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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I didn't expect to hear THAT!

Maybe I should just stay away from doctors. I haven’t like what they have been saying lately. I have to go about every 6 months to let them keep track of my blood pressure and keep my prescription filled. I went yesterday, my sugar was borderline high – we already knew that, not great on cholesterol, but nothing really surprising for someone 50 – 60 pounds overweight. I also mentioned that I was having a little problem with heart burn most nights. Not bad, but often. I also told her that a couple of times over the last two months the heart burn was very bad almost making my chest hurt after I went to bed. My doctor decided to do an EKG to see if there had been any changes in the past year. Well, it seems that there had been some changed, little one, but she wants me to do a stress test. To quote a good friend who emailed me yesterday – getting old is hell!! (Right, Ronnie?)

I don’t like dealing with anything health wise. I’m not scared. Right now I just think of it as plain annoying. Usually my biggest problem in that my knees hurt too often and my butt doesn’t hurt often enough! (hint, hint)

She was happy I’d started WW and said I was free to walk as much as I wanted but to wait until after the stress test to do any heavy duty exercising. So I guess I’m already on the right track and this gives me more reasons to stay aware and do all the healthy things I can think of.

I also have a Fantasy Friday update – my friend sent me the final chapter of Fate. I’m going to put that up this Friday and then I’ll put Kiwigirl’s up the following Friday. Two Fridays of brand new stories. I hope you’ll come by.


  1. Oh, too scary! Yes, keep walking, keep with the dieting! I hear a good ass whoopin every morning can be a real motivator... Can't remember which blog that was, though...

  2. PK, now it's time to heed the warnings.
    Getting healthy now will be a very good investment for when you are really old.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. I agree with the getting old part...you are doing the right things! We will cheer you on! abby

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Just remember, getting old beats the alternative of dying young.

  5. Oh girl,sorry you have to deal with that. God knows you have enough stress, we don't need a test for that...

    I have heart burn and it could be a lot of things, but weight is the a big part of it.

    You'll be fine....I'm sure of it!!!


  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    In my not so humble opinion, lol, getting old shouldn't have to be horrible. I feel great and I'm in better shape now than I've been in years. I think it's great that you're getting a wake-up call from your doc to start taking care of your health. You'll feel so much better once you lose some weight! Trust me, I lost 50 pounds two years ago and it turned my life around for the better:)!!!

    Good luck,

  7. You can do this! Exercise is addictive, once you get going and start to enjoy it.

    Do it for yourself..nobody else.

  8. listen to your body PK - its giving you all the warning signs it needs for you to take heed....im so glad you joined WW - you will notice a huge difference even just losing 5% and then 10% f your body weight ....stick at it, just little steps over a little time make all the difference....start slow with the exercise and when you feel able to do more - and then more and then more and then before you know it you are at goal weight and what a difference your tests will show :) I promise you.
    And yes I agree with Emily a good ass whoopin does make all the difference in motivation....i speak from experience....Ask Nick to step up to help you more with this....for his benefit too ;)
    keep us posted as to how you do
    love and hugs kiwi xxxxx

  9. Emily,
    You are exactly right! I know that would help, not to mention toning muscles!

    I know I need to get hold of this now. But since I never have before it does worry me.

    Thanks for the cheers. I can really use them.

    You are absolute right. But the changes as we age aren't exactly fun either.

    Yep if they're testing for stress they could probably find some. I don't think that there is anything wrong with my heart but I'll be glad when the test is over.

    I know what you're saying. I lost 40 pounds a while back and felt sooo much better - but I let it get away from me. I really don't feel old but at the same time there are changes.

    I seem to be able to break good habits easier than most folks can. But I'm really going to work on this.

    I'm looking forward to even a little loss. It won't take much to make my clothes feel better. But that ass whoopin should would help!

  10. You are on the right track PK and you have to keep it up. Walking is great and one you can do with Nick.