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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Never be kind to small children or kittens

I don’t mean to sound like a cruel person but not following the above advice can cause an extremely sore behind. To explain, several of my blogging friends have commented from time to time that a toy that they had innocently bought for their child was turned into a not so innocent pervertable by a creative HOH. I would read these reports with a slightly superior smile on my face, as our ‘toys all around’ days have passed (until we get some grandchildren). I felt safe.

Then last June Mollie brought home a tiny, bony, broken legged stray kitten, complete with ear mites and worms. (I wrote about it here). I have to tell you this little thing has become a real joy. He is so sweet and gentle, curious, playful – the works. If I were willing to give him up he would be a perfect cat for a nursing home. He likes to visit and cuddle but he has never used his claws. With Mollie away little Hank has become my baby. And that caused me to let my guard down.

Trying to be kind to my new little one I bought him a toy, much like this –

Yeah, yeah I know – I’m a spanko. I should have seen the potential, but in my eagerness to be kind to my kitten I was blind to the danger.

Jump ahead to last Friday. Fridays are my weigh in days. I’m not doing so well. Since I was good at forgetting to tell Nick what I weighed each week and since Nick sometimes forgot to ask he made a rule (Yeah! At least one rule) that I write it in a small note book. Usually he doesn’t look at it until after I’m gone, since he doesn’t have to work on Fridays. I felt pretty safe. Mollie would be home before me and it’s a long weekend so nothing would happen until at least Tuesday. Not so! The sneak double crossed me and looked early. I didn’t know and even when I saw him with Hank’s toy I never gave it a thought. Nick too has succumbed to the kitten’s charms and often plays with him.

So like a fool I’m still running around in my bra and panties when Nick comes into the bedroom with the toy and ‘the look’. Oh Crap! I HATE anything cane like. Nick stands there with the pervertable and ‘the look’ and says “You’re going the wrong way on the scales. Maybe you should have gotten dressed sooner this morning.”

I didn’t have a good defense so I just kept my mouth shut as he bent me over the bed and started striping my butt. Now I’m not saying a cane isn’t a good discipline tool. Obviously I want to avoid it but with good leather or even wood sometimes you can absorb the pain, yet think about what you’ve done. When Nick used the belt – even really hard, thoughts run through my head, what I’ve done wrong, how I could be doing better, even sometimes appreciation for Nick taking the time to help me in this way.

When he used the cane all that’s running through my head is “THAT FRIGGIN THING HURTS LIKE A MOTHER F**KER! He must STOP now with that *@#^!^*# thing. Who ever brought up this ridiculous lifestyle? They must be nucking futs!

Of course being the perfect submissive wife I accepted my discipline. Accepted the hug he gave me, while I vigorously rubbed my stinging ass. And I very much accept his right to handle things in the way he sees best. But I will ask this question –

Should discipline be done with leather which leaves the wife sore, thoughtful, contrite, submissive and eager to do better or with a cane like object that stings far too much to allow coherent thoughts other than “I’m going to break every f**king object in this house that can be used like a cane – right after I become a switch and let Nick see how it feels.” Just asking…

I hope you all know I’m just teasing. I’m thrilled that Nick is willing to explore this lifestyle with me and he can do it the way he feels is best. He’s always willing to listen to my thoughts and take them under advisement so to speak. I’m happy and hope we can get further and further into our adventure of discovering all the joys of our empty nest, but should the cat toy and the canes be misplaced through some strange misfortune, I won’t lose any sleep over it.


  1. PK, my answer would be, 'by all means break all the canes, there are plenty of trees outside.'
    Well you did ask!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Ouch!!! I guess you'll be eating light this next week. Good luck with eating the way you need to for the numbers to go down on your scale:).


  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    There best not be any premeditated loss or destruction!


  4. Don't worry Nick, I can always send you another one, can't I PK:)


  5. Lol, well, kitchen implements remain a timeless classic should the cat toy disappear.
    Really, I'm more sympathetic than I sound. I swear.

  6. way to go NIck, im glad he stepped up. Good luck with weigh in this week...let us know how you get on. To answer your questions, you know I dont like the cane, i agree with you it hurts like a mother f****er....but its the best deterent. Remember when I went over my shopping budget - and he disciplined with me the cane that night - well, ive never gone over it since - so yea, i think it works. And if we are serious about this then HOH should use whatever works best as a deterent...in my little opinion ;)

  7. Paul,
    You’re not really helping here!

    Thanks Kitty,
    I’m afraid I need more than luck – I need to get off my butt and do some exercise as well as watch what I eat.

    Yep, you have the right idea.

    Nick honey,
    Nice to see you here! Premeditated – why would you even think such a thing? But you know how things get misplaced around here. Should anything happen to those things I’m sure they would turn up eventually.

    Didn’t I tell you we moved! I’m sure the address you have won’t work anymore. You just keep all the canes on your side of the pond!

    Yeah the sympathy doesn’t show much, LOL! Not that I’m wild about wooden spoons and spatulas but anything is better than the cane.

    Let me just say, SHHHH…!

  8. I've bee pondering on asking S to help me with my scale direction... still pondering! ;o)

    I'm proud he stepped up for you! It really is what you want... even if you don't want it! LOL

    Darned cats! LOL

  9. Mikki,
    It really is what I want (well not the cane exactly) and I really do appreciate him caring enough to help.

  10. Tried to comment yesterday and my internet went down. Very mysterious timing there.

    The cane is a nightmare and I'm with you that the concentration centers on getting away from the pain and not the lesson he is trying to instill. I hear there may be a 'paddle rapture' coming. Hopefully, it will include the canes!

    Good luck, PK! It's great to see Nick holding you to it... ;)

  11. Sounds like he is starting to add some spice to the empty nest years.


  12. Eek! I've never had to worry about it before, but with the direction Jay has been going lately, I'm thinking it's time to go through and HOH-proof my home, and yeah, anything like that will be going away... :)

  13. Rogue,
    The idea of 'paddle rapture' is interesting but I think canes should burn in hell!

    He is, he is. Making me happy.

    Git rid of any toy (cat or human that are stick like) don't allow dowel rods in the house and while you're at it get rid of any of those little rods that open the blinds.

  14. Our cane used to be part of a wooden doll cradle, and I hate it. I think the poor doll deserves her bed back!