked her rubbing her bottom with his hand. She flinched slightly at his touch, the welts rising up and burning. She nodded and muffled a yes into the blanket.

He laid the cane down - much to her relief.

"This is not over yet baby. I know it hurts but you have to be taught a lesson - and that’s my job. You were so completely irresponsible, I trusted you with that credit card to make the damn payments and you didn’t. You let me down, you caused me completed embarrassment and I am so disappointed in you. Do you think this is a game? Huh?"

"N no s sir" she sobbed "I i m s sorry. I’ll do better, I promise" she hiccupped, sobbing.

"I know you will baby, but just to make sure..." he said more gently now picking up the wooden paddle. She spun on her side "Nooooooo sir please" she begged.

"Turn around and lay back down. NOW" he growled at her.

"I have to make sure you know that I mean business. That I am serious, woman. This is not a game and you NEED to learn to be responsible. To behave. To follow the rules I set for you to make this family better, to make US better. Now turn around."

She did as she was told, all her fight gone, exhausted and sore she gripped the blanket once more and waited for the thud of the paddle stinging and hard on her already sore and welted bottom.
She hated the credit card with a vengeance now. She would be happy if she never saw it again she thought to herself as she gripped on for dear life as the paddle smacked down on her bottom.


And then it was over. She lay there spent, crying and hiccupping and sobbing. Her bottom and thighs were burning.

"You did good baby you did good" he said gently as he pulled her into his strong arms and cradled her head into his chest.

He sat there rocking and stroking her hair as her crying slowly subsided.

"I’m so sorry baby" she whispered. "It won’t happen again."

He nodded kissing her softly on the top of her head.

"I know that darling. I’m sorry that I had to do that, I’m sorry you put us both in that position. But i know you have learnt a very painful lesson. Come on now, let’s go clean you up." He took her by the hand to the bathroom so that she could wash her face and dry her tears.

Once done he took her back to the bedroom and they lay on the bed snuggling and close. Her heart swelled with affection and love and respect for her husband. She slept quite soundly snuggled safe and secure in the arms of the man she adored so much. When she awoke he was still there with her and once more their bed was the scene of their love happiness and ecstasy.


I knew you’d like it. Kiwi you write a great story! I hope you’re working on even more. And now for the other little thing to make the story even more special, the last picture was sent to me by a reader. She and her spanker do a little photography too. I appreciate her willingness to share. So thank you to both my friends for the story and the picture. If anyone else is writing a story I’d love a chance to post it, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    a wonderul story I enjoyed it

  2. Kiwi, what a wonderful story, well done.
    PK, a really worthy addition to Fantasy Friday, a great post.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Good story-another great writer.

  4. Hey nice lady...I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award...check out my blog!

  5. KG, I enjoyed that, wonderful, thanks.

    Thanks PK. Hope your weigh in went well.


  6. I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award!

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I hope you learned a lesson about credit cards, kiwigirl, but somehow I'm not sure;)!

    Great story!

  8. thank you all for your kind words, thank you PK for posting - and the illustrations - perfect.

    The story in whole was a true story. the punishment was slightly exaggerated...the initial spanking on the Sunday happened - and the day the card was frozen i was strapped - certainly - but nothing to the extent i wrote. Wishfull thinking perhaps?
    And Kitty no unfortunately I didnt learn that lesson for quite some time. Have done now though. thankfully xxx