I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ups and downs

Sorry I couldn’t get my post to show up yesterday. I could see it, but I heard from several that couldn’t. I used to call on my super geeky friend to help me out of such situations but since we don’t talk much anymore, I feel too much like a bother to ask. Someday I may figure out how to work a computer on my own.

Today is a very special day. Nineteen years ago today I gave birth to the most wonderful daughter on the planet. Mollie was only 13 when I began blogging. I guess some of you have see her go from little girl to young woman. This is the first birthday she’s ever had when we won’t be together. But on the good side she just got to spend 4 days at home. I cooked, made a cake and everything. It was a nice fall break/birthday weekend. This was the gift she wanted for her birthday.

(The hammock, not the guy.)

As we drive around her campus we see these all over the place. Just throw it up between a couple of trees and you have a great place to study, read or nap. And if I know Mollie my guess is that it will mostly be for napping!

I enjoyed the Bonnie’s Brunch question over at Hermione’s this week. If you didn’t read it, it was asking what would be your ‘spanking wishes’ if you could have some. I’ve thought about them a lot this weekend. Besides the ones I gave there, I have a few more. One of them is that I wish Nick could read my mind. Or maybe more accurately, I wish he could sense my needs. I wasn’t in a very good mood Sunday. Actually I haven’t been feeling all that great for several days. I hide it, of course, but I just feel ill tempered. I wish Nick could see in my head when I get like this. I don’t want him to be sweet and loving; I want him to be firm and no nonsense when I get this way. I want him to get me out of it.

When I stand back and look at myself when I feel this way – when I’m in a bad mood – I don’t really feel like getting spanked. But I still feel like it would help. I think it would help me concentrate on all the good in our marriage rather than mentally whine about the things that get me down. I just think a spanking would be cheaper than Zoloft. But then again I hide my feeling s so well, how is Nick supposed to know when I feel this way. Even I don’t know how to answer that one.


  1. That's great Mollie could be home to celebrate and take a break. That hammock is a great idea!

  2. PK, I'm glad that Mollie is the best daughter in the world, for you.
    I know several moms who feel the same way about theirs.
    I hope that you get over the dumps soon.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Happy Birthday to Mollie. Glad she was able to come home for a few days. Cool present.

    Sometimes I wish they could read our minds. Note I said sometimes wouldn't want P to be reading it all time:)

    Hope your feeling better soon.


  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Happy belated birthday to Mollie! Daughters are the best...I went on a powershopping trip with one of mine yesterday. Thanks for sharing regarding your spanking desires, also. Although, I am glad Daddy can't read my mind. I'm sure if he could my bottom would be in a perpetual state of red, lol!


  5. Happy Birthday to Mollie! I am so proud of the young adults my 3 have grown into...and love that we can share so many things. AS for the mind reading...I sometimes think master can...and it is a little scary....and reassuring.

  6. Jean,
    She was using it today - great weather.

    Thanks. I'll be fine.

    I guess it would be good if it was something we could turn on and off so that they could only read it when we want them to! LOL!

    That 'perpetual state of red' is what I'm looking for! At least I think I am.

  7. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Oh, my! I didn't realize you loved red so much;).


    P.S. You can see how red Daddy got me on Saturday night.


  8. Hi PK - happy birthday to Mollie and yes way cool present. Love it. Glad she could come home for a visit.
    As for the spankings when in a bad mood - such a great idea - that would work for me. With the mind reading - probably best you just tell him. I find that works best for me these days...ask him...how else is he going to know? Easier said than done I KNOW :)
    I hope you find the words to talk and hope you get to feel better soon
    love and lots of hugs
    kiwi xxxx