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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Friday, The New House II

About a year ago I was contemplating doing away with Fantasy Friday. I wasn't getting many new stories at all. I don't mind re-posting stories occasionally but with so few new ones I was just unsure about continuing the series. But that very weekend I was so happy to receive an email from someone who said she was a long time reader and offered me some stories that had been in her head for some time. Her stories are very good - and I'm happy to tell you this is a series so we will be able to enjoy a this couple each week for several weeks. I'll tell you more about the author later.

For now enjoy…

The New House

The day had finally come; all the children had college educations, jobs and were living on their own. To celebrate raising such good kids and to help with the empty nest feeling that Jade was having, Liam told her to start looking into plans to build a new house for them to move into. Now with just the two of them living in this house, they didn’t need a two story house or that much room.

Jade was excited about the plans. She had told Liam he several years before that she would like to move once the kids had moved out. She found a floor plan that both of them loved, for one, it had lots of closets’. She had an idea for a surprise room that she thought Liam would love. She asked the contractor if the soil on the new lot would be suited for a basement which is rare in Texas. He told her that they were lucky that this area actually had great soil for one, but since no one had them none of the neighbors had put them in not knowing it was a possibility.

Jade asked the builder to make a sound proof media room in the basement. She designed a layout for him and asked if it was doable. He told her it was not up to code, since Jade had said there would be no windows. That is when she told him that the two windows would be behind doors that looked like they were just part of the built in cabinets that would surround the room. She was determined to keep all the noise from being heard.

She explained that her husband liked the TV very loud when watching movies and the ceiling would have to be sound proofed and there would be a door at the top of the stairs as well as the bottom to keep all the sound in the basement. Little did the builder know that yes there would be a quality sound system down there, but that was not the sounds Jade was trying to keep in the basement.

The house was finished and Jade had managed to keep the basement a surprise. She was very excited to show Liam the room for the first time. When going down the stairs you would first have to unlock the door. Jade had planned this area of the house to be for only Lithe and herself to enjoy. The door was placed in a corner where some fake tree would cover it or a decorative screen would disguise it from sight. When they reached the floor of the basement, there was another door to keep any sounds from going up the staircase.

This door then opened to a large room. There was a wet bar immediately to the right on the wall next to the stairs. Not only did it have a sink, but also a mini frig and mini dishwasher. The wall had a large mirror and shelves of glasses and alcohol. There was a door on the other side of the bar that went under the staircase for storage. The floor was wood at this point of the room, but half way across the room it changed to carpet.

Looking over to the carpeted area, you saw a large TV mounted on the wall with cabinets on both sides of the TV. This was where all the Blue Rays and audio visual equipment was kept. There was a large over sized Lazy Boy recliner and a love seat with an ottoman in front of it. You noticed a large can that people use for umbrellas next to the small couch, but it did not have those in it, but has several canes standing there instead. You start looking around the room and notice that the length of the room is actually cabinets. Walking across the wood floor to a large double door, you reach to open it. There is a queen size bed that lets down. You notice too that after the bed is let down there are anchors inside on the wall. You can only assume that they are for restraints. Then you look at the legs of the retractable bed and see they too have places to attach restraints.

You are now getting very excited at the surprise room that cost so much money. You look over at Jade and say, “What other surprise do you have for me?”

She smiles and tells you, “Go look at what is in the cabinets that are in front of the carpeted area.”

Opening these you find all the toys hung and displayed in an organized manner. All the paddles are together going from large to small, but also separated by material. (wood, leather, latex, rubber etc. ) The crops are next, then the straps and tawses. Everything is right at your finger tips. No digging. There are drawers below the cabinets and in them you find all your toys. Vibrators, nipple claps, butt plugs all organized in their own sections.

You seem very please, but ask if there is more. Jade smiles and tells you to look under the staircase. She walks over and puts the bed back into the wall while you open the door under the stairs. She has bought a new and very expensive toy, a padded spanking horse, with restraints of course. She has put felt cushions under its legs so it slides out easily to the area where the bed had been. Even though you are pleased with the quality of this spanking horse you know it was way over her toy budget for the year. You ask her how much it cost. She looks nervous now. The idea of a spanking horse is very arousing, but now that it is here and you look like you want to try it out and have a good reason to use it, she is thinking twice about if this was a good idea after all.

She says, “It cost about $800 because it was the top of the line and would last forever.”

You remind her that her toy budget for the year is only $200. You ask her how she is going to make up the difference, but this is rhetorical, since you both know that you will be taking it out of her back side. She offers to return it, but deep down you are very pleased and wanting to try it out. You tell her, “No, we will keep it, and you better stop buying things if you don’t want to use them.”

She tries to get you to look at some other things she has designed down here, but you say, “You owe me 600 stokes, and I think now would be a great time to collect on the first 100. The house is not going anywhere; you can show me the other details later on.”

He tells Jade to strip and mount the horse. She knows that she went over budget and does not argue, she does hope that since she knows he likes it, he will go easy on her. She puts her calves on the cushioned leg rests and lies over the horse. It is not a soft padding, but it is not bare wood so it is fairly comfortable. You tell her to reach her arms forward so you can secure them. She obeys.

You then use the restraints on her legs and notice there is one also for her waist. You smile at how totally immobile she is on this and think you should have bought one of these years ago. You place your hand on her bottom and run your finger down her crack. The horse has forced her to spread her legs apart. You know she gets very uncomfortable when you touch her puckered rose bud.

You tell her now that you have a proper spanking room some things are going to change. He tells you, “From now on you must ask for each spanking even if you truly don’t want it. If I tell you that I am going to spank you, you must say “Please sir, I need/deserve a spanking”. My response will be, “Yes you do and I am about to give you everything you deserve and more.” You know this will be hard for her, but it will also put her into the right mind set. “After I have finished spanking you, you must also now thank me for taking my time to tend to your naughty behind. It can be as simple as, ‘Thank you for spanking me’, but you must use the word spanking.” You have noticed that even though Jade has a desire to be spanked, she has trouble saying the word. This too will make her uncomfortable and submissive.

You walk over to the cabinet and pick out the discipline strap and the thick leather paddle. As you return you say, “I have not heard you ask for this yet. If you don’t we can’t get started and you will have to remain where you are until you do. If it takes more than a minute, I will be adding 10 stokes per minute I have to wait.” Jade hates to ask for spankings and is having a hard time actually saying the words. She also is not looking forward to receiving 100 strokes. The next thing she hears is “We have to add 10 and those will be with the cane since you are being disobedient.”

Jade’s mind is swimming and she tries to escape, but she can hardly even wiggle. She takes a deep breath and says in a very quiet voice, “Please sir, I deserve a spanking”. You smile and ask her why. She response, “I over spent my toy budget.”

You say, “yes you sure did, and by a lot. It will take you several trips over this new toy to pay off your over spending. I will give you the spanking you ask for and you so deserve for being so naughty.”

You start out with the strap, not too hard at first, but once you have hit 20 you deliver the next 50 with full swings. Jade has been struggling to get out of the way of the repeated blows to her bottom, but the horse is living up to it expectations and keeping her still. You can see her try to reach back and cover her very red bottom but to no avail. She has also been making a lot of noise, but she did say that the room was sound proof, if it wasn’t you are sure the neighbors would have called the cops by now hearing the cries and protests coming from her. You say, “I really like this sound proofing, how about you?” She makes some nasty comment and you give her 10 more with the strap for that and say, “Yell all you want, no one can hear you. Now I am going to give you the next 30 with the thick leather paddle. You will count these and remember to put a sir with that number. If you miss a number, the stroke will be repeated.”

Jade counts out the next 30 strokes and only doesn’t get the count out in time twice. She is very tired now and just wants to be let up and held, but she hears you walk over to the carpet and remembers she has earned 10 more with the cane. She is shaking with fear that her well tended back side will not be able to take this.

You rub your hand over her well marked bottom and tell her she will be receiving this same treatment for the next 5 Fridays. Over spending will not be tolerated and now she will pay for not asking quick enough for this loving reminder. You say, “Now ask me to cane you”. You know this will put her over the edge. She hates the cane and having to ask to be caned will be next to impossible, but you want to see if she will be submissive to your request.

Not wanting to receive more than 10 strokes, Jade shuts her eyes and whispers, “Please sir, I deserve to be caned”.

You ask her, “why?” as if that is an odd request.

She whispers again, “I did not ask for my spanking quick enough”.

You reply, “Oh that is right, you were disobedient which is why I will gladly cane you to relieve your guilt for being such an ill-disciplined girl.”

You know she has been through a lot already, so you don’t give her full swings of the cane. Even small strokes of the cane are excruciating. You do not make her count, since this is really pushing her threshold.

Once you have finished you admire your handy work. You are very pleased with this new horse and plan to put it to good use. You leave her sobbing on the horse as you put away the toys. You come back now that she is a bit calmer. You gently stroke her back and bottom. You tell her she took a very hard spanking and you are proud of her. You start unbuckling the restraints and help her off the horse. You walk her over to the lazy boy and have her sit on your lap. You cuddle for a few moments and kiss her. You then ask, “Do you need a trip over the back of the couch and a good old fashion hand spanking.”

She looks at you like you must be crazy, and then remembers that she has not thanked you yet for taking care of her misdeeds. “Thank you for spanking me, but I thought you would like that horse.”

You tell her you love it and it is exactly what we needed in our new playroom. She smiles because she loves it when she pleases you. “If you are not mad that I bought it why do I have to take 5 more sessions?” she asks.

You look her in the eyes and ask, “Did you go over budget or did you ask to go over your toy budget?”

She looks down and says, “No, I should have asked.”

“That’s right and now I have to remind you what happens when you don’t stay within your budget without asking. I would have told you yes and you would not be in this situation. This is only fair. You wouldn’t want me to let you misbehave would you? You are my good girl and we have to do this thing to keep you that way, right?”

She hugs him and whispers, “Yes, sir. I want to be your good girl.”

They start kissing and touching both happy with the new house and the new room. Things take their natural course. Jade is very pleased with herself that Liam loves his surprise room. She can’t wait to show him some more of the features she has put into the basement in the morning.


This story came from Catie. When she sent in this first story, she asked me not to give any information about her. By the second story she said I could share the following, 'I am a mom of almost grown children, a couple at home who are in HS, and one in college. My husband and I have been married for almost 24 years, and have been spanking on and off for the last 10. We do both fun and discipline spanking now, but it started out as just fun in the beginning. I wrote these stories for my husband. After reading them, he told me to go look for land to build on. LOL.' Sound like you fit right in out here. I sure do appreciate you sharing your stories with us too. And let us know if you start building that house in real life!

I hope Catie is still reading and knows how much I appreciate her sending in these stories. Look for the next part next Friday. And any one else with stories in their head who would like to share please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Catie, a not uncommon dream, and well written.
    PK, thanks for posting.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Oh to have a room like that. Thanks Catie, enjoyed your story and thanks to you PK.