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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasy Friday - Learning to Listen, II

Friday, Friday, Friday!! I do love it! This has been a busy week and I'm happy for the weekend and a chance to relax with a Fantasy Friday. I'll tell you about the author at the end of the story but I'll tell you now that I haven't heard from her since she sent this story over a year ago. I hope I'll hear from her again. I hope you have a good weekend and please enjoy...

Learning to Listen

It was a Saturday evening, and they had made the trek into town to meet some friends for dinner that evening. It had been a busy day that day, and Katy was glad that they had gotten the major things that they were working on finished at their home and was looking forward to a trip to Target before meeting John and Linda at the restaurant. She sat quietly in the car as they drove into town, the very definition of contented as they drove through the hills.

Denny reached over putting his hand on her thigh, he rubbed it lightly as they drove and she smiled happily at him. "What do we need to get at Target tonight, besides Dove chocolate, honey?"

"Is there anything that you would like to look at while there, baby?"

"I'd like to look for some hot curlers and then take a look at the makeup, would that be ok?"

"Certainly baby, just make sure you keep your phone on."

"Yes Daddy." she said. In the dark of the car she smiled softly. She loved that he cared about her, and that he kept her accountable for what she did. She felt safe and secure with him and it was something that she just couldn't take for granted.

They pulled up to the store and she waited quietly in her seat as he walked around the car and opened her door. She got out slowly, her skirt rising up a little on her thighs as she turned towards him to get out of the vehicle. She deliberately let her thighs fall open as she looked up to him, and he smiled at her, offering her his hand to help her up from the car. As she stood she kissed him and then took his hand and followed him into the store.

After he held the door for her she stepped into the store and waited for him to enter the store also. They walked together for a little ways and then he kissed her and told her to go take a look at the curlers, he headed off to the candy section in search of Dove Chocolates.

She looked at the hot rollers, and then wandered around the makeup section. Not finding what she was looking for, she decided to wander off and go to the book section of the store. She didn't notice how the time had gone by while she was there, books are her favorite things, and it wasn't until she heard him say her name that she actually looked up from the book she was reading.

"Katy. Where. Have. You. Been?"

Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked up. "Right here, Daddy. I came here after looking at the makeup."

"Where is your cell phone, Katy?"

She felt her heart leap in her throat. She reached into her purse and saw that there were 8 missed calls on her cell. "I must have left it on vibrate, I am so sorry."

"We will deal with this at home, Katy."

"Yes Sir." she said.

They went through the line at the store, occasionally he'd reach behind her and pat her bottom, looking into her eyes. "I love you, baby. You know that I need to know that you are safe."

Katy looked at Denny, her heart still fluttering in her chest. "I love you too, Daddy." She reached up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, she immediately felt owned and knew that he loved her and cared for her enough to keep her to her word.

They met John and Linda and had a very enjoyable evening together. They sat close in half of a booth together. Occasionally Denny would part her thighs, and slip his fingers inside of her, making her take his fingers and remain quiet at the table.

By the time they left the restaurant, Katy was very excited and a little nervous. When Denny opened the car door for her he told her that he wanted her to sit on her bare bottom on the car seat. She nodded and lifted her skirt as she settled into the seat. The ride home was very quiet for most of the trip home, but Katy couldn't resist questioning him.

"Daddy?" she said.

He pause a couple beats before answering her, knowing what was going to be coming from her mouth. "Yes baby."

"Daddy, are you going to only use your hand to spank tonight?"

Denny took a deep breath of air. "Katy, how many calls did you miss from me?"


"And did we talk about having your phone ready before we got to the store?"

"Yes, Daddy."

The car was silent for a while longer. She knew they were getting closer to the driveway, and couldn't stop herself. "So, it's going to be the paddle too?"

"Baby, I'm going to do what I feel needs to be done."

She sighed audibly, "Yes Daddy."

They got home, and he walked around the car once more to let her out. He opened the car door, and she hesitated a bit before getting out of the car, just long enough for Denny to notice, he raised his eyebrows at her and then once more offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her from the car. She smoothed the front of her skirt down, and reached behind her to smooth down the back of the skirt. Denny quickly put his hand on her butt.


She immediately obeyed, and hurried to the house, waiting at the door for him to open it.

"Take your shower and wait for me on the bed, Katy."

"Yes, Daddy."

She hurried off and quickly stripped down and took her shower quickly, taking some extra time to check to make sure that her pussy was trimmed the way he liked it, and then waited on the bed for him, laying on her back with her legs parted, displaying herself for him. He came in and spoke to her about some thing they worked on earlier in the day and then took his shower.

She fell asleep while she waited, she didn't have a hard time getting sleep in their bed.

Denny woke her up, when he came out of the shower. He had toweled off and pulled on a pair of sleeping pants. He sat down in the chair that they purchased just for the purpose of correction. He patted his knees and told Katy to lay across his lap. She did so immediately, knowing from past experience that trying to talk her way our of a spanking would end up making things worse than they would have before.

He laid her across his lap and rubbed her bare bottom while he talked to her about why she was going to be spanked. She understood that he worried about her and that he was correcting her because she didn't answer her phone. She was expected to answer her phone and she didn't do it.

*whack* He rubbed the spot he just swatted, and then *whack* a second spot with a little rubbing also. Pretty soon he was spanking her without stopping between the swats to rub. There was a pause in the spanking, and then he brought out the Nanny paddle, and used it on her bottom, turning her entire bottom red. He sat quietly rubbing her bottom.

"How many calls did you miss tonight, baby?"

" I missed 8, Daddy"

"You are going to count for me, baby."

"Yes Daddy"

She squenched her eyes shut tight and sucked in her breath, and she felt the first strike with the cane. It hit her just on her sit spot, and she knew that it would not be something that she forgot about quickly.

"One, Daddy"

He used the cane on her for a full 8 strokes, covering her red bottom, and the back of her thighs. Then he had her lay down on the bed, and he carefully rubbed lotion over her welted bottom and thighs, taking care of her and telling her that he loved her.

"Baby, roll over now, I am going to take you."

Katy rolled over for him, parting her thighs, and opening herself for him. He took her hard, her bottom rubbing on the sheets of their bed. She doesn't ever hold back when making love with him, she gives him every thing, focusing on him, squeezing him deep inside of her as she squirms beneath him, wanting to feel him cum in her, marking her with his semen. He made her take him until he was ready to stop, her orgasms were hard and she writhed in a combination of pleasure and pain beneath him, giving him all that he demands of her.

He gave her a big kiss, telling her that he wanted her to sleep on her back as long as she could that night.

It was a good night, Katy thought as she fell asleep. It's always good to know where you belong in the world... and that is right with the man she loves.


This find story came from KatyLou. This is the information she shared with me...

"I'm in my early 40's, and have been in this relationship for just over 2 years now. I hate to admit how real that story was...it's a little embarrassing how many times I end up with red buns because I'm a little flighty. I do love appreciation in the form of chocolate or sunflower seeds. ;p That ... or the good girl kind of spankings...."

KatyLou sound like one of us for sure! She also said she had more stories and said "Once I'm braver I will send them to you". LOL, KatyLou you've stuck your toe in the water might as well plunge on in. If you have the chance leave KatyLou a comment and maybe that will help encourage her to send those stories in.

I hope a few more of you out there are writing and that you will be willing to share your stories with us I would be most grateful. I'm serious folks, I love hearing from new people. You know you have a story in you, share with us! Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous1:24 AM

    I enjoyed this story as I have many others as well.

  2. PK, a nice story.
    Katylou, another one would be much appreciated.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Katylou enjoyed your story. Thank you for letting PK share it with us.


  4. Enjoyed the story. Please submit more for us to read. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Katy Lou: Very good story. You have a knack for writing and the fact they are pretty real makes it even better. I hope you will be sending PK more stories.


  6. Anonymous4:50 PM


    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!


  7. great story thank you katylou and PK for sharing it.
    Its uncannily close to home for me LOL...i get into so much trouble for not keeping my phone handy AT ALL TIMES!
    love and hugs kiwi xxx